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5th Grade ELA: Worksheets, Standards, Curriculum

Having an idea about the material of the 5th grade ELA can help your children understand how they can perform well in the test. This familiarity can help them build a strong understanding of the language test and be confident in it. To help all parents struggling to guide their kids about the test, we are here with the discussion about 5th grade ELA worksheets and the resources to download them. Let’s get started!

Part 1. What’s Included In 5th Grade ELA Worksheets

Let us first show you what major portions will be there in 5th grade ELA worksheets. It will help you guide your child about the test and assist them in getting good grades while performing the test. Overall, the worksheets of 5th grade ELA will include four major portions that are discussed below.

Reading Comprehension

In this section, the students will get a passage that they have to read and understand for further processing. For 5th grade ELA participants, the comprehension will be of intermediate level. It means that the passage will neither be easy nor difficult. It will be according to the language understanding of the 5th graders.

Vocabulary Worksheets

A specific portion of 5th grade ELA will be about vocabulary enhancement. The main purpose of this section is to help the students extend their vocabulary and memorize different words used for various actions and tasks.

Spelling Worksheets

To make the students proficient in the spelling section, 5th graders will also get a specific part including practice tasks for finding spelling mistakes and correcting them. Most of the words in this section of 5th grade ELA will include 5 alphabets because the students of this grade level are assumed to be familiar with these words only.

Grammar & Writing Section

Lastly, 5th grade ELA also includes a specific section that belongs to grammar and writing practice. From this part, the students will learn deeply about different grammar rules and the method of writing sentences. Simply, you can say that it will help students learn about sentence-making without grammar errors.

Part 2. Websites for Downloading 5th Grade ELA Worksheets For Free

If you want to download the 5th grade ELA worksheet pdf materials, you can go to WuKong English (ELA) Resources to download. The materials are being updated continuously. In addition, WuKong English (ELA) will introduce some other 5th grade ELA worksheets websites for you. Let’s take a look.

English (ELA) Resources

K5 Learning


This website is considered the best for downloading worksheets for 5th grade ELA lessons. The features that make it the best is the availability of lessons in different categories. You can explore the list of worksheets section-wise according to the sections in the original test.

K5 Learning

K5 Learning ELA Lessons

Simply, you can say that it offers worksheets in a separate collection for reading, writing, and vocabulary. It will make the process of downloading 5th grade ELA lessons and worksheets easier for all parents. Moreover, you will also be able to find the worksheets related to spelling and vocabulary that set it apart from other websites.

Khan Academy


Another platform for downloading exceptional and different lessons for 5th grade ELA is Khan Academy. This website offers unique worksheets for imaginative words, inventing progress, etc. You will not see common lessons or word exercises on this platform which makes it suitable for exceptional learning.

Khan Academy

Your kids won’t only learn about general terms or words from its worksheets. It makes them proficient in understanding the vocabulary and be proficient in the language from basic. The only major drawback is the limited collection of worksheets for 5th grade ELA. It means that the platform has a limited number of worksheets to be downloaded or lessons to be learned.



Another reliable platform for downloading 5th grade ELA resources is Time4learning. This platform enables you to download the worksheets and learn the lessons in a chapter-wise format. Moreover, you can read the objects from this website that will help you set goals for your 5th grader.


In addition to general and standard 5th grade ELA documents, it will also enable you to explore its collection of extensions. Using that collection, you can access advanced documents related to this particular test.

Part 3. Best Course To Secure Higher Marks in 5th Grade ELA Test

Undoubtedly, you can teach your kids by downloading 5th grade ELA lessons from the above resources. However, it isn’t an easy task to make them capable of passing this test because they must be confident and proficient at the same time.

This is where you will find the WuKong Advanced Reading and Writing Program the best course to enroll in. You can enroll your kids in this course because it is made for them particularly to teach them about the basics of the language arts.

Part 3. Best Course To Secure Higher Marks in 5th Grade ELA Test

WuKong Advanced Reading and Writing Program

With the adoption of modern reading and writing teaching techniques, the instructors aim to spark the passion to think critically and get proficient in the language. Moreover, the course isn’t completed in a normal way but the students have to progress in a systematic approach.

It follows a seven-stage development concept which makes every student comfortable with the learning. Last but not least, the classes are conducted in an interactive way to let every student participate, communicate, and raise questions to have instructions from their teacher.

Course Basic Details

Age criteria: Kindergarten to grade 6

Availability: 24 hours

Class duration: 90 minutes

Pricing: Starts from US$389

Specifications Of Course

Interactive Learning: The classes aren’t conducted by following traditional ways. They are set to be conducted in an interactive way to let every student learn from them.

Live Classes: All students will join one-to-one or small group live sessions for effective learning of the topics.

Qualified Instructors: WuKong Education hand-picks instructors from the entire world and makes sure they have qualified and professional instructors.

Affordable Pricing: The pricing of the classes has been kept normal to let everyone learn from this course. You can get started with US$389 for 10 sessions or join it on a free trial to get an idea about the classes.

Part 4. FAQs

What Is ELA In 5th Grade?

For 5th graders, ELA is a specific subject that helps them learn the basics of the English language and makes sure they are proficient in it for better communication, reading, and writing.

How Can I Improve My 5th-Grade ELA Scores?

You can improve your 5th grade ELA scores by following some simple tips like reading with focus, extending vocabulary, and learning from professionals.

Part 5. Summary

The above discussion about 5th grade ELA must have helped you learn about the subject in detail. We hope you have learned everything that you want from this course. For better expectations from your kids, we recommend enrolling them in the WuKong Advanced Reading and Writing Program. This course will help them understand the language from basic to advanced and perform well in the test.

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