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Best Ways and Songs to Say Happy Father’s Day In Chinese

In our lives, the Father is crucial to providing love and support. On Father’s Day, expressing gratitude in the language of the heart becomes important. There are ways to wish Happy Father’s Day in Chinese to convey your deepest emotions. Delving into the cultural norms of Chinese expressions, we’ll explore the art of conveying appreciation and love to your Father in genuine ways.

This article provides you with 5 ways to say Happy Father’s Day in Chinese and 5 Chinese songs of Happy Father’s Day, hoping to help you. If you want to know more about how to say festival greetings in Chinese, you could get more learning resources through WuKong Education

Part1: Why is Happy Father’s Day celebrated in China

Happy Father's Day

Celebrating Happy Father’s Day has become a distinct expression of love and family bonds worldwide. This day has a special place in the hearts of Chinese families. However, it is not an ancient tradition but has been embraced in modern-day Chinese culture.

On this significant day, children and families come together to honor and appreciate the paternal figures who have played roles in their lives. The date aligns with the Western observance for celebration and gathering. Families often gather for meals, exchanging gifts and expressions of gratitude.

The importance of wishing Happy Father’s Day in Chinese lies in its linguistic culture. This day is also important because it strengthens family bonds, providing an opportunity to show affection for the sacrifices and love of fathers. In a rapidly changing world, the acceptance of this day in Chinese culture is increasing. So, you must learn how to wish a happy Father’s Day in Chinese. 

Part 2: 5 Ways to say Happy Father’s Day In Chinese

Understanding Happy Father’s Day in Chinese greetings is a gateway to express genuine affection and appreciation for your Father. It is not only language proficiency but also respect for the rich Chinese tradition. Learning these greetings provides a deeper connection with your Father.  

Say Happy Father's Day In Chinese

爸爸,父亲节快乐! (bà bà fù qīn jié kuài lè)

On the coming Father’s Day, don’t miss out on the chance to brighten your dad’s day! Just say “爸爸父亲节快乐!” (bà bà fù qīn jié kuài lè), meaning “Dad, Happy Father’s Day.” It’s like giving him a warm hug in Chinese. 爸爸 (bà ba) is how you say “dad,”父亲 (fù qīn) means “father,”节 (jié), and 快乐 (kuài lè) is all about the happiness. 

我爱你,爸爸! (wǒ ài nǐ bà ba)

To express love in Chinese culture, the phrase “我爱你,爸爸!” (wǒ ài nǐ bà ba) is mainly used for Happy Father’s Day in Chinese. Unlike the typical “I love you,” it’s a heartfelt phrase conveying deep gratitude and affection to dads. It’s more than words; it’s a cherished melody and familial bonds. In its simplicity, this phrase becomes a powerful way to express love, respect, and the enduring connection between a child and their fathers.

祝您有一个特别的父亲节!(zhù nín yǒu yī gè tè bié de fù qīn jié)

Wish happy Father’s Day in Chinese by using the phrase “祝您有一个特别的父亲节!” (zhù nín yǒu yī gè tè bié de fù qīn jié) meaning,”May you have a special Father’s Day!” This Chinese greeting is a common way to express feelings during the celebration. It’s also poetic to wish not just a day but all the cherished moments for fathers on their special day.

爸爸,您辛苦了! (bà ba, nín xīn kǔ le)

“爸爸, 你辛苦了!” (Bà ba, nǐ xīn kǔ le) is like a warm hug in words, a simple yet powerful way to express gratitude to your dad. When you say”Dad, you’ve worked hard,” it’s like wrapping your appreciation around his heart. It is perfect for those dads who may not be comfortable with just “我爱你” .

爸, 谢谢! (bà xiè xiè)

“爸, 谢谢! (bà xiè xiè)” is a simple yet widely used wish for Happy Father’s Day in Chinese. This expression, meaning “Dad, thank you,” is a heartfelt phrase for paternal love and guidance. Saying these words on Father’s Day conveys a genuine appreciation for a father’s role in one’s life. It also symbolizes recognizing their efforts and creating a meaningful connection between them. 

