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Parents of WuKong students

Alexis Wang|James' mother

2.5 Years at WuKong|USAWuKong

WuKong really impressed me. It's clear they put a lot of effort into creating engaging lessons that stimulate my son and give him real enthusiasm for learning. He uses his iPad and takes notes and participates actively. Highly recommended!


Learning that blends fun with real results!

  • Chinese

    Ages 3-18

    Dive into the world of Mandarin Chinese, completely live online!


    Live interactive 1-on-1 and small group classes.


    4,000+ certified top teachers, experts in both language and culture!


    Expertly-designed curriculum by an in-house team, both comprehensive and engaging.

    wukong Chinese
  • Mathematics

    Grades 1-12

    Build a strong foundation that guarantees success!


    Live interactive small group classes.


    Top math teachers from leading universities!


    Leverages globally-proven Singapore CPA methodology.

    wukong Mathematics
  • English (ELA)

    K-Grade 6

    Embrace WuKong's innovative approach to boost literacy skills!


    Aligns with Common Core State Standards (CCSS).


    Taught by global, ELA-certifed teachers.


    Advance literacy skills in WuKong's latest, carefully-crafted courses!

    wukong English (ELA)

We're big believers in finding the best educators.

We're proud to be working with teachers globally that aren't only qualified, but inspire kids around the globe with fresh thinking.

  • 78%

    hold Master's or PhD degrees

  • 5 Years+

    average teaching experience

  • 100%

    professionally certified teachers

  • 1%

    accepted teacher applicants

  • WuKong Chinese teacher


    University of Plymouth

    Master's degree

    7 years teaching English and Chinese Menglei has mentored over 2000 students, all with a 100% positive feedback rate from her students! She's known for her expertise in finding students' strengths and their best learning styles, all in the name of fostering growth, cultural understanding, and a natural love for the Chinese language.

  • WuKong Math teacher


    University of New South Wales

    Bachelor's Degree

    9 years teaching Math and Science. Nathan has extensive experience in international competition coaching, having guided numerous students to achieve top-level results in international competitions, all with a side of humor and wit. Prioritizing students' mathematical interests and learning, Nathan consistently receives praise from students and parents alike.

  • WuKong English (ELA) teacher


    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Master's degree

    15 years experience teaching ELA Elaina is a true seasoned professional, having taught at international schools for over 10 years. She excels in primary school-level writing and reading instruction. With a passion for the arts, she helps students strive for greatness, enabling them to draw strength from words and foster critical thinking skills for their future.

Thousands have tried and loved WuKong.

Don't just trust us, hear from real people around the globe.

Over 60,000 hours of curriculum development bring modern, vibrant classes to life.

wukong teachingResearchwukong teachingResearch
  • Teaching

    We craft our own teaching materials with an extensive team that ensures crucial learning points are clearer for your child.

  • Evaluation

    Every class includes a professional learning report, offering personalized learning suggestions for future growth.

  • Learning

    We pioneer cutting-edge teaching methods worldwide that make learning fun, effective and memorable every time!

  • Assessment

    Dedicated course coordinators are there every step of the way, providing post-class assessments, support, and helping your child succeed.

  • Exercises

    We provide extra exercises and instant support that reinforces key points and keeps kids learning.

Awards and honors of WuKong Education

with a superb rating of 395/400!

WuKong Education has officially received accreditation from Cognia®

In 2023, WuKong garnered 13 global education awards and was featured in 1,432 news articles worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the distinctive brand advantages of WuKong Education?

There's plenty of reasons why WuKong is at the front of the pack in online education! Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we serve over 300,000 families in 118 countries globally.

We use cutting-edge international teaching philosophies and methods, focusing on providing truly tailored courses for children worldwide. Yes, we actually listen to kids' needs, and adapt! We're big fans of inquiry-based teaching, helping shape children into lifelong learners.

We've also received acclaim from officials in the education space, such as Cognia®, and have received numerous international education awards, including from EdtechX!

With WuKong, you can feel the difference. Find out more here.

Which children are suitable to enroll in WuKong's courses?

International Chinese Courses: Suitable for children aged 3-18 worldwide, our four course systems cater to the diverse learning needs of children in terms of age, Chinese proficiency, and language environment. We offer free one-on-one trial classes for new students!

International Math Courses: Tailored for students in grades 1-12 globally, the Advanced Systems Course aims to expand learning beyond the school curriculum for improved performance, while the Competition Sprint Course focuses on preparing for various international math competitions.

English Reading and Writing Courses: Suitable for preschool to 6th-grade students, the courses promote writing through reading, stimulates critical thinking, and effectively enhances children's reading and writing abilities. We now offer courses for grades 3-6, with more coming soon!

What is the teaching format and class structure of WuKong, and what devices are used for the classes?

We conduct live classes through WuKong's self-developed teaching platform, allowing access from tablets, phones, and PCs. Teachers and students engage in real-time face-to-face interaction, enabling constant monitoring of the child's class participation to ensure growth, progress, and real results!

Depending on the course type and level, we offer various class formats, including one-on-one sessions, small group classes, and large group classes.

How can I schedule a trial class for my child? How long is the duration of a trial class?

You can directly click here to schedule a trial class. After a successful reservation, you will receive an email notification, and your dedicated academic advisor will contact you within 48 hours. They will arrange a trial class based on your child's situation, with a duration of 30-60 minutes.

What qualifications do WuKong teachers have? Is it possible for me to choose or change teachers?

Our teachers hold degrees from some of the world's most reputable institutions, with an average teaching experience of over 5 years. We carefully select and recommend the most suitable teachers based on the characteristics and needs of each student, with our teachers highly trained in listening and adapting their teaching, too.

You can change your teacher at any time. Our tutoring team ensures that, after the teacher change, the new teacher is well-informed about the child's previous learning situation, ensuring a smooth transition in the child's learning process between the two teachers.

Are there accompanying materials for the courses? Is there homework after each class, and what is the workload? Will the teacher provide feedback on the homework?

WuKong provides students with professional, in-house developed materials, including textbooks, preview materials, and review materials tailored to different courses, offering a truly rich, in-depth education experience.

It doesn't stop there, either, with post-class support through carefully developed assignments, varying in terms of quantity and difficulty. Teachers provide one-on-one feedback on students' assignments, offering suggestions and comments to help students get ahead.

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