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Read Aloud | Best Books for 1st Graders [2024]

At WuKong Education, we believe that the magic of storytelling and the joy of learning go hand in hand, especially during those formative first-grade years. As we step into 2024, we’re thrilled to present a carefully curated list of best books for 1st graders. Our mission is to spark imagination, foster a love for literature, and nurture young minds with tales that inspire and educate. Get ready to embark on enchanting literary journeys that will turn story time into an unforgettable adventure for your little learners!

10 Best Books for 1st Graders to Read

1. Hello World!

1st Grade- Read aloud Children's Book

Author: Hannah Fry

Genre: Children’s Non-Fiction / Technology

Introduction: “Hello World!” takes young readers on an exciting journey through the world of computers and coding, introducing basic concepts in a fun and accessible way. With colorful illustrations and simple explanations, it sparks curiosity about technology and its impact on our lives.

Recommended for: Children aged 5-8 years old who are eager to learn about coding and technology.

Available from: Amazon, local bookstores, and online retailers.

2. Nate the Great Series

First Grade Book Lists

Author: Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Genre: Children’s Mystery

Introduction: This beloved series follows Nate, a young detective with a keen eye for detail, as he solves neighborhood mysteries with the help of his trusty dog, Sludge. Each book is filled with adventure, humor, and lessons in problem-solving.

Recommended for: Early readers aged 6-9 who enjoy solving puzzles and love a good mystery tale.

Available from: Bookstores, libraries, and online platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

3. First Grade, Here I Come!

Free Online Books First Grade

Author: Nancy Carlson

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Introduction: A delightful and reassuring book that prepares children emotionally for their first-grade adventure. Through charming illustrations and a positive narrative, it addresses common concerns and excitements associated with starting school.

Recommended for: Preschoolers and kindergartners transitioning into first grade.

Available from: Major book retailers, local libraries, and online stores.

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4. Dory Fantasmagory: Book 1

best books for 1st grade

Author: Abby Hanlon

Genre: Children’s Fiction / Fantasy

Introduction: Dory, armed with a wild imagination, creates her own fantastical world to escape boredom and the realities of being the youngest in the family. This book celebrates creativity and individuality through Dory’s hilarious adventures.

Recommended for: Children aged 6-9 who love imaginative play and stories with a touch of whimsy.

Available from: Amazon, bookstores, and digital libraries.

5. May I Please Have a Cookie?

first grade reading books

Author: Jennifer Morris

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Introduction: This humorous tale teaches manners and patience through the story of a persistent little mouse named Alan, who desperately wants a cookie. It’s a gentle reminder for young ones about the importance of polite behavior.

Recommended for: Toddlers and preschoolers learning about social etiquette.

Available from: Bookstores, Amazon, and educational toy shops.

6. What If Everybody Did That?

1st grade reading books

Author: Ellen Javernick

Genre: Children’s Picture Book / Social Concepts

Introduction: This thought-provoking book encourages children to consider the consequences of their actions on a larger scale. It prompts discussions about responsibility and the impact of individual choices on the community.

Recommended for: Ages 4-8, to foster empathy and awareness of social responsibility.

Available from: Local libraries, bookstores, and online retailers.

7. The Night Before First Grade

Best Reading Courses for first Graders

Author: Natasha Wing

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Introduction: Capturing the anticipation and jitters before the first day of school, this book reassures children that they’re not alone in feeling nervous. With a playful twist on the classic Christmas poem, it’s a comforting read for new students.

Recommended for: Preschoolers and kindergartners preparing for first grade.

Available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores.

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8. The Mouse and the Motorcycle

first grade books

Author: Beverly Cleary

Genre: Children’s Fiction / Adventure

Introduction: In this timeless classic, a young mouse named Ralph befriends a boy named Keith and discovers the thrill of riding a toy motorcycle. Filled with excitement and friendship, it’s a thrilling read for young adventurers.

Recommended for: Readers aged 7-10 who love animals and imaginative tales.

Available from: Libraries, bookstores, and online platforms.

9. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

1st grade books

Author: Elena Favilli, Francesca Cavallo

Genre: Children’s Non-Fiction / Biography

Introduction: This empowering collection features 100 bedtime stories about extraordinary women from history and the present day, inspiring young readers with tales of courage, resilience, and achievement.

Recommended for: All ages, but especially impactful for girls aged 5-12.

Available from: Amazon, bookstores worldwide, and the official Rebel Girls website.

10. Junie B. Jones Complete First Grade Collection Box set

Best Reading Courses for 1st Graders

Author: Barbara Park

Genre: Children’s Fiction / Humor

Introduction: This box set includes several books from the beloved Junie B. Jones series, chronicling the hilarious and often mischievous adventures of Junie B. as she navigates through her first-grade year. Filled with humor and life lessons, it’s a must-have for fans.

Recommended for: Early readers aged 6-9 who enjoy funny, relatable stories.

Available from: Major retailers, online bookstores, and the publisher’s website directly.

Best Reading Courses for 1st Graders

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FAQs about Best Books for 1st Graders

1. Which websites can read books online for free?

There are numerous websites that offer free online reading materials for various age groups and interests. Some popular and reputable sites include:

  • Project Gutenberg: A vast library of over 60,000 free e-books, focusing mainly on classics that are in the public domain.
  • Internet Archive: Offers a wide range of texts, including books, audiobooks, and magazines that can be accessed for free.
  • Open Library: Operated by Internet Archive, it allows users to borrow e-books, with a special section dedicated to children’s literature.
  • ManyBooks: Provides a large collection of free e-books in different formats, with categories ranging from fiction to non-fiction.
  • Read Print: This site offers thousands of free online books, including classic novels and poetry, along with study guides and quotes.
  • International Children’s Digital Library: Specifically for children, it houses a collection of books from around the world, available in multiple languages.

2. What sight words are helpful for 1st grader to read?

Sight words, also known as high-frequency words, are commonly used words that young readers should recognize instantly without sounding out. Some essential sight words for 1st graders, as outlined in common lists like Dolch or Fry, include:



In conclusion, our comprehensive guide has illuminated a vibrant collection of literature that ignites the imaginations of young readers, fosters a lifelong love for the written word, and nurtures cognitive development. By exploring these meticulously selected titles, parents and educators alike can expect to witness a remarkable growth in their 1st graders’ vocabulary, comprehension, and emotional intelligence. At the same time, we also recommends WuKong Advanced English Reading and Writing Program to all parents.Try our free trial today and begin a transformational learning journey that lasts a lifetime!

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