Bella | Chinese Teacher
Master's degree from Yangzhou University. Possessing 10 years of experience in K-12 Chinese language teaching and research, with over 10 published papers in the field of language and literature. Currently responsible for the research and production of WuKong Chinese major courses, particularly focusing on the course's interest, expansiveness, and its impact on students' thinking development.

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2023 Chinese Zodiac: Water Rabbit 2024 Horoscope, Personality, Compatibility and Lucky Signs

Welcome to the world of Chinese astrology as we delve into the intriguing realm of the Water Rabbit for 2023 and explore the horoscope, personality traits, compatibility, and lucky signs for the upcoming year of 2024. The Water Rabbit brings a unique blend of sensitivity, intuition, and adaptability, making it an exciting year filled with opportunities for personal growth and…

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