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Mothers Day 2024: When and  How to Honor the Woman Who Gave You Life

As the new year unfolds, families across the globe begin anticipating a beloved holiday that offers an opportunity to honor and celebrate the remarkable woman whose profound love and care has profoundly impacted their lives – Mothers Day 2024. When perplexed by life’s inevitable challenges, a mother’s comforting wisdom steadies us; when burstiness of emotion overwhelms us, her patient grace calms our spirit. 

Part1. When is International Mothers Day 2024?

In the United States, International Mothers Day 2024 will fall on Sunday, May 12th. This cherished holiday always falls on the second Sunday of May, harkening back to its origins in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her beloved mother in West Virginia on the second Sunday of May. 

Mothers Day 2024

Embrace love, traditions, and heartfelt wishes on Mothers Day 2024. Celebrate the extraordinary women who shape our lives with warmth and wisdom

The tradition quickly caught on, and by 1914, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation declaring Mother’s Day a national holiday to honor mothers across America. Since then, families have gathered each year on the second Sunday of May to commemorate their extraordinary maternal figures.

The date for Mothers Day 2024 in other countries varies globally. For example, in Mexico, Día de la Madre 2024 will occur on Thursday, May 10th. In Costa Rica and Ethiopia, it falls on March 31st 20,24. Regardless of the date, the sentiment remains the same – honoring the woman whose profound love and care sustains us through life’s journey.

Part2. Beautiful and Uplifting Mothers Day 2024 Wishes

Mothers Day 2024 offers the perfect opportunity to convey your abiding love and gratitude to the extraordinary maternal figure in your life. Here are some beautiful messages and wishes to inspire your own unique Mothers Day 2024 greeting:

Mothers Day 2024

Elevate Mothers Day 2024 with heartwarming crafts, global traditions, and inspiring wishes. 

“Mom, your love lights up my world like the brightest star in the night sky. Thank you for guiding me with your radiant love.”

“Dearest Mom, your kind smile and endless caring touch console and bless our family every single day.”

“Mom, no matter what storms may come, your steadfast and sturdy love gives our family an anchor in this world. We love you so!”

“Thank you, Mom, for nurturing our family with your deep well of strength, wisdom and grace – we are so grateful!”

These uplifting messages affirm a mother’s precious gift of nurturing care while conveying enduring love and heartfelt gratitude. Customize your message to honor your special bond and brighten her Mothers Day 2024.

Part3. Celebrating All Kinds of Motherly Love

An expansive, inclusive spirit grounds the essence of Mother’s Day. This holiday honors all those who mother – not only biological mothers but any woman whose maternal care and guidance has sustained, inspired, taught, soothed, or transformed us.

Grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, and mentors – we all have diverse women who have mothered us with their empathy, wisdom, support, and love. May we recognize and celebrate their profound nurturing influence this Mothers Day 2024?

In her 1905 original intention in establishing Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis conceived the holiday as a time for each family to honor their unique maternal figures, recognizing that motherly love manifests in diverse shapes and forms. May we embrace that same inclusive spirit today.

Part4. Beautiful Traditions from Around the World

Cultures across the globe celebrate Mothers Day 2024 with a dazzling array of traditions that colorfully honor maternal bonds. Exploring meaningful practices from diverse places opens our eyes to new ways of cherishing the gift of motherhood.

In Thailand, the emphasis falls upon royal mothers, with the holiday officially called National Mother’s Day. Magnificent displays celebrate Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, honoring her gracious work supporting healthcare programs for mothers and children across the kingdom. All Thai citizens wear garlands made of jasmine, the royal mother’s official flower.

Mothers Day 2024

Craft unforgettable moments this Mothers Day 2024! Celebrate the extraordinary women who make life bloom!

Día de la Madre bursts with festive celebrations honoring treasured matriarchs in Mexico. Families gather for lively parties filled with mariachi music, lavish meals, and even mischievous pranks! Thoughtful handmade gifts like cards and corsages show love and care.

In Ethiopia, Mother’s Day on March 31st offers a chance for reflective connection, with children gifting mothers fragrant bouquets of wildflowers such as bright yellow daisies and deep red gladiolus, symbolizing the life-giving fertility of Mother Earth. Poems and songs also convey enduring bonds.

These diverse global traditions, bursting with color, symbols, music, food, and meaning, give us new inspiration for celebrating Mothers Day 2024 in our own families.

Part5. Keepsake Crafts to Warm Her Heart

Handmade gifts straight from the heart bring an extra delight to Mother’s Day. Time together creating arts and crafts also forges priceless bonds across generations.

A family tree canvas makes a meaningful, personalized gift illuminating your shared roots. Decorate an outline of a tree with old family photos, then hand write names branching out, reflecting how your lives intertwine through the generations.

Craft a “vase” of paper flowers for grandmothers, each petal featuring a cherished memory. Record precious moments like baking favorite cookies, camping adventures, or dress-up playdates to bouquet into a keepsake celebrating your special bond that keeps growing through the years.

Younger kids can dip their hands in paint and then press firmly on art paper to imprint a lasting keepsake on their tiny hands. Once the brightly colored paint dries, help them write a sweet message highlighting why they look up to this unique nurturing guide lighting their path.

Part6. FAQs about Mothers Day 2024

Q1. What is the meaning behind Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a holiday honoring motherhood that is observed in different forms throughout the world. Its modern origins trace back to the early 20th century in the United States.

Q2. Who started Mother’s Day?

Anna Jarvis was the founder of Mother’s Day in the United States. In 1908, she organized the first official Mother’s Day celebration at a Methodist church in West Virginia to honor her own mother, who had passed away.

Q3. How do people typically celebrate Mother’s Day?

Common ways that people celebrate Mother’s Day include making homemade cards or gifts for mom, doing something special like breakfast in bed or a family brunch, giving flowers and cards as gifts, spending quality time together, and expressing thanks and appreciation.

Q4. When did Mother’s Day become an official holiday?

Mother’s Day became an official national holiday in the United States in 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating the second Sunday in May as a holiday to honor mothers.

Q5. Is Mother’s Day an international holiday?

Yes, many other countries including the UK, India, China, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Australia, and Belgium also have adopted the tradition of a Mother’s Day, but the dates vary around the world based on different traditions.


Mother’s Day has stood as a hallmark holiday for over one hundred years, giving people across the globe a chance to honor the profound love at the heart of maternal bonds. In 2024, Mother’s Day falls on May 12th in the United States, although dates vary internationally based on diverse cultural traditions. No matter which day it falls upon, Mothers Day 2024 offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the remarkable women whose enduring care, wisdom, and devotion empower us along life’s journey. 

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