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ELA Classes For Beginners: Best Effective Learning Platforms

As a beginner, it is confusing for you to start learning any language. Proficiency in ELA is important in today’s fast-paced world. It may help you enhance your career or boost your academic growth. To overcome the learning hurdle, there are many ELA classes for beginners. 

It works best for you if you are seeking career advancement or are eager to learn English as a beginner. You’ll have the opportunity to communicate effectively after learning the basics and advanced language from authentic sources. This blog post will help you with a list of the best platforms and also insights into learning ELA. 

ELA classes for beginners

Part 1: What Is ELA?

ELA is the English Language Arts that includes the learning of various language skills like reading, writing, speaking, and listening. ELA classes for beginners are designed in a way to provide proficiency in communication. Thus, in these classes, students are engaged in different activities to help them enhance their language development. 

As English is the most widely used language, it is necessary to learn it in every aspect. It will also help you understand English literature, encourage creativity, and clearly communicate in English. So, ELA is a crucial part of education necessary for your overall growth. 

Part 2: Best ELA Classes For Beginners

When you see a lot of options or resources to learn the English language, you need help to choose one. There are some English lessons for beginner adults or kids that are best for you. You can choose one of these as per your preferences. 



Wukong is a learning site offering an advanced English reading and writing program for students in grades 3-8. So, if you want a well-structured platform for your children to learn English, it is the best option for you. 


  • Native ELA teachers for an in-depth understanding of the content.
  • You can learn from the comfort of your home.
  • Your kid will have a six-dimension reading approach to develop a 5C model of the language arts.


Wukong ELA classes can charge you based on your selected plan, ranging from $389 to $3,389. The time duration for each class is the same but varies in skill sets. So, you can choose any of the three plans per your kid’s needs. 


  • Six dimensions of reading approach: The teachers use this method to improve and enhance reading skills like comprehension and critical thinking.
  • 5C model of the 21st century: It encourages the students to learn reading and writing techniques and develop an interest in mastering them.


  • Price: There is no prominent drawback to joining Wukong ELA classes. If you don’t want to spend your money initially, you can take the trial class to know the worth of this course.


“Very organised, very good support system, staff are very friendly. Kids just had their first lesson, they are enjoying it.” 5/5* Trustpilot

It provides experienced native ELA teachers and live classes with a small group of students online. These are paid ELA classes for beginners, but you can take a free trial to learn about the teaching method and the quality of the content.    

留资卡片:英文(en): Book Now-Online Language Arts classes for students in grades 3-6

Learn English Online


It is the best free online resource to learn English for people passionate about the language. It has evolved with time into a comprehensive platform that aims to make English learning easily accessible. It covers different aspects, like basic grammar for beginners and insights for reading, writing, and speaking. 


  • This course is designed to learn the basics of English grammar.
  • All the available content is free of cost.
  • Written, audio, and video content Format to help understand the concepts easily.


LEO provides easy access to the whole course free of cost. You can access and start learning basic English grammar at your own pace at any time. 


  • Free of cost: No premium plan exists to access or learn English from this site. 
  • Beginner-friendly: If you are a complete beginner, it will help you understand basic English grammar skills.


  • Basic Learning: It focuses on providing basic grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills for beginners. If you want to learn ELA in-depth, you have better options.


“I’ve been doing extra English lessons with Leo English for the past two years. Even though English is my first language, my grades at school were not great. I’ve gone from a C student to an A student!! My tutor helps me with exam preparation and I’ve learned to really enjoy English. Thank you.” 5/5* Gabrielle Buttle-Trustpilot

From these ELA classes for beginners, you’ll get detailed videos, written directions, and audio to let you know how to pronounce a specific letter and word. Besides the free resources, you’ll also get engaging games, quizzes, and tests to 

practice your learnings.  



This platform provides English grammar online classes free of cost, mainly focusing on preparation for the IELTS exams. But you can also learn if you want to use it daily for work or study. It is a free four-week course in which you learn basic English skills. 


  • A variety of courses are available for different purposes.
  • You can get a certificate at the end of the course.


You’ll see two types of courses at Futurelearn: yearly subscription or premium purchase. If you choose the courses with a yearly subscription, you must pay $244.99 and $14 for the premium courses. Moreover, you can purchase lifetime access to the subscription courses by paying $134. 


  • Ease of learning: You can access your desired courses as needed from the comfort of your home.
  • Variety of topics: You’ll see a variety of courses teaching English for different purposes. 


  • Expensive: You may have to spend money on proper ELA learning material. 


