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Chinese Classes for Beginners: 5 Best Mandarin Online Courses

Are you thinking about learning Mandarin but feeling a bit lost on where to start? Finding the right Chinese classes for beginners might seem a little overwhelming. Imagine planning a trip to China or hoping to expand your business there, only to face the language barrier challenge. That’s where this guide comes in! We’re here to make your search for the perfect Mandarin Chinese online course much easier. 

Whether you’re excited about diving into a new language or uncertain, fret not! We’ll explore various options tailored for beginners venturing into learning Chinese online. Let’s make your journey into Mandarin an exciting and enjoyable experience!

1. WuKong: Fun Learning for Young Minds

WuKong: Fun Learning for Young Minds

Engage young learners with WuKong’s playful Mandarin lessons!

WuKong offers an awesome experience for kids diving into Chinese classes for beginners. It’s designed to make learning Mandarin super fun and engaging! With interactive games and captivating content, WuKong sparks excitement for kids learning Chinese online. Dive into Mandarin lessons filled with fun and learning!


  • Interactive Learning: WuKong merges games, stories, and activities to create an immersive learning experience. It’s not just about lessons; it’s about having fun while learning.
  • Small Class Sizes: Ensuring personalized attention, classes are kept small, allowing teachers to effectively cater to each child’s unique learning needs.
  • Experienced Instructors: The platform boasts highly skilled and experienced teachers specialized in teaching Mandarin to children, creating a high-quality learning environment.


  • Engagement: WuKong’s interactive approach keeps kids interested and eager to explore Mandarin further.
  • Teacher Interaction: Skilled instructors offer immediate feedback, fostering learning and improvement.


  • No significant drawbacks have been reported, highlighting WuKong’s reputation as an excellent platform for children delving into Mandarin.


  • WuKong offers an affordable entry point starting at $349 for 12 class credits, making quality Mandarin education accessible to families seeking Chinese classes for beginners.

2. ChineseClass101: Immersive Learning Experience

ChineseClass101: Immersive Learning Experience

Dive into Mandarin with ChineseClass101’s immersive lessons.

ChineseClass101 provides an incredible online platform designed specifically for beginners venturing into Chinese classes. Delve into their engaging audio and video lessons that aim to make learning Mandarin both enjoyable and culturally immersive. This platform suits anyone eager to start their Mandarin journey, offering an enriching experience for those seeking beginner-level Chinese language lessons or exploring online courses in Mandarin.


  • Podcast-Style Lessons: Engaging audio content aids in improving verbal communication skills at a comfortable pace for beginners.
  • HSK Test Alignment: Content aligned with HSK levels assists in tracking and enhancing fluency levels.
  • Vast Resource Library: Thousands of audio and video lessons, flashcards, and PDF notes supplement the learning journey.


  • Flexible Structure: Suited for beginners, the course offers flexibility in learning pace and depth.
  • Abundant Resources: Access to diverse study materials enhances vocabulary and grammar skills.


  • Marketing Emails: Occasionally, promotional emails may overshadow core lesson content.
  • Discrepancies in Learning Experience: Variances between web and mobile app experiences may affect user interaction.


  • ChineseClass101 offers various subscription tiers ranging from $4.00 to $47.00 per month, ensuring accessibility for those seeking Chinese classes for beginners.

3. GoEast Mandarin: Comprehensive Blended Learning

GoEast Mandarin: Comprehensive Blended Learning

Discover a blend of personalised learning at GoEast Mandarin

GoEast Mandarin is the go-to platform for beginners looking for Chinese classes online. It’s tailored for those keen on learning Chinese online, blending live sessions and self-learning modules seamlessly. Aligned with HSK standards, this comprehensive platform delivers a personalized and engaging educational experience, making Mandarin accessible and enjoyable for individuals embarking on their journey of learning Chinese language courses.


  • Live, 1-on-1 Classes: Personalized attention from highly qualified instructors fosters an interactive learning environment.
  • Self-Study Modules: Supplemental materials enhance individualized learning experiences.
  • Specialized Courses: Business Chinese, conversational lessons and exam preparation courses cater to diverse learning needs.


  • Tailored Learning: Courses aligned with HSK standards ensure structured and effective learning.
  • Expert Instruction: Highly qualified instructors offer personalized guidance for beginner learners.


  • Limited Free Trials: The absence of extended free trial classes might be a drawback for some prospective users.
  • Pricing: Detailed pricing information requires inquiry, potentially causing inconvenience for those seeking immediate information.


