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Step-by-step Study Schedule for Higher Chinese Proficiency

One-to-one Specialized Instruction

To comprehensively improve Chinese and cultural literacy


Course Features

悟空进阶中文课 课程特点


Clear Learning Objectives

The overall objective of the curriculum design has a clear hierarchy and goal. With a general and different phased objectives set according to the semester, students can obtain a whole picture of the learning objective.


Multidimensional Objectives

The curriculum objectives are designed based on three dimensions: knowledge and ability, process and methods, and emotional attitudes and values. The three aspects are mutually intertwined and influenced, with a focus on the overall improvement of language literacy.


All-round Phased Objective

The course requirement sets for character reading and writing, oral communication and other aspects.


Rich Course Content

Focusing on the humanities theme, train the students' analytical comprehension ability and appreciation ability.Focusing on the humanities theme of the unit, the course covers literacy, texts, ancient poems, classical style of Chinese, Chinese sessions, oral communication, reading club, composition exercises, etc., training students to read and write Chinese characters, analyze, understand and appreciate texts.


Cultivation of Reading & Writing

The course includes a large number of in-class intensive reading and extra-curricular reading; the Objective is to systematically train students’ writing skills; This course has 135 ancient poems and a large amount of traditional cultural knowledge.

Course Series

This series of course has higher expectation and standards for students' listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, which strives to improve the students' Chinese literacy.

While developing students' language skills, we also want to improve their thinking skills and stimulate imagination as well as creativity. Students are required to correctly speak Mandarin and acquire certain oral communication skills.

悟空进阶中文课 课程系列 G1-G4


悟空进阶中文课 课程系列 G5-G8


悟空进阶中文课 课程系列 G9-G12


  • To improve logical thinking in language expression by using a variety of sentence structures
  • To analyze articles in textbooks and appreciate good words & sentences
  • To increase reading comprehensive so as to feel the charm of Chinese language
  • Combing the article to accumulate vocabulary and write Chinese characters.

Course Offerings

Course Offerings

• G1-G12 Level, 40 classes/level

• 1V1 (open to all levels)/1V4 (exclusive to G1-G7)

Be able to listen carefully and understand the main content.

Be able to listen to stories, watch audio and video works.

Be able to tell a short story in a more complete way.

  • Oral Expression Practice
  • Language Skills
  • Cultural Knowledge Expansion
  • Be able to listen carefully and understand the main content.

    Be able to listen to stories, watch audio and video works.

    Be able to tell a short story in a more complete way.

  • New Characters:

    Xiao (smile), Ren (people), Shang (up), Kou (mouth), Mu (eye), Gu (ancient), Fa (law), Jun (army), Zhe (person), and etc.

    Chinese idioms:

    Chun Hui Da Di , Jiao Ta Shi Di , Wan Wu Fu Su , Bai Fang Qi Fang , and etc.

    New sentence patterns:

    Subject + verb + adjective + adjective, subject + verb + like + noun; subject + verb + object + from + n, active sentences, passive sentences, rhetorical sentence, assertive sentence.
  • Rice- dumpling, past and present, Chinese couplets, the movement of the earth, the creation of shadows, etc.

Strengths of Advanced Chinese

Advanced Chinese
  • Professional Teachers

    We advocate teaching engagingly and culturally. Our teachers have at least 5000 hours of online class experience.

  • Personalized Class

    Wukong will adjust the Chinese course content according to the needs of the students; and plan flexible study schedules based on the students' timetable.

  • Online Teaching

    Our smooth online teaching experience is supported by Internet technology and an excellent learning platform. The strength of online courses is they can be recorded for future learning.

  • Quick Improvements on Chinese Learning

    Students can directly interact and communicate with teachers in natural Chinese. After class, our teachers will help summarize what has been taught and answer students’ questions, so as to ensure a visible learning process.


Teaching Methods of Advanced Chinese

悟空进阶中文教学法 Chinese Character Learning Method

Chinese Character Learning Method

Learning Chinese characters by Chinese characters thinking methods such as pictographic characters, origin of Chinese characters, the meanings of components of Chinese characters.

悟空进阶中文教学法 Chinese Character Memorisation Strategy

Chinese Character Memorisation Strategy

The learning at this level follows the laws of Chinese character classification and call for a step-by-step learning strategy.

悟空进阶中文教学法 Reading Strategy

Reading Strategy

The strategy method focuses on improving reading skills so as to raise the interest and develop the reading habit among students.

悟空进阶中文教学法 Culture Expansion

Culture Expansion

The G series course includes a lot of Chinese cultural elements to make students feel how profound Chinese culture is.

悟空进阶中文教学法 Boya Literal Arts Education

Boya Literal Arts Education

Multidisciplinary knowledge is added to this course, including history, geography, culture, folklore, science, and etc., to ensure an all-round development.