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5 Best Online Platforms For Mandarin Classes [2024 Updated]

Mandarin is the oldest form of the Chinese language spoken by more than 700 million people in the world. If you are planning to move to China for study or business, you must be aware of this language form and proficient in it for smooth communication. For those who don’t know about this language and want to learn about it, Mandarin classes are the best choice. Such classes will help you understand Mandarin deeply and be good at using it for speaking and writing. Let’s not waste time and read more about Mandarin classes online!

Part1. Mandarin Classes Overview & Importance

Like other classes, Mandarin classes focus on the learning of students about this language. The major difference between general language classes and these classes is the involvement of other activities. Unlike other courses and classes, you will participate in different tasks related to speaking for a better understanding of the pronunciation of Chinese characters.

It is right to say that Mandarin classes are important for you to learn the most used form of the Chinese language in the world. Without appearing for these classes, you may not be able to get the expected results from your learning. Now, let us take you to the list of platforms that we have found the best for Mandarin classes for students of different ages.

Part2. Out School

Mandarin Classes

Out Class is a unique platform where you can find hundreds of qualified instructors available to teach you. From this platform, you can choose an instructor for quick clarification of your doubts about this language and pay them accordingly. You don’t need to buy the whole course from this platform if you don’t need it.

The best thing about this platform’s Mandarin classes is the unique way of teaching by every instructor. You can say that it will be easy for you to choose another instructor if one isn’t working for you. Moreover, you can also join live video meetings with your instructor, if they allow, for better learning from the classes.


  • Courses for students of different ages are available on the platform.
  • A long list of skillful and qualified instructors with different price ranges.
  • Availability of group and individual classes.
  • Dedicated Mandarin classes for kids.


  • Might be expensive when you pay per class.
  • May have multiple students in group classes make it difficult to learn.

Part3.  WuKong Chinese Language Program – Best For Kids

WuKong Chinese Language Program is structured around a comprehensive Chinese curriculum framework, comprising four core programs: Pre-K Chinese, International Chinese, Advanced Chinese, and Basic Chinese. These programs cater to students of different age groups, ensuring efficient and effective learning of the Chinese language. The specialized sessions within the program focus on essential aspects such as Chinese pinyin, idioms, and readings. By incorporating these components, students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to master Chinese in an optimal way.

WuKong Chinese Language Program

Course Features:

Native & Qualified Instructors

The native instructors are well-versed in the intricacies of the Chinese language, including pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and writing systems. Their proficiency enables them to effectively guide students through the complexities of the language and provide valuable feedback to enhance their language skills.

Level Based Learning

Overall, this Chinese course comprises 32 levels that are divided into 4 major courses according to the age groups of the students. Moreover, you will also join some supplementary courses for extended learning.

Affordable Mandarin Classes

WuKong Chinese Language Program is suitable for students who can’t afford expensive Mandarin classes for which they have to pay for every class. You can also join in on a trial period to have an idea about the course content.

Course Details:

Sessions Included: 12 in the Basic package, 60 in the Standard package, and 100 in the Value package

Suitable For: 3 to 18 years students

Pricing: Starts from USD 349

Timing: Flexible

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Part 4. EDX: Level-based Learning

Mandarin Classes

Sometimes, you may not need to learn from basic Mandarin classes because you have a strong grip on basic concepts. In this regard, you should try exploring the list of courses available at EDX. It offers 10+ courses related to Mandarin according to their level of complexity. You can easily filter them and choose the one that is suitable according to your previous knowledge.

Moreover, this platform includes Mandarin classes and courses offered by some institutes in the country. You can also earn a professional certificate to display them and show you are qualified in this language if required.


  • Available courses are available.
  • You will learn from the official Mandarin classes conducted by universities and language institutes in the country.
  • Most courses and classes are conducted by multiple instructors.


  • No preview without registration.
  • Pre-recorded Mandarin classes or lectures.

Part 5. Coursera – Multiple Mandarin Courses

Mandarin Classes

With a long list of courses, Coursera also stands among the best choices for Mandarin classes. This platform offers extensive knowledge of this language for different purposes. You can find specialized courses for communication, basic learning, and others from this platform. The best quality of its courses is the verification from multiple universities and schools because they are taught there.

Moreover, you can find most of its Mandarin classes for free which means that you will get a certificate without investing a single penny. You can also check the level of complexity and duration to make sure that the course is suitable for you. In short, you can find Chinese language courses from this platform regardless of your knowledge and grade level.


  • Courses in different languages are available.
  • Most of the courses are available for free.
  • Help you learn Mandarin from basic to advanced.


  • Recorded lectures instead of live classes.

Part 6. Mandarin House – Suitable for Adults

Mandarin Classes

For those who are looking for Mandarin classes for professional learning, Mandarin House is the most appropriate choice. This platform offers pre-recorded courses from basic level to advanced to help learners understand and be fluent in it. You can also ask for private tutoring from this platform and join small group classes or one-to-one sessions.

Furthermore, you will find a world-class curriculum in most Mandarin classes making it suitable for students from around the entire world. You can start learning from this platform in both physical and online modes as they have physical institutes too.


  • Perfect for basic to advanced learning of Mandarin.
  • Teach this language for all real-life tasks and situations。
  • These Mandarin classes are designed to help adults in a modern way.
  • You can either learn as a part-time student or a full-time student because of the availability of both options.


  • Suitable for paid learners only.

FAQs about Mandarin classes

1. Can You Learn Mandarin In 3 Months?

If you have chosen the right Mandarin classes, you can learn most of the parts of this language format in 3 months. But it isn’t possible to be 100% proficient in this language within such a short time.

2. What Is The Best Way To Learn Mandarin?

The best way to learn Mandarin is by enrolling yourself in Mandarin classes. With this, you will learn from qualified and professional instructors as well as have interaction with your instructor for better learning.


By reading about Mandarin classes and the platforms offering them, you might have found the right platform to go ahead. Undoubtedly, all the above platforms are perfect for making a suitable position in our list. WuKong Education believes everyone who works hard to learn Chinese to make remarkable progress! For individuals with limited or no prior knowledge of Chinese or those seeking to enhance their Chinese language skills, click the link below to avail a complimentary Chinese experience lesson.

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