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Learn ELA [2024 Full Guide]

Kindergarten, primary, and middle school students need communication and creative skills as they grow up. For this, they should learn ELA, a collection of language arts for creativity in reading, writing, and speaking. Learning ELA is not just about completing assignments but also a skill that enhances creativity. 

There are various courses online that teach the ELA techniques to help students improve in their educational journey. In this article, you’ll learn about these skills and the best courses to learn ELA. We’ll also discuss the importance of having these skills for your students or kids. 

Learn ELA [2024 Full Guide] - WuKong Education Blog

What is ELA in School?

ELA stands for English Language Arts, an academic subject comprising reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language skills. ELA education is provided to students in schools for the overall understanding of the English language and its applications. Enhancing communication skills, critical thinking, and a deep appreciation for literature is important.

The writing aspect of ELA involves skills ranging from basic writing to crafting more complex essays and creative pieces. Grammar, vocabulary, and language are also important parts of these practices. However, learn ELA in school to have a wide variety of creative skills as a student. 

Courses to Learn ELA in School

ELA is a group of skills, including reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language skills. Whether you’re a student looking to improve your ELA skills or a teacher seeking help for your classroom, various online platforms provide quality content. Here are some recommended online courses to learn ELA techniques;

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free educational platform offering a wide range of English Language Arts (ELA) courses. These courses cover reading comprehension, grammar, writing skills, and literary analysis. It also provides exercises for practice and resources to help learners develop their language and communication skills.

Thus, it provides courses on different activities for students of grades 2 to 9 for creative learning. Khan Academy is known for providing quality content free of cost. So, it is the best option for you to learn ELA online. 


It is an online platform where you can learn ELA from grade 6 to grade 12. They provide creative training to enhance the learning skills of the students. However, this platform is only available in the USA for learning ELA techniques. 

However, it is a paid site where you must purchase one of the three subscriptions. First is for the 1-2 years, second is for the 3-4 years, and third is for the 5+ years. You can choose among these as per your budget and interest. 


Newsela primarily focuses on providing quality reading materials rather than offering complete ELA (English Language Arts) courses. The main focus of Newsela is the collection of news articles for different reading levels. However, it is suitable for students who need to develop reading skills. They also provide quizzes that help the students track their progress. 

While Newsela does not provide complete ELA courses with structured lessons, it is a valuable resource for enhancing reading and critical thinking skills. This platform focused on improving students’ literacy with such content or articles.

Achieve the Core

It is a site where various courses provide quality content for the students to learn ELA techniques. They have structured courses from K-1 to K-12, with various modules to learn and practice. 

However, all the courses are free to access and download. These are the PDF files for the students to learn and practice to enhance their skills. 


ABCmouse is an online platform providing educational content for children 2 to 8. It includes a wide range of English Language Arts (ELA) topics. These ELA courses on ABCmouse are designed to enhance phonics, reading, writing, and language comprehension skills.

ABCmouse provides well-structured animated lessons, games, and activities to make the lessons enjoyable for young children. However, it offers a subscription-based model, and the cost may vary based on promotions and subscription plans. Subscription plans are available monthly or yearly, with unlimited access to the content. 

Why is ELA So Important?

Learn ELA [2024 Full Guide] - WuKong Education Blog

Normally, ELA skills include four components: writing, reading, speaking, and listening. It has great importance in the student’s educational journey. However, various benefits make ELA the best choice for students;

Communication Skills

With the help of ELA, the students will have better communication skills via reading, writing, and speaking practices. Strong communication skills play an important role in the student’s academic performance. 

Academic Success

When the students learn ELA and become proficient in it, they develop the ability to comprehend complex subjects. Thus, it will help you excel in your academic performance and success. 

Critical Thinking

As ELA enables the students to craft stories and think about ideas and techniques, it will boost their creative thinking. This thinking will help them excel in their academic performance. 


Q1: What is ELA in elementary school?

ELA in elementary school is a wide range of curricula that teach reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language skills. It serves as the foundation for developing a student’s English communication and literacy proficiency. Moreover, to learn ELA in elementary school includes the development of listening and speaking skills. Students perform activities that enhance their spoken language comprehension, follow instructions, and develop verbal communication skills.

Q2: What is ELA in middle school?

ELA in middle school is a curriculum that includes various aspects of language and literature. It is a comprehensive educational approach that includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language skills to understand English. Moreover, grammar and vocabulary are also included to enhance communication skills.


To learn ELA, there are various ways other than schools to help your kid develop critical thinking and communication skills. You can choose from online courses like Khan Academy to enable your kids to perform well academically. You can also help them as there is no need for expertise in these skills. 

As a grown-up parent, you’ll have all the skills you want in your children. Besides, if you don’t have much time, you can choose online courses or ask the school to perform such activities for Kids’ better development and growth. All these ways can help your kids or students have unique learning styles and abilities.