  • GoEast Mandarin offers tailored plans with free trial classes and customized learning plans available upon inquiry, ensuring accessibility for beginners in Chinese classes.

4. Udemy: Varied Learning Options for Casual Mandarin Learners

Chinese Classes for Beginners: 5 Best Mandarin Online Courses - WuKong Blog

Explore diverse Mandarin courses on Udemy for casual learners

Udemy is a treasure trove for beginners seeking Chinese classes online. It’s a versatile platform hosting a rich array of Mandarin courses, perfectly tailored for those embarking on Chinese classes for beginners. With various expert-created courses, it’s an ideal hub for anyone keen on learning Chinese online. Dive into Mandarin, explore the diverse options, and find the perfect fit for your Chinese language journey at Udemy!


  • Course Diversity: Hundreds of courses covering different proficiency levels offer a broad spectrum of learning options.
  • Individual Expertise: Courses created by experts ensure diverse teaching styles and approaches.
  • Innovative Teaching: Unique approaches to teaching Mandarin, making learning engaging and enjoyable.


  • Diverse Course Catalog: Offers a vast selection for beginners and advanced learners.
  • Flexible Learning: Varied teaching styles and approaches accommodate different learning preferences.


  • Lack of Recognition: Certificates obtained on Udemy might not hold recognition for professional purposes.
  • Limited Credibility: Courses by individual experts might lack credibility compared to university-endorsed courses.


  • Udemy’s pricing varies for different courses; some offer free auditing, while others range in price based on the course content and instructor, catering to those seeking beginner Chinese classes at different budget levels.

5. HelloChinese: Engaging Beginner-Friendly Learning Platform

HelloChinese: Engaging Beginner-Friendly Learning Platform

Discover fun learning with HelloChinese for beginner Mandarin students

HelloChinese is an ideal platform for beginners starting their Chinese classes online. Tailored specifically for those learning Chinese online, it offers an engaging experience emphasizing speaking, pronunciation, and listening skills. With its user-friendly interface and emphasis on gamified lessons, HelloChinese makes learning Mandarin enjoyable and interactive for newcomers exploring Chinese classes for beginners.


  • Gamified Learning: Bite-sized, game-based lessons make learning Mandarin enjoyable and less daunting for beginners.
  • Pronunciation Practice: Speech recognition technology aids in improving pronunciation and speaking skills.
  • Structured Curriculum: Lesson plans structured for beginner levels aid in a progressive learning experience.


  • Free Learning Materials: Free introductory lessons and exercises provide ample content for beginners.
  • Speaking Practice: Emphasis on speaking skills and interactive lessons fosters better language comprehension.


  • Limited Proficiency Levels: The platform caters only to HSK 4 levels, potentially limiting advanced learning options.
  • Premium Features Access: Advanced features are locked behind the Premium+ plan, requiring additional payment for full access.


  • HelloChinese offers a free version with premium features starting at $11.99 monthly, catering to beginner learners seeking diverse Chinese classes at different proficiency levels.

FAQs on Chinese Classes for Beginners:

Q1: Are these platforms suitable for absolute beginners in Mandarin?

A: Yes, these platforms cater specifically to beginners in Chinese classes. They offer structured courses, interactive lessons, and personalized attention, ensuring a smooth start for those new to learning Mandarin.

Q2: Can I access these courses on mobile devices?

A: Most platforms provide mobile app versions, allowing convenient access to Mandarin lessons on smartphones or tablets. This flexibility enables learners to study anytime, anywhere.

Q3: Are any free trial options available before committing to a paid subscription?

A: Yes, several platforms offer free trials or access to introductory lessons. These trials allow beginners to gauge the platform’s suitability before opting for a paid subscription.

Q4: Do these platforms provide certification or accreditation for completed courses?

A: While some platforms offer certificates upon course completion, their recognition may vary. Users seeking formal recognition should verify the accreditation beforehand.

Q5: How do these platforms accommodate different learning styles for beginners?

A: The platforms employ diverse teaching methods, including interactive lessons, gamified approaches, and structured curriculums, catering to various learning preferences of beginners in Mandarin.


In short, this guide makes finding the perfect place to start learning Mandarin super easy. Each platform mentioned here, like WuKong and others, offers cool ways to learn for beginners. They all help you step into Mandarin with fun lessons and different ways of teaching. If you’re starting and want a fun beginning, WuKong is a top pick, especially for kids. Choose any of these platforms and dive into Mandarin—a world of new adventures awaits you. For a really fun start, WuKong is a great place for beginners in Chinese classes.




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