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Free Maths Courses – Study Maths Online at 5 Best Websites

Mathematics is one of the most hated subjects in the world because of its complexity. Doesn’t matter whether you are a kid or an adult student, you may not like this subject. Undoubtedly, the main reason behind this dislike is the complexity of the subject. However, a prominent impact is left because of poor teaching methods adopted by many instructors. To resolve such problems and learn this subject with focus, you should look for some free online math courses. For your quick selection, we are here with the list of 5 best online free math courses. Let’s read about them!

Part 1. The Open University

free online math courses

Open University provides open access to multiple courses from different subjects including mathematics. You can explore its collection and find the courses ranging from elementary level to Master’s level. It offers various free online math courses for adults, elementary students, and high school students.

In addition to general information about the topic, it also includes quizzes and assignments to keep the students engaged. You can also get additional information about the course by exploring its course content which can be viewed before starting. To track your performance and have a letter of participation, you can also create an account with this platform.

Advantages Of The Platform

  • Open access for every student.
  • Allows you to create an account for free for progress tracking, accessing material, and participation statement creation.
  • Offers courses for mathematics students of different ages.
  • University and school-based courses are included.

Disadvantages Of The Platform

  • Content is available in written format that students need to learn on their own.
  • No live classes or learning modes are available.

Part2. WuKong Math

online math courses

WuKong Advanced Math Program is centered around the Advanced Course and includes additional support from the AMC8 Competition Course (American Mathematics Competitions), Math Kangaroo Competition Course (the world’s largest youth mathematics competition), and other competition courses. It fully incorporates the globally renowned Singapore CPA Approach and employs personalized teaching methods based on each student’s unique characteristics. The collaboration of teachers and tutors ensures high-quality instruction, while also cultivating students’ interest in learning, nurturing mathematical thinking, and effectively enhancing math performance. Leveraging intelligent online technology, students can access top-notch mathematics courses from the comfort of their homes.

Advantages Of The Platform

  • Suitable for students worldwide, from grades 1 to 12.
  • Including Advanced Course and Competition Course, fully meet the actual needs of students.
  • Blended learning, incorporating interactive small-group sessions online.
  • Highly educated mathematics teachers with an average of 8 years of teaching experience.
  • 97% students demonstrate increased math scores after only 15 lessons.

Disadvantages Of The Platform

  • The curriculum is not suitable for college students and adults to study mathematics.
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Part3. EDX

free online math courses

No denying that mathematics is the core subject included in various other fields from engineering to architecture and others. So, you must explore the collection of free online math courses with the availability of a variety of content. EDX is the platform that you are looking for. With over 2000 math online free courses, it includes various topics and sub-branches of mathematics.

Whether you are looking to learn basic mathematics or advanced topics like Calculus, you will find your preferred course in its list. You can also explore its list according to your preferred course code shared by your university or college. All in all, it is one of the best platforms for free online math courses.

Advantages Of The Platform

  • It offers access to more than 2000 math courses.
  • One can learn this subject from basic to advanced and professional level.
  • You will find multiple free online math courses that belong to well-known universities like Stanford, Harvard, etc.
  • No restriction to students for learning at a specific pace or speed.

Disadvantages Of The Platform

  • It may be difficult for you to find your preferred course because of the availability of multiple ones.
  • No preview of courses is available without registration (free).

Part4. Class Central

free online math courses

If you aim to get a certificate from free online math courses along with learning, you should choose Class Central. This online platform offers a long list of courses from different subjects to help every student learn properly. You can explore the list of courses from different subjects as per your knowledge level. Along with the feature of free online math courses with certificates, it also includes courses from different languages.

So, you can easily explore the list of courses available in your preferred language. It is right to say that you will find your course even if you aren’t a native English speaker or prefer to learn in your native language.

Advantages Of The Platform

  • It provides more than 1000 courses with the option to get a certificate.
  • You can also explore the collection of “university courses” only by choosing the built-in filter of the platform.
  • The collection of free online math courses covers topics ranging from basic to advanced level topics.

Disadvantages Of The Platform

  • For a beginner, it might be hard to explore its list because it merges different subjects into a single category.
  • You need to register with the platform to track your performance and get certified.

Part5. Khan Academy

free online math courses

Khan Academy is a reputable and widely recognized free online platform that provides a vast array of math lessons catering to learners of all ages. With its comprehensive curriculum, from Pre-K to college level, Khan Academy offers a diverse range of courses that cover various math topics. Students can access an extensive collection of high-quality instructional videos, practice exercises, and interactive quizzes to enhance their understanding and mastery of mathematical concepts.

Khan Academy’s math lessons are designed to be accessible and engaging, enabling learners to progress at their own pace. The platform employs a step-by-step approach, breaking down complex topics into manageable parts and offering clear explanations that facilitate comprehension. Additionally, learners benefit from personalized learning experiences as they can track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and receive tailored recommendations for further study.

Advantages Of The Platform

  • Classes for all ages: Khan Academy offers math lessons that cater to learners of all ages, from early childhood education to college-level courses.
  • The math lessons on Khan Academy are developed by reputable math teachers who have expertise in their respective fields.

Disadvantages Of The Platform

  • One limitation of Khan Academy is the lack of direct communication with teachers.
  • Khan Academy does not offer live classes, which means learners do not have the chance to participate in real-time discussions or ask questions during the lesson.

FAQs about Free Maths Courses

1. What topics are covered in the free online math courses, and are they aligned with standard curriculum requirements?

The free math courses cover a wide range of topics, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and more. In particular, Wukong Mathe designs their teaching content by referring to the standard curriculum of major schools and the knowledge needs of international math competitions.

2. Do the free online math courses offer interactive exercises and assessments to help learners practice and apply their knowledge?

Yes, most free math courses provide interactive exercises and assessments to help learners practice and apply their knowledge. These exercises often include multiple-choice questions, problem-solving activities, and real-world application scenarios to enhance understanding and skills.

3. Can the free math courses be accessed on mobile devices, allowing for flexible learning anytime, anywhere?

Yes, most free math courses are designed to be accessible on mobile devices, allowing learners to access the courses and learn at their convenience, regardless of their location.


From this blog about free online math courses, you must have had a chance to find your preferred website. Thesewebsitess have been labeled as the best because of their content’s comprehensiveness and advanced options. In addition to the valuable information provided in this blog, WuKong Math has prepared a special gift for our readers.  By clicking the link below, you can access a free math course that will further enhance your mathematical skills and knowledge.  We believe in the power of education and are delighted to offer this opportunity to support your learning journey! 

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