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What Is The Iq Test Number Range? Results & Factors Explained

The measurement of mental health is compulsory to estimate how intelligent a person is. For this, an IQ test is considered the most effective approach. However, most participants stand lower on the scale because they don’t know about the IQ test number range. If you are also one of those and looking to take this test, you should first know the range of numbers for this test. It will help you make maximum efforts to get higher numbers from this test. In this blog, we aim to indicate the range of numbers in IQ tests with the discussion of factors with which it is measured.

Part 1. What Is the IQ Test and Its Scale?

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a specific test that is performed to analyze how intelligent a person is. Normally, people take IQ test as a knowledge test that they perform after learning a book or class. It is completely wrong because IQ tests are different from knowledge-based tests.

In this test, the numbers are recorded using a specific scale called the IQ test scale. The higher a person stands on the scale, the more IQ number is labeled to them. Moreover, this intelligence test is performed under the supervision of trained professionals instead of writing a general paper to get grades. It is right to say that knowing the IQ test number range will help you try your best to reach the maximum level you can attain with your mental skills.

Part 2. What is the IQ Test Number Range?

Like general knowledge-based tests, IQ tests also have a specific range of numbers. But the minimum value for this test is 40 for normal people instead of 0. On the other side, the maximum IQ test number is 160 which means the IQ test number range is from 40 to 160. More than 80% of people fall between 85 to 115 because this range is considered to be average.

IQ Test Number Range

IQ score range

It means that the average score you must attain from an IQ test should be between 80 to 115. As per records, only 2% of people can achieve a score of 140+ and they are termed to be genius because of their exceptional intelligence. Here is a quick overview of the IQ test scale and the IQ test number range with the label you will get.

  • 80-89: Below average
  • 90-110: Average
  • 111-120: Above average
  • 121-130: Intelligent
  • 130+: Genius

Part 3. What Does IQ Score Indicate?

From the above sections, you must have an idea about the IQ test number range and labels the participants will get after achieving a specific number. It is time to have an idea what does IQ scale indicates in general. This scale mainly indicates the intelligence level of the participant. The higher number you will be able to achieve, the more intelligent you will be considered. The IQ test number shows the mental health of the person and his control over his thinking skills. For example, a person with shattered thoughts will get a lower IQ because they won’t be able to focus on the questions and make decisions. The IQ test also represents how responsive a person is to a problem they are facing in their lives. In short, you should achieve a higher position in the IQ test number range if you want to prove yourself an intelligent or genius person.

Part 4. What Is Included In IQ Test?

Before going to the practical testing of your intelligence, you should learn what will be included in the IQ test. It is right that you won’t know what the professional will ask you. But you will get an idea of how to tackle the instructor and be confident. You will get an idea of what is about to come as you get after seeing the IQ test number range.

Language Analysis

It is considered to be the easiest analysis because the instructor will analyze your language skills. The professionals are well-trained to analyze your speaking, hearing, and understanding skills. You will be a part of the language analysis in which your body movement and speaking skills will be tested. It is right to say that this test can let you stand higher on the scale of IQ test number range.

IQ Test Number Range

Types of language test

Reasoning Abilities

In the IQ test, you will also be asked to participate in a reasoning test. You will be given a few questions/problems about which you will be asked to write something. The main purpose of this analysis is to evaluate your critical thinking skills and estimate how fast and effectively you respond to something with a strong reason.

Mathematical Skills

Undoubtedly, Mathematical skills show the intelligence level of a person. The reason is the person will be participating in different analyses including reason, creative thinking, and critical thinking. That’s why this test is kept in the IQ test to analyze the participants critically. For many participants, this is the main reason why they fall in the average section of the IQ test number range.

Memory Test

Another effective and important test that is performed in the IQ test is the memory test. It is a different test from the above ones in which your memory will be analyzed. Normally, you will be asked to choose the subjects you are proficient in and a few questions are asked to check your memory. Many other approaches are also used to perform this test and check your status in the IQ test number range and its scale.


What Is A Good IQ Score Range?

The good/average IQ score falls between 80 to 120. Most people fall between this range but a few go below it. Those people are called borderline impaired and considered below-average intelligence. 

What Was Einstein’s IQ?

As per the literature, Einstein’s IQ score is recorded to be 160. He was considered one of the most genius minds in history. The IQ level of Stephan Hawking is also considered to be the same. 

Is 120 A Good IQ?

Yes, a 120 IQ score is good and better than the average intelligence range. A person who gets 120 IQ score or a little more is considered to be more genius than the average people on the planet. 


To let you know the IQ test number range, we have written this blog in detail. We hope you have learned enough about this specific test by reading this guide. You can now easily estimate what will be included in the test and how you can try to achieve the maximum number. Be mindful that having an IQ test number in between 100-120 is good because it falls in the average and above-average intelligence range.

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