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Top 6 Websites to Learn Basic Chinese(2024)

Being the world’s most spoken language, Chinese opens a getaway for multiple successes. Whether in America, China or any Asian country, you are bound to meet the Chinese people or delegates. However, as the language is a bit difficult to learn, it becomes necessary for the learner to seek accurate platforms. 

The same is why we have assembled this guide, which talks about some fantastic platforms to help you learn basic Chinese within the hours of your comfort. So, without any further discussion, let’s jump in

1: Wukong Chinese

Wukong Chinese

As the name suggests, WukongSch is a learning school for those willing to learn Chinese online. The website claims to provide an online solution for young minds aged from 3 to 18 years old. It has about 4000 experts from over 100 countries with a minimum of 10 years of experience. Thus, you can rest assured that you or your children are safe. 

The WukongSch uses many tools such as videos, audio lectures and personalized classes to help you learn basic Chinese fast. For fast-paced learning and self-assessing, they also provide the facility of tests and quizzes. At the same time, teachers from multiple backgrounds ensure that lectures are delivered to your proficiency level. Until now, the site has served more than 3000 families in different countries, such as the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and the list goes on. 

2: The Chairman’s Bao

Top 6 Websites to Learn Basic Chinese(2024) - WuKong Education Blog

Chairman Bao is another fantastic site for learning basic Chinese. The site is famous for its unique style of teaching. That means, instead of relying upon generic tools, they prefer to teach through actual life stories. For this, Chairman Bao has various news articles for different levels. Thus making sure that the teaching style remains well-suited for those just starting. 

Thus, their primary focus is on more than words. Instead, it is about developing an understanding of the language. Hence, it lets you read and know what’s happening in China. As you learn basic Chinese Online , you also learn about life and culture there. 

This includes news articles and talks about different affairs in China. Hence, It is like moving away from learning words and knowing how to use them in real situations. At the same time, this website makes an assemblage of learning with knowing what’s up in the world. 

Hence, you get an ultimate opportunity to explore all the current trends in China as you learn basic Chinese. In addition, The Chairman’s Bao offers a unique language-learning experience by connecting Chinese language skills with real-world happenings. That means it represents different difficulty levels, accommodating learners of all stages. Hence, if you are someone who has reached an extended proficiency level, you can still use the platform. Overall, the website is not only an online Chinese learning platform. Instead, it is your window for a keen look at the fantastic place. 

3. FluentU

Top 6 Websites to Learn Basic Chinese(2024) - WuKong Education Blog

The third and one of the most unique services on the list is FluentU, which revolutionizes the Chinese language. It ensures learning by immersing students in authentic videos, commercials, and interviews. Thus, as the learner, you encounter interactive subtitles that capture language details and cultural subtleties.

Thus, the website exposes students to genuine, everyday language use. The diverse range of materials ensures exposure to various speaking styles and contexts. As a result, it fosters a well-rounded understanding of the language. This immersive approach exceptionally enhances language. At the same time, it also cultivates cultural understanding, offering a deeper insight into Chinese society and norms. 

4. Chinese Grammar Wiki

Grammar is a set of all the essential, simple and complex sets of words and phrases you must use to communicate with the other person. Navigating the complexities of Chinese grammar becomes significantly more manageable with the Chinese Grammar Wiki. The service uses multiple resources as a beacon and intricate grammar rules through detailed explanations. As a result, there are abundant examples and practical exercises.

This offers students a  comprehensive guide with all the essential tools to learn basic Chinese and apply grammar accurately. Overall, with a friendly and understandable layout and accessible information, learners can navigate different grammar topics at their own pace. Thus building a solid foundation in Chinese language structure and syntax.

5. Yoyo Chinese: Visual Learning through Video-based Lessons

Yoyo Chinese specializes in video-based lessons specifically designed to meet your tailored needs. Its structured curriculum spans from beginners to advanced levels. Hence, it has it all, whether you are searching for basic phrases or intricate sentence structures.

 The engaging video format, led by enthusiastic instructors, makes learning Mandarin enjoyable and accessible. Hence, you don’t need to travel physically to see the lessons. Instead, you can avail of it at any time and any place. Each class integrates visual aids. For instance, it includes clear explanations, empowering learners to grasp language rapidly. 

6: YellowBridge

Last but not least, we have the fantastic YellowBridge up on the list. It stands out for its versatility and offers various tools for learning Chinese. Its dictionary, character etymology resources, and language games enhance vocabulary retention. 

Overall, you find your ultimate solution to all Chinese-related learning needs at the Yellow Bridge. It happens because This platform provides a multifaceted approach for learners eager to explore Mandarin Chinese comprehensively.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1:Why should I learn Chinese 

Chinese is the world’s most spoken language. Hence, no matter where you go, you tend to find at least one Chinese man who makes your journey easier. In addition, learning Chinese also helps to make communication easier. 

Q2:Do you need help learning Chinese? 

Chinese is a relatively easy language to learn. All you need to know are some of the efficient platforms. 


Being the most spoken language in the world, learning Chinese is a great idea to implement. The same is why we have prepared this guide that digs deep into the top 6 efficient websites to discover basic Chinese. In addition, it discusses all the crucial information about each service. Also, find some of the commonly asked questions. 

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