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What is Pinyin? Best Way To Learn Pinyin For Beginners [2024]

No denying that learning Chinese is considered the most difficult language in the world. It isn’t an easy task to speak this language fluently. However, learning Pinyin can help you to become proficient in this language, speak properly, and understand it without struggling. For this, you should be aware of the best way to learn pinyin and be good at this technique. In this blog, we will share the best and easiest way to learn pinyin. Let’s get started!

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Part 1. What Is Pinyin?

Do you know what is the major problem that makes the Chinese language difficult to remember? It is the extensive collection of Chinese characters that are assumed to be around 100k as per some dictionaries. Pinyin is a standard system that makes the process simple for learners by writing Chinese words in Latin words.

It means that you can write Chinese words in simple English to learn them, understand their phonetics, and memorize them. So, you don’t need to memorize the Chinese characters when you are proficient in Pinyin. It is also called Hanyu Pinyin in the Chinese literature.

Mandarin Chinese Pinyin Table PDF

Mandarin Chinese Pinyin Table PDF

Undoubtedly, it may also be hard for you to understand this standardized system. However, you can resolve this problem by following the best way to learn pinyin. Additionally, Pinyin has only three parts that make it easy for its learners to follow this.

Pinyin Initials

These are alphabets that represent the beginning sound of any Chinese word. It means that Pinyin initials will decide which sound you should pick while starting a word.

Pinyin Finals

These alphabets appear at the end of the syllable and represent the ending sound of the word. They can be made by combining vowels or consonants.

The Pinyin Tones

It is the most important part that you should focus on while looking for the best way to learn pinyin. The reason is it decides the tone of the speaker when they are pronouncing the words. In Pinyin, you have to use the four major tones that are flat tone, rising tone, falling tone, and dipping tone.

Part 2. Best Way To Learn Pinyin – Wukong Chinese Course

From the above section, you must have an idea about the pinyin system. It is time to move to the best way to learn pinyin quickly. While learning this system, you can either go with an online class or a physical one. But it may be easy for you to join an online course to learn this system.

Best Way To Learn Pinyin - Wukong Chinese Course

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In this regard, you will find thousands of platforms claiming to be the best way to learn pinyin. However, you can’t rely on any of those without proper research. To make the process easier, we have researched a lot and found the Wukong Chinese Course the best one. You can learn this system and the Chinese language from basic to advanced.

By enrolling yourself in this course, you will surely get premium quality knowledge. The course is designed by professionals to let you learn pinyin and other basic parts of the language. In the following section, we have listed a few factors that make it the best way to learn pinyin.

Part 3. What Makes Wukong Chinese Course Better Than Others?

Undoubtedly, hundreds of courses are available on the internet for learning Hanyu pinyin. But the Wukong Chinese Course is better than many of those because of the following factors. We have discussed them briefly to let you why it is the best way to learn pinyin.

Native & Qualified Teachers

The most important factor that makes it better is the availability of native teachers. Unlike other platforms, you will not be taught by instructors who just have completed their degrees in the Chinese language.

All the instructors on this platform belong to the native culture and understand everything properly. With this, they will teach you with their deep knowledge and make you capable of speaking this language fluently. Because of the availability of native and qualified teachers, it is considered the best way to learn pinyin.

Curriculum Versatility

Another major factor that makes it better than many other online platforms is the curriculum of the course. In the Wukong Chinese Course, you will get versatile content that is made for every student.

Doesn’t matter whether you are an adult or a teenager, you will find the course beneficial for you. Moreover, its versatile content will help you learn this system from basic to advanced and be proficient while using this.

Student Centric Education

Along with versatile and quality content, this course is also designed with a student-centric concept. In this course, you will not be taught like other traditional courses in which you are asked to read the pre-designed slides, follow lessons, or watch videos for learning.

Being a student, you will be involved in one-to-one lectures as well as small group classes. Moreover, the classes are conducted in a fun way to help you memorize the lessons and get the expected results at the end. The best part of this course is the involvement of visual learning which makes it easy for you to remember this system. This is the main reason why it is considered the best way to learn pinyin.


Unlike other platforms, the Wukong Chinese Course is available at much lower prices enabling every student to join this. You can get started with this course for $349 for a 12-session course in which every session will be around 30 to 60 minutes.


Pricing Chart of Wukong Chinese Course

You can also its standard and value package if you want to extend your knowledge and learning of this language. It is right to say that you will not find any other best way to learn pinyin at such affordable prices on the internet.

Part 4. FAQs

Why Do You Learn Pinyin?

The main reason for learning pinyin is the simplification of the Chinese language learning. This system will help you memorize Chinese words by simplifying them in simple English.

What Are Some Resources To Practice Pinyin?

You can find hundreds of websites online to practice pinyin. Some of those platforms are paid while some are available for free practice. Moreover, you can also download the pinyin chart to practice offline if you are familiar with its working.

Part 5. Summary

With the help of this blog, we hope you have learned the best way to learn pinyin. We have discussed the reasons why we have ranked the platform mentioned above as the best. Now, you can easily join the course or start practicing on the pinyin chart for effective results.