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Chinese Horoscope 2024: Prediction, Lucky, Health, Wealth

Are you interested in learning about the 2024 Chinese horoscope predictions for the Wood Dragon and other zodiac signs regarding their luck, health, wealth, and interpersonal relationships? We provide detailed information and professional guidance. Whether you have an interest in Chinese culture or want to understand what you or others might experience in 2024, our predictions will offer accurate and useful insights. From the Year of the Rat to the Year of the Pig, discover the predictions for the Wood Dragon and other zodiac signs in 2024, and learn how to achieve success and happiness in the coming year. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive guide to the 2024 Chinese zodiac. Click to read and explore your future!

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Part 1. When Will The Lunar New Year 2024 Start?

You might be aware that the Chinese Lunar New Year doesn’t start on the same date as the Western year. It keeps on shuffling between January and February depending on the movement of the moon. The only point that remains constant in this regard is the start of the Spring season. The Lunar New Year 2024 will start with the beginning of Spring on 10 Feb, 2024. The celebrations of this occasion will start on 9 February with the parties for New Year’s Eve. It is customary for Chinese people to perform necessary adjustments and activities before this day. For example, they thoroughly clean their houses and decorate them before the beginning of this year. Abide by this, there will be public holidays for a week during the Lunar New Year 2024 and multiple events will be arranged on the state level like New Year festivals to entertain the people.

Part 2. Chinese Horoscope Predictions and What Is The Animal Of The 2024 Lunar New Year?

As every year belongs to a specific animal according to the Chinese zodiac Calander, Lunar New Year 2024 will belong to the Dragon. According to their belief, the newly born children this year will have positive properties of the Dragon like strength, height, and others. They strongly believe that zodiac animals impact the qualities of the people who are born in the specific animal’s years. 

Chinese zodiac symbols

Every animal belongs to a specific year in the cycle of 12. The other zodiac animals with which the Chinese New Year is connected are listed below.

2024 Horoscope Predictions for the Wood Dragon Year:

The Wood Dragon Year in 2024 is anticipated to bring unique energies and opportunities for those born under different zodiac signs. As we delve into the horoscope predictions for 2024, we can gain insights into the potential influences and themes that may shape the year ahead. From the ambitious Rat to the compassionate Pig, let’s explore what the Wood Dragon Year has in store for each sign.

Rat: In the Wood Dragon Year, Rats may find themselves at the forefront of new beginnings and innovative ventures. It’s a time to embrace opportunities and make bold moves towards personal and professional goals.

Ox: The Wood Dragon Year encourages Oxen to stay focused and persistent in their endeavors. Consistent effort and determination will pave the way for success and steady progress.

Tiger: For Tigers, the Wood Dragon Year brings a surge of vitality and enthusiasm. It’s a year to channel their competitive spirit, take calculated risks, and pursue their passions with unwavering determination.

Rabbit: In the Wood Dragon Year, Rabbits are advised to nurture their relationships and seek harmony in their lives. By focusing on communication and empathy, they can strengthen the bonds with loved ones and create a harmonious environment.

Snake: The Wood Dragon Year encourages Snakes to embrace change and adaptability. It’s a time to shed old skin and explore new opportunities, leveraging their inherent wisdom and intuition to navigate through challenges.

Horse: For Horses, the Wood Dragon Year brings a mix of opportunities and challenges. By staying grounded, disciplined, and open to new possibilities, they can make significant strides in their personal and professional lives.

Goat: In the Wood Dragon Year, Goats are urged to find a balance between their personal aspirations and the needs of their loved ones. Cultivating inner peace and self-care will enable them to thrive in all aspects of life.

Monkey: The Wood Dragon Year presents Monkeys with opportunities to showcase their creativity and intellect. By embracing their natural curiosity and adaptability, they can excel in various endeavors and explore new horizons.

Rooster: In the Wood Dragon Year, Roosters are advised to focus on self-improvement and personal growth. By harnessing their innate sense of responsibility and dedication, they can achieve their goals and inspire those around them.

Dog: Dogs will find the Wood Dragon Year to be a time of loyalty and companionship. By nurturing their relationships and staying true to their values, they can create a supportive and harmonious environment.