“This course is very good. I was learn english for health care and I get more knowledge this course about vocabulary and any requirement to work medicals, pharmacy, hospitals and so on.” 4/5* Muse jama Mohamed-trustpilot

At the start of the course, you’ll learn and practice what to say when you meet others and how to introduce yourself. Your reading, speaking, and listening skills will be improved with this course. But the access is only a few days, after which you have to buy the course. 



It is the world’s first platform for free access for English-language learners. You can see many free ELA classes for beginners at Alison. These lessons focus on various topics and provide practice resources for insights about your learning. 


  • Free access to learn ELA at beginner or advanced level.
  • A variety of courses are available to choose from as per your needs. 
  • All the courses are easily accessible and free of cost. 


There are a variety of English learning courses designed to meet the needs of different learners. All the content is easily accessible and free of cost. You only see ads sometimes when you visit the site or take the classes. 


  • Free of cost: You can learn English of different levels by choosing the appropriate course without paying a penny. 
  • Ease of use: All the courses are designed to easily access and learn the content for learners.


  • No live classes: You’ll only get recorded lectures here to learn and practice things. 


“I have gained a lot from this course, I’m now well equipped with confidence of taking my career with proper knowledge and guidelines of making self assessment on whatever and wherever I might secure employment.” 4/5* Edmore Farai Matimati-Trustpilot

Here, you’ll learn beginner-level English, which forms the foundation of this language. It includes basic grammar for beginners that will help in reading, writing, and speaking skills. 



There are many English courses for beginners on this platform by the native speakers. These ELA classes for beginners provide in-depth knowledge to learn basic grammar, reading, speaking, and writing skills. 


  • A variety of free and paid English courses are available. 
  • You can get a certificate at the end of the course.
  • Access to online resources to help your learning journey.


There are many online courses that you can take at a cost ranging from $13.99 to $74.99. There are also some free courses for those who don’t want to pay. But if you want a certificate at the end of the course, you must pay for it even in the free classes. 


  • In-depth learning: Many English language courses focus on providing reading, writing, and speaking skills. 
  • Comfort of learning: You can easily access the course after purchasing it and watch the videos at your own pace. 


  • Recorded lectures: There is no live class experience, and you must follow the instructions by watching the recorded lectures.
  • Pay for certificates: There are very few free classes, and you can’t have certificates from these free classes as long as you pay for them.


“Udemy is a good site for learning professional skills, but a lot of the courses there are not of very high quality compared to the free ones on YouTube.” 3/5* Kevin Wang-Trustpilot

With the help of these courses, you’ll be able to learn speaking from the first lesson. But these are the recorded lectures, and you won’t have any live feedback from the tutor. Moreover, most Udemy courses cost you some dollars, but there are also free classes that you can take.  

Part 3: Importance Of Learning ELA

There are English courses for beginners free of cost to learn ELA for those who can’t afford to pay. ELA plays an important role in education, career development, and communication. The following factors exhibit the importance of learning ELA;

Communication Skills

For effective communication, it is necessary to have proficiency in ELA. Whether you want to write reports, express your thoughts verbally, or have interaction with others, a strong grip on the English language is necessary. 

Academic Growth

English is the main subject in academic learning that requires proper reading and writing skills. So, ELA classes for beginners can help you have a grip on these to improve your academic performance. 

Excel Career

For professional growth, you need to communicate well in English. So, there is a need to have a full grip on the language. ELA classes give you an opportunity to fill gaps in your language skills and excel in your career. 

Critical Thinking 

In ELA classes for beginners, you’ll practice your reading and writing skills, analyze the literature, and practice your learnings. These will encourage your critical thinking and analytical skills. 


Q1: What Should I Learn First In English Grammar?

When taking ELA classes for beginners, it is essential to get a grip on the fundamental elements. These include basic grammar skills like knowing the structure of the sentences. After this, you need to understand different concepts like parts of speech and the complexity of the sentence structure. These fundamental elements play a crucial role in understanding all language skills.

Q2: What Is The Correct Order To Learn English?

The correct order to learn English is to start with listening and speaking skills. As a beginner, you should focus on your everyday vocabulary and basic grammar learning. When you become proficient in these, you’ll get into the more complex concepts. After practicing and understanding, you’ll develop fluency in the language skills. 


Learning ELA is an important factor for academic and career growth. Effective communication and critical thinking are necessary and will be developed by learning the language. You can choose the best platform as per your needs and interests to invest in maintaining your personal growth. 

ELA classes for beginners are structured in a way that teaches you the language and its different aspects from the beginning. Whether you need the language to pass the exam, for the profession, or to travel, you can speak regularly from the start and practice as much as you can. In the end, you’ll be able to speak fluently with others.