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9 Best Platform for Free Mandarin Courses [2024 Updated]

Explore free Mandarin courses: Duolingo, Coursera, edX, and more. Begin your language journey with engaging lessons, all accessible at no cost!”

Learning Mandarin, one of the most spoken languages globally, has become increasingly popular, and fortunately, there are numerous free platforms that cater to the needs of language enthusiasts. In this article, we will delve into eight notable platforms, each offering a unique approach to Mandarin language education. Whether you’re a beginner eager to grasp the basics or an intermediate learner looking to enhance your proficiency, these free Mandarin courses provide valuable resources for your language learning journey. Let’s explore these platforms and discover the diverse methods they employ to make Mandarin accessible and enjoyable for learners of all levels.

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9 Platform for Free Mandarin Courses

Embark on a linguistic journey and unlock your language skills with the diverse and free Mandarin courses for beginners available on various platforms. Here are the following 9 free mandarin courses for beginners: 

1. Wukong Chinese Program

9 Best Platform for Free Mandarin Courses [2024 Updated] - WuKong Blog

Wukong Chinese Program is one of the best Mandarin courses which provide free trail classes. Explore the interactive exercises, multimedia resources, and gamified learning modules offered by Wukong Chinese. Experience real-time pronunciation feedback and immerse yourself in authentic Chinese content to enhance your Mandarin skills.


Unlock the benefits of Wukong Chinese, including access to free Mandarin classes.

Enjoy personalized learning paths tailored to your proficiency level and goals.

Track your progress, set targets, and access relevant content for a comprehensive language learning journey.

Course Settings: 

Customize your learning experience with Wukong Chinese. Choose between self-paced learning or join live classes with experienced instructors. Engage with fellow learners through virtual community forums, practice Mandarin, and receive guidance from language experts.

Unlock the power of Wukong Chinese for effective Mandarin language learning, including free classes. Explore its features, advantages, disadvantages, and customizable course settings to embark on your language learning journey.

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2. Coursera

9 Best Platform for Free Mandarin Courses [2024 Updated] - WuKong Blog

Coursera, a renowned platform for online courses, collaborates with universities to offer Mandarin courses. While some courses may have associated costs, many institutions provide free versions for audit. Learners gain comprehensive knowledge through lectures, assignments, and quizzes, ideal for those seeking a formal approach to language acquisition with free Mandarin courses. Coursera’s structured courses cater to learners who prefer a more formal and academic approach to language acquisition.


  • Coursera offers courses from reputable universities, ensuring high-quality content.
  • Courses are often well-structured, providing a clear path for learners.
  • Learners can engage with a global community through discussion forums.


  • While courses can be audited for free, obtaining certificates often involves a fee.
  • Quality may vary between courses as they are created by different institutions and instructors.

3. edX

9 Best Platform for Free Mandarin Courses [2024 Updated] - WuKong Blog

Similar to Coursera, edX partners with universities worldwide to deliver high-quality free mandarin courses. Mandarin learners can explore free courses and audit content without charge. The platform covers various aspects of language learning, including grammar, vocabulary, and cultural insights. edX’s collaboration with prestigious institutions ensures a well-rounded educational experience. While certifications may require payment, the free audit option facilitates valuable, commitment-free learning experiences for those exploring free Mandarin courses.


  • edX provides a wide range of courses from various universities, offering diverse learning opportunities.
  • Courses often include interactive elements such as quizzes and assignments.
  • Learners can study at their own pace.


  • Certification Costs: Similar to Coursera, obtaining certificates may require payment.
  • Potential Variability in Course Quality: Quality may vary between courses, depending on the institution providing the content.

4. BBC Languages

9 Best Platform for Free Mandarin Courses [2024 Updated] - WuKong Blog

BBC Languages offers a collection of free Mandarin courses for beginners, including audio and video lessons. While not a comprehensive course, it serves as an excellent supplementary tool. The materials cover essential phrases, pronunciation, and cultural nuances. BBC Languages is particularly useful for learners who appreciate multimedia content and want to enhance their listening and speaking skills in Mandarin.


  • BBC Languages offers audio and video lessons for a multimedia learning experience.
  • Provides insights into the cultural aspects of the language.


  • The platform may lack in-depth coverage compared to full language courses.
  • It serves as a supplementary resource rather than a complete language course.