Pig: The Wood Dragon Year brings abundance and joy for Pigs. By embracing their optimistic nature and staying open to opportunities, they can enjoy the rewards of their hard work and nurture loving relationships.

While these predictions are based on the characteristics associated with each zodiac sign and the Wood Dragon Year, it’s important to remember that individual experiences may vary. The key to making the most of 2024 lies in embracing the energies of the Wood Dragon Year, harnessing personal strengths, and staying adaptable as we navigate through the year.

All these animals belong to the zodiac Calander and keep on rotating after a 12-year cycle. Moreover, the Lunar New Year 2024 will also belong to a specific Chinese element as per the theory of five Chinese elements. From the list of animals, this new year belongs to Wood which means that it will have destructive and generative properties like wood. According to their concept, this year will be like wood and perform as per the nature of the wood. Here we have listed the other four elements as per the Chinese elements concept.

  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Fire
  • Water

You can also find your zodiac animal and Chinese element according to your birth year. The only thing you have to be aware of is the method to find these objects. It will help you decide your horoscope and ask the experts for predictions about the new year.

Lunar New Year

Part 3. Who Will Be Lucky In Lunar New Year 2024?

Chinese people believe in luck and unluck depending on the animal with which the Lunar New Year 2024 is connected. Here we are going to discuss for whom this year will be lucky and for whom it will be difficult as per their horoscopic concept. By reading this section, you will know whether this year will remain smooth for you or create hurdles in achieving your aims.

The people who have zodiac signs of Monkeys, Roosters, and Pigs will be lucky in the Lunar New Year 2024. They will experience the simplest ways to achieve their aims and get the expected results. Moreover, it will be an easy year for them to make major decisions in their lives and perform well. On the other side, Dragons, Goats, Dogs, Oxes, and Rabbits will face complications because of the confliction of Jupiter with their horoscope. If you belong to any of these zodiac animals, this year will be challenging for you. Undoubtedly, this year belongs to Dragon but the conflict of Jupiter with their horoscope has turned this year challenging for them.

Part 4. Why Do The Chinese Follow The Lunar Calander?

For those who are new to this culture and reading about the Chinese, they always have this question. At this time of the Lunar New Year 2024, we have decided to give a quick overview of this discussion. Actually, Chinese people have strong beliefs about their traditions and don’t accept new things except their culture. Chinese Lunar Calendar has deep roots in history till the 14th century. We can track this Calendar from the Chinese emperor of that time. Some myths also connect this Calendar to the states before that time. But the solid track is found from the 14th century. After its launch, this Calendar has left prominent impacts on the evaluation of China from being a rural country to the strongest economy and other sectors. That’s why, the native Chinese follow this Calendar and adjust their special events accordingly. You can see that all their years including the Lunar New Year 2024 will have horoscopes, festivals, and other events depending on this Calendar.

Part 5. Zodiac Animals For Upcoming 5 Years

While reading about the Lunar New Year 2024, you should also read what animals will upcoming years have. It will let you have an idea about the horoscope for those years and understand what animals are there to welcome you in the next years. Moreover, you can also assume yourself in those years to evaluate whether those years will be lucky for you or not. Here we have listed the next 5 years and their zodiac animals.


By evaluating these years and their animals, you can find your horoscope and estimate how these years will be for you. We hope you have learned properly about the Lunar New Year 2024 from this blog.

Part 6. FAQs

What Lunar Calendar Is 2024?

The Lunar New Year 2024 will belong to the Dragon animal from the zodiac Calendar while Wood will be its element from the five Chinese elements theory. You can get your horoscope for this year easily by sharing your birth year with the professionals.

Is Goat Lucky In 2024?

For the Goats, 2024 will be a bumpy ride. If you belong to this zodiac animal, you may face complications in your business or hurdles while achieving your goals.

What Is The Lucky Color For 2024?

The lucky colors for Lunar New Year 2024 will be Green and Brown. Wearing these colors can help you accept fortune and get rid of the bad evils as per the Chinese concept. Many people will also use these colors in different aspects of their lives like business.


The above blog has deeply explained the Lunar New Year 2024 with a discussion about its horoscope, lucky, and unlucky people. We have discussed everything that you need to know about this new year. Now, you can keep this information in your mind and make decisions for your life properly. We hope you will have a better year waiting ahead to welcome you with great fortune and luck.

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