Part 3: 5 Chinese Song Related to Happy Father’s Day

Celebrating Happy Father’s Day in Chinese through music is a more significant way to express love and familial bond. Chinese songs dedicated to fathers contain emotional depth and sentiments. Following are some songs that you can sing for your Father on this special day.

how to say  Happy Father's Day In Chinese

父亲 (fù ài)

“父爱” is a beautiful song that celebrates the love and care of fathers. The lyrics depict a father’s love as a guiding light, providing comfort and strength during difficult times. The song expresses gratitude for the sacrifices fathers make and the unwavering support they offer. The melody is gentle and soothing, creating a warm and nostalgic atmosphere. With its heartfelt lyrics and melodic composition, this song serves as a reminder of the immense love and impact fathers have in our lives.

爸爸我爱您 (bàba wǒ ài nín)

This Happy Father’s Day in Chinese song is a melody expressing love and gratitude to dads. You’ll feel the simplicity and warmth of listening to it as it is a musical hug for fathers. The lyrics are like love and convey appreciation for the sacrifices and care provided. With a catchy tune, it turns emotions into music, making it a perfect way to celebrate paternal love. 

父亲节快乐 (fùqīn jié kuàilè)

父亲节快乐 (Fùqīn jié kuàilè) is more than a song; it’s a lyrical presentation of paternal love in Chinese culture. With a melody that resonates with warmth and gratitude, it becomes the best choice for Happy Father’s Day. Its simplicity and sentiments make it an accessible piece for everyone. 

我的英雄(wǒ de yīngxióng)

“我的英雄” is a touching song dedicated to fathers. The lyrics express deep admiration and gratitude for a father’s strength, wisdom, and unconditional love. The song describes a father as a hero, always there to protect and support their children through life’s challenges. The melody is powerful and emotional, reflecting the profound impact a father has on their child’s life. Through heartfelt lyrics and a moving melody, this song pays tribute to the heroic role fathers play in our lives.

永远的父亲(yǒngyuǎn de fùqīn)

“永远的父亲” is a heartfelt song that expresses a child’s everlasting love for their father. The lyrics convey a deep emotional connection and appreciation for a father’s presence and guidance. The song describes the bond between a father and child as unbreakable and enduring. The melody is tender and moving, evoking feelings of love and nostalgia. This song serves as a tribute to fathers, reminding us to cherish the memories and lessons they have given us, and to hold their love in our hearts forever.

FAQs About Happy Father’s Day In Chinese

Q1: How To Say Happy Father’s Day In Cantonese?

To wish a Happy Father’s Day in Cantonese, say “父親節快樂” (Fù chìhn jit fāai luhk). This expression carries the warmth of gratitude and affection, filling the gap between generations in the Cantonese-speaking community. Learning this phrase adds more excitement to the celebration. So, learn the words “父親節快樂” as a sincere and cultural wish for a joyful Father’s Day in Cantonese.

Q2: What Do You Write on a Chinese Father’s Day Card?

In a Chinese Father’s Day card, convey your deepest emotions with phrases like “亲爱的爸爸 (Qīn’ài de bàba),” expressing affectionate love. Acknowledge his guidance and sacrifices with sentiments such as “感谢您的辛勤付出 (gǎnxiè nín de xīnqín fùchū),” meaning “Thank you for your hard work.” Share memories and express admiration, saying “您是我永远的榜样 (Nín shì wǒ yǒngyuǎn de bǎngyàng),” translating to “You are my eternal role model.” 

Q3: How Is Father’s Day Celebrated In China?

Father’s Day in China is celebrated with a blend of traditional values and modern expressions of gratitude. Families come together to honor fathers, expressing appreciation for their love and guidance. Common practices include sharing meals, giving gifts, and spending quality time together. While it may not be a public holiday, the occasion holds significance in strengthening familial bonds. 


Celebrating Happy Father’s Day in Chinese is a celebration of love, respect, and familial bonds. Here are 5 Chinese expressions for Happy Father’s Day and 5 Chinese songs related to Father’s Day. Expressing gratitude through phrases like “爸爸父亲节快乐” and “我爱你,爸爸” is the art of conveying appreciation and filling the emotional gaps. So, before Father’s Day, practice learning these phrases. Let your words exhibit sincerity, the depth of your emotions, and the cultural richness of Chinese expressions. 

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