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Top 6 Free Chinese Classes Online: Mandarin Courses

Ever thought about diving into Mandarin but felt lost finding the right place? Imagine wanting to learn for free but not knowing where to go. Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Our guide shares six amazing places to learn Mandarin online, absolutely free! From fun games for beginners to news-filled adventures for pros, these places have it all. 

Whether starting from scratch or aiming for advanced levels, these courses cater to everyone. No need to stress about costs or complicated setups—pick a platform and start your Mandarin journey hassle-free! So, jump in and explore the world of free Chinese classes online, mastering Mandarin at your own pace.

  1. Wukong Education: Your Path to Mandarin Excellence
Top 6 Free Chinese Classes Online: Mandarin Courses - WuKong Education Blog

Embark on your Mandarin journey with Wukong Education’s engaging and personalized learning experience.

Looking for a way to make Mandarin learning fun and effective? Wukong Education might be your perfect match!  Wukong Education stands as a beacon in free online Chinese classes. 

Dive into a world where Mandarin isn’t just taught—it’s brought to life through engaging lessons and interactive activities. Prospective learners benefit from this platform’s commitment to excellence, making it a top choice for anyone seeking free, quality Mandarin education online.


  • Interactive Learning: Wukong Education blends games, stories, and captivating activities, transforming Mandarin lessons into enjoyable experiences for learners of all ages.
  • Tailored Attention: With smaller class sizes, teachers focus on each learner’s needs, ensuring personalized guidance and support.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from skilled educators from prestigious universities like Peking University, equipped with rich teaching experience.


  • Engagement Booster: The interactive approach intrigues learners, making Mandarin learning a delightful experience.
  • Personalized Learning: Small classes ensure individual attention, enhancing understanding and progress.
  • Affordable Learning: Wukong Education offers cost-effective Chinese classes, including free trial sessions, making quality Mandarin education accessible.


  • No reported drawbacks, highlighting Wukong Education’s reputation as an exceptional platform for Mandarin learners.
  1. Duolingo: Begin Your Mandarin Journey
Top 6 Free Chinese Classes Online: Mandarin Courses - WuKong Education Blog

Start learning Mandarin today! Duolingo offers engaging lessons for beginners.

Ready to start your Mandarin adventure? Duolingo offers an accessible entry point into the world of Mandarin learning. Duolingo stands as a gateway to free online Chinese classes, especially for beginners stepping into Mandarin. Its user-friendly platform and gamified approach make learning Mandarin enjoyable and accessible. 

While ideal for foundational learning, advanced learners might seek more in-depth instruction. Nevertheless, Duolingo serves as a fantastic starting point for those starting their Mandarin journey or seeking to grasp essential phrases and vocabulary.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Duolingo’s platform is easy to navigate and perfect for newcomers venturing into Mandarin.
  • Gamified Learning: Engage with interactive games that aid in learning essential Mandarin vocabulary and phrases.
  • Accessible for Beginners: Tailored for those starting their Mandarin journey, Duolingo offers a step-by-step learning path.


  • Beginner-Friendly: Duolingo provides an approachable platform for those new to Mandarin, aiding foundational learning.
  • Engaging Lessons: Gamified learning keeps users involved and motivated to progress.
  • Cost-Effective Learning: Duolingo offers a free version, providing an accessible way for beginners to start their Mandarin learning journey without any financial commitment.


  • Limited Instructor Interaction: While suitable for beginners, Duolingo may lack deeper engagement with instructors.
  • Advanced Learning Depth: Might not offer the depth required for advanced learners seeking specialized Mandarin knowledge.
  1. Alison: Your Gateway to Free Chinese Classes Online for Beginners
Top 6 Free Chinese Classes Online: Mandarin Courses - WuKong Education Blog

Free Chinese Classes Online – Perfect for Mandarin Beginners

Alison presents itself as an entryway to free online Chinese classes tailored for beginners eager to grasp the fundamentals of Mandarin. With accessible beginner courses and low-cost certifications, it paves the way for individuals venturing into the world of Mandarin. 

While lacking in specialized content and requiring self-discipline for self-paced learning, Alison remains an excellent starting point for beginners seeking to embark on their Mandarin learning journey.


  • Free Beginner Courses: Alison’s free courses focus on introducing Mandarin to novices, covering fundamental aspects of the language.
  • Low-Cost Certifications: While courses are free, Alison offers certifications at affordable rates, ideal for showcasing newly acquired Mandarin skills.
  • Self-Paced Learning: Alison’s courses allow learners to set their pace, making it adaptable to various schedules and learning speeds.


  • Accessible Learning: Alison’s free courses make Mandarin education available to all, especially beginners exploring the language.
  • Cost-Efficient Certifications: The platform offers low-cost certifications, providing learners tangible proof of their Mandarin proficiency.


  • Limited Specialization: While great for foundational knowledge, Alison might not offer in-depth exploration for learners seeking specialized Mandarin skills.
  • Self-Paced Challenges: Self-paced learning might require extra self-discipline, which can be challenging for some learners.
  1. BBC Chinese: Immerse Yourself in Engaging Learning
Top 6 Free Chinese Classes Online: Mandarin Courses - WuKong Education Blog

Experience immersive Mandarin learning with BBC Chinese – Dive into a world of engaging lessons and multimedia content.

