Advanced Chinese

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Advanced Chinese

Features of Advanced Chinese Program

悟空进阶中文课 课程特点


Clear Learning Objectives

We have a well-organized curriculum structure and learning objectives, including general objectives and a range of specific objectives for each level, to help learners reach and exceed their learning objectives step by step.


Multifaceted Objective Settings

Curriculum objectives are designed based on three dimensions: knowledge and skills, process and methods, and emotional attitudes and values. These three dimensions have been blended together, emphasizing the overall improvement of learners’ Chinese skills step by step.


Overall Objectives for Each Stage

We set high expectations for learners in all aspects, including character recognition and handwriting, reading, listening, writing, and oral expression. Content is based on real-world scenarios, helping learners improve their Chinese language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Diverse Content

With a focus on cultural elements, curriculum content ranges from literacy, texts, ancient Chinese poems, classical Chinese texts, practical use of Chinese, oral communication skills, and fun reading activities to writing exercises, aim to improve learners’ skills in reading and writing characters as well as their ability to understand and appreciate articles.


Improve Reading and Writing Skills

The curriculum has many reading resources for both inside and outside the classroom, systematic training for written skills, and 135 ancient poems, plus a wealth of traditional cultural knowledge that shows the unique charm of Chinese culture.

Introduction of Advanced Chinese Program

The curriculum aims to improve learners’ Chinese literacy by setting higher expectations and standards for listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

We are committed to expanding learners’ thinking skills and sparking their imaginations and creativity while also improving their language skills. Learners are required to master correct Chinese pronunciation and to have certain oral communication skills, while also being able to read and spell Pinyin proficiently, write Chinese characters efficiently, have independent reading comprehension skills, and use common words and rhetorical devices as needed when writing.

悟空进阶中文课 课程系列 G1-G4
悟空进阶中文课 课程系列 G5-G8
悟空进阶中文课 课程系列 G9-G12
  • A variety of sentence structures are available to improve your logical thinking when you want to express something using words
  • Insights into essays are provided to help you appreciate words and sentences
  • Improve your reading comprehension skills and feel the beauty of Chinese
  • Contexts can help you memorize and write new characters and words

Contents of Advanced Chinese Program

Contents of Advanced Chinese Program

• G1-G12 Levels, 40 classes/level, 1h/class

• 1V1 (for all levels) / 1V4 (for G1-G7 levels)

Be attentive when listening and understand the main points of what you hear.

Retell the main ideas of what you hear and watch, as well as the parts you are interested in.

Narrate complete short stories, and briefly share what has impressed you most in your life.

  • Oral Expression
  • Language Knowledge
  • Enhance Cultural Awareness
  • Be attentive when listening and understand the main points of what you hear.

    Retell the main ideas of what you hear and watch, as well as the parts you are interested in.

    Narrate complete short stories, and briefly share what has impressed you most in your life.

  • Vocabulary:

    笑(Smile), 人(People), 上(Up), 口(Mouth), 足(Feet), 目(Eye), 古(Ancient), 法(Law), 者(-ist/-er), etc.

    Chinese idioms:

    春回大地(The return of spring), 脚踏实地(Be down-to-earth), 万物复苏(Everything comes back to life), 百花齐放(All flowers bloom together), 百鸟争鸣(A hundred birds contend in singing), 一无所有(Have nothing at all), 自由自在(Be free), 半途而废(Fall by the wayside), etc.

    Sentence patterns:

    ...又...又(...adj + adj....)/....像...(因为...所以...(Because...)/(So...)/反问句(Rhetorical question)/陈述句(Declarative sentence)/etc.
  • The evolution of Zongzi (a traditional and iconic Chinese food eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival), Chinese couplets (a form of Chinese literature), the rotation of our planet, how a shadow comes into being, etc.

Benefits of Advanced Chinese Program

Advanced Chinese
  • Taught by Experienced Teachers

    Our teachers have over 5,000 hours of experience in online classes, with a focus on creating a more engaging classroom and reflecting the significance of Chinese culture.

  • Personalized Curriculum

    We offer customized curriculums that fit your unique needs, regardless of your availability and Chinese levels.

  • Intelligent Teaching

    We apply an intelligent online teaching approach by using Internet technology and a leading software platform, along with graphics, videos, games and other available resources. Live classes are recorded and can be replayed to help you review.

  • Improve Chinese Language Skills Quickly

    Interact with our native Chinese teachers, review every key learning point after class, and gain a clear picture of what you have learned.


Advanced Chinese Program Teaching Approach

悟空进阶中文教学法 How to learn Chinese characters

How to learn Chinese characters

Use different thinking skills to learn Chinese characters, such as recognizing pictograms, learning the origins of Chinese characters, and learning about the radicals which hold information about characters' meaning.

悟空进阶中文教学法 How to memorize Chinese characters

How to memorize Chinese characters

WuKong Advanced Chinese program follows the laws of Chinese character classification and calls for a step-by-step learning strategy.

悟空进阶中文教学法 How to cultivate reading habits

How to cultivate reading habits

Prioritize reading by sparking a passion for reading and helping you become a good reader.

悟空进阶中文教学法 How to acquire Chinese cultural knowledge

How to acquire Chinese cultural knowledge

WuKong Advanced Chinese program makes every class more fun and engaging, allowing learners to feel the extensiveness and profoundness of Chinese culture.

悟空进阶中文教学法 Boya Liberal Arts Education

Boya Liberal Arts Education

WuKong Advanced Chinese program integrates a wealth of interdisciplinary knowledge, including Chinese history, geography, culture, folklore and science to ensure well-rounded learning development.