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Top 5 Online Mandarin Courses for Beginners [2024 Updated]

Starting to learn Mandarin can feel confusing with so many choices out there. Picture yourself lost among different online courses; not sure which one fits your level. This article is your guide, offering five great Mandarin courses for beginners. It explains everything – prices, what’s good, what’s not-so-good – to help you choose. Whether you like fun lessons, structured learning, cool stories, practical stuff, or just chatting, we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore these courses together and find the perfect way for you to start learning Mandarin!

Top 5 Online Mandarin Courses for Beginners [2024 Updated] - WuKong Blog

Embark your Mandarin journey hassle-free with tailored beginner courses, making Mandarin accessible and enjoyable for all.

1. WuKong: Fun-Filled Learning for Young Minds

WuKong offers an exciting Mandarin learning experience tailored specifically for kids aged 3 to 12. Their Pre-K Chinese Program is designed to make learning feel like an adventurous journey. With a focus on foundational skills such as listening and speaking, WuKong engages young minds through vibrant illustrations, interactive activities, and catchy rhymes.

Top 5 Online Mandarin Courses for Beginners [2024 Updated] - WuKong Blog

Discover exciting and engaging math classes at WuKong. Experience fun-filled learning designed for young minds.


WuKong presents packages priced between $349 and $2,039, offering flexibility in selecting the most suitable option.


Engaging Curriculum: WuKong’s approach merges education with entertainment, creating an enjoyable learning environment that feels more like play than study.

Cultural Integration: WuKong emphasizes cultural elements beyond language proficiency, enriching the learning experience with insights into Chinese traditions.

Age-Appropriate Design: Tailored specifically for young learners, the program ensures content is engaging and suitable for their age group.


  • Interactive Learning: WuKong makes Mandarin learning enjoyable by infusing fun elements into its curriculum.
  • Cultural Understanding: It goes beyond language, introducing kids to the rich cultural aspects of China.
  • Customized for Kids: WuKong’s approach ensures lessons are engaging and geared toward young learners.


  • No Major Drawbacks: WuKong’s program doesn’t have any significant cons; however, its focus primarily on young learners might limit its appeal to older students.

WuKong offers an immersive and entertaining Mandarin learning experience for young learners. While ideal for children, its engaging approach might be less suited for older learners seeking Mandarin instruction.

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2. Rocket Chinese: Easy Steps to Mandarin Mastery

Rocket Chinese is all about making Mandarin easy-peasy! It’s like climbing a ladder, step by step, to become a Mandarin pro. This program has three levels, starting from the basics and guiding you to speak like a champ! It’s like having a friend teach you – super easy to understand.

Top 5 Online Mandarin Courses for Beginners [2024 Updated] - WuKong Blog

Embark on a language-learning journey with Rocket Chinese. Explore effective courses for mastering Chinese effortlessly.


Each level starts at $149.95. You pay once, and it’s yours forever! No need to rush.


Three-Level Program: Rocket Chinese guides you through every step of your Mandarin journey, from beginner to speaking like a pro.

Interactive Lessons: It’s like chatting with a buddy, as they explain everything in simple terms.

Lifetime Access: Once you’re in, it’s forever! You can keep learning at your own pace.


Structured Learning: Rocket Chinese gives you a clear path, so you always know what’s next.

Focus on Speaking emphasizes speaking skills, making you confident in conversations.

Lifetime Access: Pay once and learn forever – no pressure!


One-Time Payment Hurdle: While it offers lifetime access, the upfront cost might be steep for some learners, even though it’s a valuable long-term investment.

3. Chinese Zero to Hero: Practical Mandarin Skills

Chinese Zero to Hero is like your key to the Mandarin world! It’s all about getting you ready for real-life situations. Imagine learning Mandarin in a way that helps you in everyday life – from chatting with friends to handling cases like a pro.

Chinese Zero to Hero

Your gateway to mastering the Chinese language with structured online courses.


Prices range from $29.04 to $264.99 for different course bundles, ensuring lifetime access to the content.


Real-Life Focus: It’s like preparing for real-life situations, teaching Mandarin you can use.

HSK-Aligned: Matches the HSK test levels, helping you prepare for official proficiency exams.

Varied Lessons: Covers vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation through engaging videos and worksheets.


Practical Approach: Teaches Mandarin applicable to real-life scenarios.

HSK Alignment: Prepares you for official Mandarin proficiency tests.

Comprehensive Resources: Offers varied materials for well-rounded learning.


Bundle Pricing Structure: While cost-effective, buying individual courses might not suit everyone’s budgetary preferences despite the lifetime access benefit.