5. ChinesePod

9 Best Platform for Free Mandarin Courses [2024 Updated] - WuKong Blog

ChinesePod stands out with its diverse range of free Mandarin courses suitable for learners of various proficiency levels. The platform provides both audio and video lessons, covering topics from basic vocabulary to advanced conversation. ChinesePod’s content is designed for practical application, making it an excellent resource for learners aiming to build conversational skills. These free mandarin courses offer a taste of the platform’s extensive content library, which includes specialized courses for specific language goals.


  • ChinesePod offers diverse lessons suitable for different proficiency levels.
  • Content focuses on real-life language application and practical conversations.


  • Some users may find the content less structured compared to traditional courses.
  • While basic lessons are free, access to advanced content may involve a subscription fee.

6. Memrise

9 Best Platform for Free Mandarin Courses [2024 Updated] - WuKong Blog

Memrise focuses on vocabulary building through a unique approach. Using a spaced repetition system, the platform reinforces learning by strategically spacing out reviews. Mandarin learners can benefit from Memrise’s multimedia content, including audio, video, and mnemonic devices. The platform’s emphasis on memorization and recall makes it suitable for those aiming to expand their Mandarin vocabulary effectively.


  • Memrise uses spaced repetition to enhance vocabulary retention.
  • Incorporates audio, video, and mnemonic devices for a comprehensive learning experience.


  • It may not provide as much depth in grammar explanations as some learners prefer.

7. Open Culture

9 Best Platform for Free Mandarin Courses [2024 Updated] - WuKong Blog

Open Culture serves as a comprehensive directory, collating links to various free Mandarin courses from different sources. While not a learning platform itself, Open Culture acts as a valuable resource for learners seeking diverse materials. The directory includes courses from universities, online platforms, and independent educators. Open Culture’s curated list simplifies the search for free Mandarin courses, providing learners with a wide array of options to explore.


  • Acts as a directory, consolidating links to various free courses from different sources.
  • Offers a wide range of course options from universities and online platforms.


  • Open Culture itself is not a learning platform but a directory, so learners might need to navigate to other sites for courses.

8. Yoyo Chinese

9 Best Platform for Free Mandarin Courses [2024 Updated] - WuKong Blog

Yoyo Chinese offers a free beginners’ course that focuses on practical language skills. The platform introduces learners to essential vocabulary, grammar, and conversational phrases. Yoyo Chinese’s approach emphasizes real-life application, making it suitable for those interested in everyday communication. Although premium content is available, the free beginners’ course establishes a robust foundation for Mandarin learners starting their language journey with free Mandarin courses.


  • Yoyo Chinese provides a free beginners’ course, offering practical language skills.
  • Emphasis on Real-Life Application: Focuses on real-life communication scenarios.


  • While the beginners’ course is free, access to premium content may involve a subscription fee.

9. Duolingo

9 Best Platform for Free Mandarin Courses [2024 Updated] - WuKong Blog
  • Duolingo, a pioneer in language learning apps, offers accessible Mandarin Chinese courses. With a gamified approach, it’s engaging, interactive, and ideal for beginners seeking free Mandarin courses.The course covers essential vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation through interactive exercises. Duolingo’s bite-sized lessons make it ideal for learners who prefer short, daily sessions. Progress tracking and rewards enhance motivation, making it an excellent choice for beginners.
  • Pros
  • Duolingo employs a gamified approach, making language learning fun and engaging.
  • The platform is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Duolingo’s mobile app allows learners to practice on the go.
  • Cons
  • While effective for beginners, some users find Duolingo lacks in-depth explanations of grammar and cultural context.
  • The translation-focused exercises may not provide enough conversational practice.


1. Are these free Mandarin courses suitable for absolute beginners?

Yes, platforms like Duolingo, Yoyo Chinese, and Memrise offer introductory courses tailored for absolute beginners, covering essential vocabulary, basic grammar, and pronunciation.

2. Do these platforms provide interactive learning experiences?

Yes, many platforms, such as Duolingo, ChinesePod, Coursera, and edX, offer interactive elements, including gamified approaches, quizzes, assignments, and real-life conversation simulations.

3. Can I achieve fluency in Mandarin through these free courses alone?

While these free Mandarin courses offer a solid foundation, achieving fluency demands a holistic approach. Complement them with language exchanges, immersion experiences, and advanced courses for a more comprehensive language learning journey.


The availability of free Mandarin courses for beginners on these diverse platforms caters to learners with different preferences and learning styles. Whether you prefer gamified experiences, university-quality courses, multimedia lessons, or vocabulary-focused approaches, these platforms offer valuable resources to help you embark on your Mandarin language learning adventure. Explore these free mandarin courses platforms mentioned above, find the one that aligns with your goals, and unlock the door to the richness of the Chinese language and culture.