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5 tips to prepare for ZIML Math & 6 benefits to participate 

ZIML Math is a mathematical tournament that helps individuals showcase their mathematical skills to the world in a unique yet exciting way. 

The main secret to success lies within the distinguished style of assessment that no other test follows. However, preparing well is essential to ensure success before you enter the fantastic world. 

The same is why we have assembled this guide, which talks about five excellent tips to prepare well for the upcoming ZIML math and all the essential information. So, without any further discussion, let’s jump into the content. 

What is the ZIML test? 

Launched back in 2008, ZIML is an abbreviation for Zoom International Math League. It is one of those few contests allowing students from different universities and colleges to come under a single platform and compete with each other to win the tournament.

These students from top-tier colleges have attended reputed competitions such as Mathcounts and AMC (American Math Competition). 

The examination structure is fascinating and encompasses different types, such as monthly tests, weekly bargain potions, and daily magic spells, to ensure maximum participation. The assessment covers multiple problems, including number equations, algebra, and geometry. If you have been participating in the AMC-like competition, you would be familiar with the format. 

Five tips to prepare for ZIML 

1: Read Math Book

Few people know that reading books helps far beyond just theoretical knowledge. Many books are available, such as the Art of Problem Solving book series, which helps you understand the problems and develops a logical mindset for solving them. As a result, you don’t have to rely anymore on those memorized formulas to land on the correct answer. 

2: Attend other mathematics competitions 

Remember, appearing in a significant competition is not only about being acknowledged and well-aware from an educational point of view. Instead, it is also about knowing how to bear and handle the environmental pressure you put on during the examination. 

Creating and participating in similar stimuli is the best way to get used to it. There are multiple online and offline competitions available in this regard. All you have to do is navigate to Google and search for the query. 

You can also conduct a self-created competition with other people who are interested in participating in the same competition. 

Attend other mathematics competitions 

3: Get a good teacher 

Getting a good teacher is pivotal to preparing for the tournament. An efficient teacher knows how to explain the problem and keep the students engaged in enhancing critical thinking. WukongSch has a wide range of qualified and efficient teachers who hail from different backgrounds all across the globe. Thus, you can get an ultimate opportunity to become familiar with the ones that belong to your culture and know your way of thinking. In addition, the schedule is so flexible that you can take classes whenever and wherever you want without any constraints. 

4: Check out the cheat sheets. 

Cheat sheets are another excellent tool to crack the examination syllabus in the least possible time frame. These documents compile cal points such as essential questions, quick methods, answers, and spatulas under one roof. As long as you have access to an efficient cheat sheet, you don’t have to spend hours reading books to find a specific question. In addition, as it is slightly a thinner document, you can carry it anywhere and memorize the essential forums within an hour of comfort. 

5: Be healthy

During the preparation period, taking good care of yourself is mandatory. Remember, a healthy mind and a healthy body always have a positive relationship. So, ensure a good diet and get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. 

Six benefits of ZIML

Six benefits of ZIML

Enhance your skills 

 To enhance your skills, a bit of hard work is required. You have to challenge yourself at different stages. And ZIML will work for you. It summons towards solving equations. Through this, a person is enabled to use his abstract thinking. You are allowing the brain to work smartly, along with logical reasons. 

Covers comprehensive topics 

It is beneficial when you want to know about multiple math abstractions. It helps to encounter unknown math topics and new concepts.

ZIML makes one conscious of a wide variety of numerical conceptions. 

Covers comprehensive topics 


ZIML will be helpful for future tasks. By adopting the concept of the ZIML test, one can make himself prepare for complex mathematics. It makes you face such challenges you expect to meet in the future.  

Managing the time

You must have been through a situation when you know the answers but need more time to answer them. To avoid it, ZIML came in handy. It offers tasks that help with time management expertise.

 It teaches us to manage the time artfully. This can be exceedingly advantageous when a task is to be done within a limited period. Hence, you can also apply the same techniques in other areas to excel in them. 

Put up the confidence. 

ZIML helps people gain an immense amount of confidence in themselves. It enables a person to believe in himself when facing complexities. This not helping in mathematical issues proves beneficial at other educational stages. 

Study Motivation 

The concept of ZIML attracts the individual to learning. It teaches such interesting figures that one loses in the beauty of learning. It helps to create a love for learning and exploring the undiscovered side. Due to this, an individual gets curious. And to seek deep into academic work. It motivated him to learn new things. 

You can also search for motivational videos on YouTube, and some efficient influencers will shortly boost you up for the next study session. It might feel a bit strange, but trust us, it works.

Final words 

The bottom line is that ZIML is short for  Zoom International Math League. It assesses students’ mathematical skills and allows them to polish their talent and obtain enhanced exposure. 

However, preparing for the examination is the key to success. The same is why we have assembled this guide, talking about five unique ways to prepare and six benefits you can avail of by participating. So make sure to read from start to end. 

If you have any problem when learning math, come and have a free trial class from WuKong Math!

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