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WuKong Math Online Classes

97% of students show improvement in math scores after just 15 lessons.

93% of parents believe WuKong courses have a significantly positive impact on their children's learning attitude.

91% of parents give WuKong courses a perfect 5-star rating!

We pick the best globally for your child's success.

Our team of math teachers span the United States, Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom, and more! Graduating from world-renowned universities, they bring years of experience in mathematics, with a wealth of practical knowledge on igniting children's passion for learning, improving math grades, and preparing for competitions.

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    Teachers Selected Globally

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    Hold Bachelor's Degrees

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    Hold Master's Degrees

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    Average Teaching Experience

  • WuKong Math Teachers


    Master's degree from the University of Melbourne

    7 years of math teaching experience

    Expert in providing multiple problem-solving approaches

  • WuKong Math Teachers


    Graduated from Maranião Federal University

    Rich experience in coaching for competition-level mathematics

    Excelling in building learners engagement

  • WuKong Math Teachers


    Graduate of the University of New South Wales

    9 years of math teaching experience

    Widely known by students for blending fun into lessons

Our enrichment courses give kids
the confidence and skills
needed to win awards all around the globe.

Our advanced enrichment courses consist of 10 levels, tailored to students from different countries, grades, and learning backgrounds. At WuKong, students can find courses of optimal difficulty, effectively enhancing their mathematical thinking skills. Our competitive courses cover four major international math competitions, aiming to comprehensively support students in striving for awards!

WuKong Math - Main Courses
WuKong Math - Main Courses


24/7 global classes with dedicated teachers and time slots.



Mastering Modeling for Better Problem Solving



We make math fun again through enjoyable, interactive classes.



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TrustpilotWuKong userReviews4.7


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    Math intro courses, discover your mathematics potential.

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    Cultivate problem-solving skills, overcome key challenges.

    60/90 minutes per session.

  • Value PackageBest Value

    USD3,579 / 150 Sessions

    Comprehensive mathematical thinking, significantly improving math scores.

    60/90 minutes per session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What specific content does WuKong Math cover? Are there competitive classes? Is the curriculum aligned with school math courses?

Learning Content: Our International Math course covers five major domains: Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement, Applications and Practices, Statistics and Probability, and Reasoning and Strategies. The goal is to help children develop comprehensive mathematical abilities effectively!

Competition Sprint Course: WuKong introduces specialized courses each year to enhance preparation for competitions, including the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), Kangaroo International Competition, American Scholastic Math Association, and more. WuKong's math teachers have extensive experience in the competition field, assisting children in achieving outstanding results globally.

Advanced Systems Course: WuKong's Advanced Systems Course goes beyond school curricula, aiming to excel beyond the academic syllabus, fostering mathematical and logical thinking, and thereby effectively improving math performance.

Click here to schedule a free trial math class for your child!

Are your courses suitable for children in Singapore/the UK/Australia/the United States/Germany?

WuKong Math course is suitable for students in grades 1-12 globally. Our teaching philosophy and curriculum are designed to seamlessly integrate with different countries' educational standards and international examination requirements. We are committed to providing children with the most suitable personalized courses.

What are the class types for the courses?

WuKong Math adopts an interactive small-sized class format with top-tier international math teachers conducting live English-language lessons. Each student is paired with a dedicated course coordinator to ensure everything outside of the classes themselves is as smooth as possible! In the classes, students collaborate, discuss, and engage in WuKong's signature-style of competitive, fun classes. Highly effective, and aimed to help students approach learning with enthusiasm!

What is the pricing for the math courses, and which payment methods are supported?

Course Pricing: Mathematics packages start from as low as $289, with a 20% OFF limited-time offer! Tailor your purchase with various discounted bundles that match your child's needs. For more details, click here to consult with our dedicated 1v1 customer service!

Payment Methods: WuKong supports credit card payments worldwide, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and other major credit cards. For specific regions, we also offer a special "Buy Now, Pay Later" payment option.

How can I schedule a trial math class for my child? How long is the duration of a trial class?

You can click here to directly fill in your basic information and schedule a trial class. After a successful reservation, you will receive an email notification, and your dedicated academic advisor will contact you within 48 hours.

Typically, a trial class lasts for 30-60 minutes. The academic advisor will also adjust the course schedule based on your child's situation to ensure the best learning experience.

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