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In 2016, WuKong's founding team embarked on a journey to "create the best courses for children" in Auckland, New Zealand.


WuKong has grown to serve over 300,000 families worldwide, becoming one of the most beloved education brands globally.

Now headquartered in Silicon Valley, WuKong has established branches in 12 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

We value academic excellence and experience.

Connect your child with the best teachers around.

Connect your child with the best teachers around.

Rigorous standards mean only 1% of teachers make the cut. WuKong brings top-notch educators to the stage, backing your child's path to success!

Over 4500 exceptional teachers, united by a shared passion for quality education.

Over 4500 exceptional teachers, united by a shared passion for quality education.

WuKong teachers offer each child genuine attention and encouragement, igniting curiosity within them. We aim to make every part of learning, from process to outcome, both enjoyable and effective!

Explore how we make
learning awesome for your kids!

Genuinely Fun

Adventures await. WuKong's materials feature lively characters, original songs, with thousands of immersive stories and hand drawn pictures. All designed to keep kids excited and engaged!

WuKong Chinese Educational Research Leader

WuKong Chinese Educational Research Leader

I have been engaged in K12 Chinese education research for 10 years, focusing on the development of Chinese language courses. For me, it's crucial to blend fun with real learning for our students, and this is done in our curriculum. It's about driving passion, and empowering kids to succeed!

Going above and beyond for your child's benefit.

Our team of teachers and assistants are ready and waiting to guide you through every aspect of the learning process! That's the WuKong difference.

Let your child become the protagonist of their learning journey.

We make every class a memorable, personal experience. Real value, real results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which children are suitable to enroll in WuKong's courses?

International Chinese Courses: Suitable for children aged 3-18 worldwide, our four course systems cater to the diverse learning needs of children in terms of age, Chinese proficiency, and language environment. We offer free one-on-one trial classes for new students!

International Math Courses: Tailored for students in grades 1-12 globally, the Advanced Systems Course aims to expand learning beyond the school curriculum for improved performance, while the Competition Sprint Course focuses on preparing for various international math competitions.

English Reading and Writing Courses: Suitable for preschool to 6th-grade students, the courses promote writing through reading, stimulates critical thinking, and effectively enhances children's reading and writing abilities. We now offer courses for grades 3-6, with more coming soon!

What is the teaching format and class structure of WuKong, and what devices are used for the classes?

We conduct live classes through WuKong's self-developed teaching platform, allowing access from tablets, phones, and PCs. Teachers and students engage in real-time face-to-face interaction, enabling constant monitoring of the child's class participation to ensure growth, progress, and real results!

Depending on the course type and level, we offer various class formats, including one-on-one sessions, small group classes, and large group classes.

What qualifications do WuKong teachers have? Is it possible for me to choose or change teachers?

Our teachers hold degrees from some of the world's most reputable institutions, with an average teaching experience of over 5 years. We carefully select and recommend the most suitable teachers based on the characteristics and needs of each student, with our teachers highly trained in listening and adapting their teaching, too.

You can change your teacher at any time. Our tutoring team ensures that, after the teacher change, the new teacher is well-informed about the child's previous learning situation, ensuring a smooth transition in the child's learning process between the two teachers.

What is the pricing for your courses, and what payment methods are accepted?

Course Pricing: WuKong offers course packages at different price points based on the diverse needs of its users. You can click on the respective subject pages (Chinese, Math, Advanced English Reading and Writing) to view specific pricing details. For more information, you can click here to add a dedicated academic advisor for personalized one-on-one consultation. If you need further details, you can also click here to consult with a 1v1 exclusive customer service.

Payment Methods: WuKong accepts various credit cards globally, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and other major credit cards. For specific regions, we also provide some special payment options such as Klarna.

What kind of after-sales support or guarantees do you provide?

24/7 After-Sales Service: Whenever you or your child encounters any issues during the learning process, we are available around the clock to provide assistance and solutions.

4-to-1 Thoughtful Service: Each student is assigned a dedicated academic advisor, tutor, learning partner, and course supervisor, ensuring that children receive a high-quality learning experience throughout their studies.

Peace of Mind Refund Service: After purchasing a course, you can apply for a refund at any time for unused classes.

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