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We use rigorous screening criteria to select no more than 1% of candidates from across the world, creating a strong team of professional teachers with an average of over 5 years’ experience in the education sector. We aim to ensure that every teacher at WuKong has an educational background and extensive teaching experience.

All teachers with whom we sign contracts are qualified with teaching certificates and other professional certificates. WuKong teachers provide multi-lingual instruction for overseas students who are beginners.

4,000+ professional teachers from all over the world

strictly selected 1% top teachers

Teachers Team

WuKong Teachers

Chinese Teachers

We have interviewed over 4,000 qualified teachers in China and conducted eight rounds of screening in accordance with the five "WuKong Certification" metrics. Less than 1% of candidates were selected through this process, which is designed to ensure the quality and consistency of our services.

Top-rated teachers from China: All WuKong teachers are from China and speak authentic Chinese. All teachers with whom we sign contracts hold recognized certificates in education and Chinese.In addition, our teachers can also provide bilingual education for students who have insufficient listening and speaking skills.

Teachers with rich teaching experience: All WuKong teachers have an education background with an average of more than 5 years of teaching experience.

Teachers are graduates of leading universities globally: All WuKong teachers are graduates of the world’s leading universities and colleges, with over 76% holding a master's degree or above.

Teachers who use advanced teaching concepts to improve thinking skills: We leverage TPR and other teaching approaches to create a fully immersive and authentic Chinese learning environment.

Care for students: We are committed to providing tailored and appropriate education for all our students.

WuKong Chinese Teacher Mao Ying
Mao Ying
Peking University
Master of TCSOL 7 years' teaching experience at top universities
WuKong Chinese Teacher Dan Dan
Yangzhou University
Master of Arts in Literature and Arts 10 years' Chinese teaching experience
WuKong Chinese Teacher Lin Lin
Lin Lin
Beijing Normal University
Master of TCSOL 5 years' Chinese teaching experience
WuKong Chinese Teacher Jenny
Fudan University
Master of TCSOL 8 years' Chinese education experience
WuKong Chinese Teacher En Ze
En Ze
Beijing Foreign Studies University
Master of TCSOL Years of Chinese education experience
WuKong Chinese Teacher Meng Lei
Meng Lei
University of Plymouth
Master of Education 7 years’ teaching experience
WuKong Chinese Teacher Zhi You
Ming Yu
Taylor's University
Ph.D. in Education Years of experience in Chinese education
WuKong Chinese Teacher Nana
Dublin University
Master of TCSOL Proficient in Chinese, Cantonese, and English
WuKong Chinese Teacher Ruo Mei
Ruo Mei
Shenyang Normal University
Master of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Chinese teaching experience in overseas' elementary and middle schools and top universities
WuKong Math Teacher Delvair
Federal University of Maranhão
6 years of math teaching experience in schools
WuKong Math Teacher Maryam
Technical University of Denmark
Rich experiences in math teaching and competition research
WuKong Math Teacher Nathan
University of New South Wales
8 years of math and science teaching experience in schools
WuKong Math Teacher James
Columbia University
Extensive math competition experience, and skilled at conducting training for math competitions

Math Teachers

Teaching math in English: Our math teachers are graduates of the world's top schools in the U.S., Australia, Canada, the U.K. and other countries, and with an average of more than 5 years' teaching experience.

A strong team of teachers and researchers: WuKong has a strong team consisting of teachers and researchers who have obtained a PhD or master’s degree in education from top-rated universities in major English-speaking countries.

Support from teaching assistants: WuKong teaching assistants are available to answer students’ questions at any time, as well as track their learning status and provide parents with timely feedback.

Candidate Screening

ResumeScreeningInterviewDemoClassSigningInformationReviewBackgroundCheckOnboardingand TrainingResumeScreeningInterviewDemoClassBackgroundCheckSigningInformationReviewOnboardingand Training

Teaching Services

WuKong's teachers consistently provide high-quality education.
  • We are committed to creating an open platform to gather feedback and opinions from all stakeholders to support students’ growth.
  • Our teachers are well-versed in education and child psychology, enabling children to experience the beauty of Chinese language.
  • By constantly updating international exams, we are constantly optimizing and iterating on what is offered in the classroom to provide students with the necessary knowledge to help prepare them for the future.
  • We provide efficient service and support, including archived classroom videos, to collect feedback from students and parents and resolve their concerns in a timely manner.
  • We strictly control the entire assessment process to ensure that students understand and apply what they have learned in class.
  • We are building a team of learning-oriented teachers to work with educators globally to deliver a standard Chinese curriculum to students, providing comprehensive and precise training from product to pedagogy.
WuKong Teaching Services
WuKong Teaching Services