Chinese Zero to Hero equips you with practical Mandarin skills for real-life situations, aligning with official proficiency exams like HSK. However, while the bundled pricing offers comprehensive content, some learners might find individual course purchases challenging, even with the advantage of lifetime access.

4. Chinese Uncovered: Learning Mandarin Through Stories

Chinese Uncovered is like a storybook adventure into Mandarin! It’s all about learning Mandarin while enjoying cool stories. Imagine diving into stories that teach you Mandarin step by step – from fun tales to mastering the language.

chinese uncovered logo

Embark on a Mandarin journey through captivating stories with Chinese Uncovered – learning Mandarin has never been this engaging!


A one-time payment of $297 grants lifetime access to the entire course, but a 7-day free trial is available.


  • Story Learning: Teaches Mandarin through exciting stories, making learning engaging and immersive.
  • Comprehensive Lessons: Each unit includes videos, lesson notes, and exercises for a well-rounded learning experience.
  • Character Introduction: Gradually introduces fundamental characters in both pinyin and characters, aiding in writing skills.


  • Engaging Storytelling: Makes Mandarin learning fun through captivating narratives.
  • Extensive Learning Material: Provides comprehensive notes and exercises for thorough understanding.
  • Character Introduction: Gradual and clear introduction to Mandarin characters for improved writing skills.


  • Credit Card Requirement: While the trial period is available, accessing it requires providing credit card details, which might be inconvenient for some.

Chinese Uncovered offers an immersive journey through Mandarin tales, aiding language learning through captivating storytelling. Its comprehensive resources and character introduction enhance the learning experience. However, the credit card requirement for the free trial might deter some prospective learners. Despite this, the course remains a fantastic choice for those eager to learn Mandarin through stories.

5. YoYo Chinese: Easy Conversations in Mandarin

YoYo Chinese is your go-to place for mastering conversations in Mandarin! It’s all about speaking Mandarin easily, making it feel like chatting with friends. Imagine learning Mandarin in short, fun videos that help you talk like a pro!

Top 5 Online Mandarin Courses for Beginners [2024 Updated] - WuKong Blog

Embark on a conversational journey in Mandarin with YoYo Chinese’s engaging video lessons.


A free account gives access to some content, while monthly subscriptions range from $8.99 to $11.99. Alternatively, a one-time payment of $299.99 grants lifetime access.


  • Video Learning: Offers over 1,000 video lessons focusing on conversational skills, making learning feel like friendly chats.
  • Character Learning: Provides resources to read and write Chinese characters for a holistic learning experience.
  • Progress Tracking: This lets you track your learning journey, helping you see your improvement.


  • Abundance of Video Lessons: Over 1,000 video lessons ensure a wide range of topics for conversation practice.
  • Character Learning Resources: Helps in understanding and using Chinese characters effectively.
  • Progress Tracking: Allows learners to monitor their advancement in Mandarin proficiency.


  • Subscription Costs: Monthly subscription fees can accumulate, potentially becoming costly for long-term learners.
  • Price of Lifetime Access: While valuable, the one-time payment might be a significant investment for some learners.

FAQs about Beginner Mandarin Courses

Q1. What makes WuKong ideal for young learners aged 3 to 12?

WuKong’s Pre-K Chinese Program offers an engaging curriculum with illustrations, rhymes, and cultural immersion, making Mandarin learning enjoyable and easy to grasp for kids.

Q2. How does WuKong ensure an interactive learning experience for children?

WuKong adopts inquiry-based teaching methods, encouraging self-directed learning and interactive sessions that allow children to explore Mandarin in a fun and engaging way.

Q3. Is WuKong suitable for learners beyond the targeted age group?

While WuKong primarily caters to young learners, its engaging curriculum, cultural emphasis, and interactive teaching methods can benefit learners of all ages seeking an enjoyable approach to Mandarin learning.

Q4. Can WuKong help older learners build a strong foundation in Mandarin?

WuKong’s focus on engaging teaching methods and cultural immersion can provide a solid foundation in Mandarin for learners of various ages, ensuring an enjoyable learning experience.

Q5. What advantages does WuKong offer over other courses for young Mandarin learners?

WuKong stands out for its tailored curriculum, emphasis on fun-filled learning, and cultural enrichment, creating an immersive and enjoyable Mandarin learning experience specifically designed for kids aged 3 to 12.


While all options offer great ways to learn Mandarin, WuKong stands out for young learners. It’s tailored for kids aged 3 to 12, making Mandarin learning an exciting adventure. Other courses cater to a wider audience, but WuKong’s focus on engaging, culturally enriched learning specifically for youngsters sets it apart. For a Mandarin learning journey that’s educational and fun, considering WuKong alongside other options is worth it, especially if you want the best for your child’s language adventure.