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What Is The Ap Chinese Exam 2024? Its Format & Tips To Clear

Getting improved learning is not possible without testing your current skills. Doesn’t matter whether you think from a language learner’s perspective or any specific course, you should test your skills. If you are learning the Chinese language, you should think about participating in the AP Chinese exam 2024. This test will help you test your communication, verbal, and writing skills for this particular language. By doing so, you will be able to have an idea of how you should go ahead. To learn about the AP Chinese exam in detail, keep reading this blog. Here we will explain what is AP Chinese exam and what is its format. We will also help you learn the tips to pass this test or even get better grades.

Part 1. What is the AP Chinese exam?

AP (Advanced Placement) Chinese is a specific course of language and culture offered by the college board in the United States. The main purpose of this course is to provide an opportunity to be proficient in the Chinese language and its culture. From this course, you can learn Chinese characters, writing styles, and related subjects. Overall, the course is perfect for those who want to learn this language and culture. 

Students participating in AP exam over years

Students participating in AP exam over years

The best thing about this course is the AP Chinese exam 2024 which enables the learners to test their skills and improve them. By participating in this AP test, you can check what have you got from this course including management, communication, and writing skills. In short, you will not only get knowledge like you get from other college board subjects but also get quick analysis in the form of an AP Chinese test from the board.

Part 2. What is the AP Chinese exam 2024 format?

Before participating in any exam, you should learn its format properly. It will help you understand what you can expect from a specific exam/test. The same goes for the AP Chinese exam 2024 for which the format has been discussed below. By reading the AP exam format, you can easily estimate how you should prepare yourself for this test.

Multiple Choice Listening

Overall, the AP Chinese exam 2024 will have four major parts from which every part will take 25% of the scores. The first one will be multiple choice listening in which the students will get audio material. Every student has to listen to those audio files and extract the main points from them. The main purpose of this test is to identify whether the students have improved their listening skills for the Chinese language or not. In this section, you will get 25-35 questions that you have to complete within 20 minutes.

Listening document AP exam

Listening document AP exam

Multiple Choice Reading

In the second phase, you will get 60 minutes in which you have to complete 30-40 questions. Every student is given material in printed format that they have to read with focus. The main purpose of this section is the same as the previous one in which the students have to find and highlight the main idea of the whole page/paper. The students are also asked to determine the meaning of the words they are reading from the page.

Free Response Writing

The third section includes 2 tasks in which the students are asked to write freely on any two topics. For this part of the AP Chinese exam 2024, the students will be given a time of 30 minutes. In this writing phase, you will have to write in two patterns, the first one is presentational writing and the second one is interpersonal writing. For the first writing style, you will be given a series of pictures while in the second phase, you have to read an email message and respond to it in a free style pattern.

Free Response Speaking

The last part of the AP Chinese exam 2024 will include a free response on the given topic. The main purpose of this section is to let the students freely speak in the Chinese language to identify what they know about this language and culture. The topics will be related to Chinese culture which the students have to present in their own words.

Part 3. AP Chinese Exam 2024 Dates

The expected dates of the AP Chinese exam 2024 are the first and second week of May. You can participate in this test this month and test your knowledge related to the Chinese language and culture.

Part 4. Tips To Prepare AP Chinese Language Test

When it comes to passing the AP Chinese exam 2024, you should be prepared for every situation. Undoubtedly, it seems to be an easy approach to pass this test. But it will be difficult if you haven’t prepared yourself. Here are a few tips that you can follow to clear the AP Chinese test in this turn.

Read and Listen Extensively

The most important tip is to start reading and listening to Chinese literature. You should pick some books, magazines, and papers to practice your reading skills. Along with this, you should try to highlight the main idea of whatever you read to be prepared for the question that will come to you in the AP Chinese exam 2024. In addition to this, you should use audible data having Chinese literature to make sure that you can listen to them and understand what the speaker is saying.

Participate in Free AP Chinese Tests

You can find multiple free AP Chinese tests online in which you can participate. Once you have learned enough, you should try to participate in any of these tests. It will help you estimate whether you are ready for the AP Chinese exam 2024 or if you have to wait for the next turn.

Take Help from Past Papers

To sharpen your skills and understand the intent of the questions for this test, you should take help from past papers. It is easy to find AP Chinese test papers on the internet and explore them for a better idea about the questions and format. Also, it might be possible that the questions in the AP Chinese exam 2024 will be the same as the past papers.


Is There An AP Chinese Exam?

Yes, the AP Chinese exam allows you to test your knowledge related to the language and culture of this country. This test is directly conducted by the college board of the United States. 

Is AP Mandarin Easy?

No, AP Mandarin is considered a difficult test to clear and you should be proficient in this subject. The reason is you have to be aware of the Chinese literature, language, and culture to clear this test. 

How Do I Prepare For The AP Chinese Test?

You can prepare for the AP Chinese exam 2024 by participating in online free tests and checking past papers online. The only thing you have to make sure of is an understanding of the Chinese culture for better results. 


We hope you have learned about the format and phases of the AP Chinese exam 2024. You are now aware of what is about to come in this test and how you can be prepared for it. We recommend following the above tips to clear this test with higher grades.

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