BBC Chinese emerges as a hub for free online Chinese classes, primarily targeting intermediate to advanced Mandarin learners. Offering a wealth of current news and multimedia resources, it’s an ideal platform for individuals seeking to enhance their language skills and cultural understanding. 

However, for beginners seeking structured lessons, it might present challenges due to its focus on more advanced content. Nonetheless, BBC Chinese remains a valuable resource for those exploring Mandarin language and culture at an intermediate level and beyond.


  • Updated News Content: BBC Chinese offers current news and reports, perfect for language practice and cultural insight.
  • Multimedia Learning: Engage with video, audio, and text-based articles, catering to different learning preferences.
  • Intermediate to Advanced Learning: Tailored for those with established Mandarin skills seeking immersive language experiences.


  • Current and Diverse Content: BBC Chinese delivers up-to-date news and multimedia resources, perfect for language practice.
  • Cultural Insight: Engaging with news and reports offers insights into Chinese culture and current affairs.


  • Not Ideal for Beginners: BBC Chinese might be challenging due to its focus on intermediate to advanced language content.
  • Lack of Structured Learning: The platform lacks dedicated beginner-friendly courses, potentially posing a challenge for structured learning.
  1. MandarinX: Your Path to Varied Mandarin Learning
Top 6 Free Chinese Classes Online: Mandarin Courses - WuKong Education Blog

Discover MandarinX: Diverse, Free Online Mandarin Courses for All Levels!

MandarinX offers a wide range of free online Chinese classes, making it great for anyone at any level. From beginners to those seeking specialized skills, there’s something for everyone. While many classes are free, some certifications or specialized courses might have a price tag. 

Overall, it’s an awesome resource for exploring Mandarin in your way and at your own pace.


  • Lots of Courses: MandarinX has classes for everyone, whether you’re starting or aiming for something specific like Mandarin in business.
  • Learn at Your Pace: You decide when to learn; it’s self-paced, fitting into your schedule.
  • Certificates Available: Some courses give certificates, which might cost a bit.


  • Different Learning Options: MandarinX probably has a class for whatever you want to learn.
  • Go at Your Speed: You’re in control; learn when and how fast you want.


  • Certificate Costs: Getting a certificate might need some cash.
  • Specialized Courses May Cost: Some specific courses might need you to pay for them.
  1. Busuu: Your Mandarin Companion with Community Support
Top 6 Free Chinese Classes Online: Mandarin Courses - WuKong Education Blog

Your Mandarin Companion with Community Support

Busuu is more than just a place to learn Mandarin—it’s a community-driven platform offering free online Chinese classes, focusing on interactive lessons supported by a vibrant learning community. Busuu is like a fun hangout for learning Mandarin online. It’s easy to use, and you can chat with others to practice together. 

While it’s great for Mandarin, it might have fewer language options. Also, some people want more detailed lessons in Mandarin. Overall, Busuu is a cool place to start learning Mandarin with others in a fun and relaxed way.


  • Engaging Layout: Busuu’s platform is easy to use and visually engaging, making Mandarin learning enjoyable.
  • Conversation Practice: It offers conversational lessons, helping learners apply Mandarin in real-life situations.
  • Community Interaction: Engage with native speakers and fellow learners, receiving feedback and support.


  • Interactive Learning: Busuu’s layout is fun and easy, making Mandarin lessons more engaging.
  • Conversation Practice: Learning to speak Mandarin in real-life scenarios improves practical language skills.


  • Limited Language Options: While great for Mandarin, Busuu might not have as many language choices as other platforms.
  • Quality of Mandarin Lessons: Some users find that the depth of Mandarin lessons could be improved.

FAQs – Free Chinese Classes Online

Q1. Are these resources truly offering free Chinese classes online?

Absolutely! The highlighted platforms primarily provide free Chinese classes online, ensuring accessibility without any cost barriers.

Q2. Are these platforms suitable for absolute beginners in Chinese learning?

Yes, these platforms cater excellently to beginners, offering tailored lessons and step-by-step guidance in Mandarin.

Q3. Can I interact with instructors or a community while learning?

Certainly! Platforms like Wukong Education and Busuu encourage interaction with instructors and fellow learners, fostering a supportive learning environment.

Q4. Do these platforms accommodate advanced learners seeking higher-level Mandarin skills?

Indeed, platforms like BBC Chinese and MandarinX cater to advanced learners, offering immersive content and specialized courses for further advancement.

Q5. Do these platforms provide certifications for completing courses?

Some platforms like Alison and MandarinX offer certifications upon course completion, although these might involve additional costs beyond the free classes.


In a nutshell, this article shares amazing places offering free Chinese classes online. Whether you’re starting or more advanced, these platforms provide fun, interactive learning. They help you speak Mandarin confidently and understand its culture better. Wukong Education is a standout choice, especially for kids, offering fun classes with great teachers. Start your Mandarin adventure with these platforms—they make learning easy and enjoyable! Wukong Education stands out for its engaging and comprehensive learning experience.

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