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Full Guide to Creative Writing: Definition, Techniques, & Types

For those who have a creative mindset, a successful professional career is waiting. If you belong to that group of people, you should learn about creative writing classes. It will help you understand what you can learn, the expected outcomes, and how it can help you grow. In this blog, we aim to share a complete guide about creative writing, its types, and a brief overview of creative writing classes. Let’s get started and learn more here!

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Part 1. What Is Creative Writing?

It is a specific type of writing in which the author uses their artistic and creative skills. In creative writing, the whole storyline or content is based on the imagination of the author. Unlike other traditional writing, it doesn’t focus on the technical aspects of writing like academic writing. But the main focus is on the representation of the imagination of the author so nicely that it grabs the attention of the readers.

Whenever you read about creative writing classes, you will see a specific portion of the course outline belongs to concepts like narrative building, character development, and others. The main reason for this type of outline is its dependence on the imagination of the author.

Part 2. 5 Types Of Creative Writing

Before joining creative writing classes, it is good to be familiar with its types. With this, you can easily have an idea of which type of creative writing is suitable for you according to your nature, intentions, and writing understanding. Here, we have listed 5 of its types that are commonly adopted in the world by students of all ages.

Screenplay Writing

One of the most famous types of creative writing is screenplay writing. In this type, the author writes something that is performed by the artists on stage, on television, and in films. It is right to say that screenplay writing is one of the most profitable types of writing too. You will find a long list of creative writing classes that have been designed by focusing on this type.

Full Guide to Creative Writing: Definition, Techniques, & Types - WuKong Blog

Screenplay Writing

While learning this type of writing, you will learn how to plot a background scene, develop a character, and connect different scenes on the stage. For this purpose, you will be guided on how to imagine the main concept behind writing scrips and engaging viewers till the end.

Speech Writing

Another type of creative writing is speech writing in which the writer writes for a specific purpose. Unlike other types, the author knows the main concept, the goal of writing, and the expected message. It is the most challenging creative writing type because the author has to think as a writer as well as the audience at the same time.

Without having a proper connection with the audience, you will never be able to craft a proficient piece of writing. You will find only a few creative writing classes available on the internet for this type. The reason is it is an underrated type of creative writing as compared to others.

Personal Essays

Unlike traditional essays, personal essays are also considered a type of creative writing. In this type, the writer focuses on the life of a person like a politician, philosopher, etc. The main theme of this type is to focus on sharing the life insights of the person about whom the writer is writing. You can say that it is another name of autobiography in which a person writes about some famous personalities.

Full Guide to Creative Writing: Definition, Techniques, & Types - WuKong Blog

Key Points for Writing Personal Essays

While writing about a person, you can’t write everything related to their life. You must be aware of how to find the highlighted parts of their lives and write about them. For this, you should explore the list of creative writing classes and choose the one that focuses on such topics.

Fiction Writing

Another type of creative writing is fiction writing which is purely based on the imaginative ideas of the author. It is a specific type of story that doesn’t have any relationship with the real world. As this type of writing is based on 100% imagination, you can consider it the most complicated type of creative writing.

In the world of the internet, it has become common for creative minds to get enrolled in creative writing classes of this type. You can also join an effective course in which you learn the techniques to write short fiction or short stories about any topic. You can film your fiction stories or just share them in paper format for the public to read them.

Novel Writing

It is an extended form of fiction writing in which the writer focuses on lengthy stories instead of short ones. Like fiction writing, it is also based on the imagination of the author. But the main difference is the length of the novel as it can’t be short like fiction stories. For writing an engaging and worth-reading novel, the writer has to get a strong and good point to get started.

To learn about this type of writing, you can find a long list of online creative writing classes. Be mindful that you only learn the basics of writing and how to perform well in it. You still need to imagine ideas to write your novel and share in the market.

Part 3. Best Creative Writing Classes – WuKong Advanced Reading and Writing Course

While choosing a reliable pick for your creative writing learning, you may be confused because of the availability of multiple choices. We have researched comprehensively and found the WuKong Advanced English Reading and Writing Course the best one.

The reason for marking it as the best is the course content, teaching method, and class conductance method. Here, we have listed a few key specifications of this course that make it better than other creative writing classes. 

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Key Specifications of WuKong English Reading and Writing Course

  • Focus on Critical Thinking

Unlike other creative writing classes, this course focuses on the critical thinking ability building of students. One can easily have a deep eye on topics to perform well by completing this course.

  • Interactive Classes for Fresh Ideas

In creative writing, it is compulsory to have new and fresh ideas as a writer. This is another key specification of this course making it perfect to learn creative writing. It helps you have fresh ideas and think from a unique perspective to write something with creativity.

  • Versatile Learning Environment

WuKong Advanced English Reading and Writing course is designed with versatile content and a learning environment. It makes it suitable for everyone regardless of their knowledge.

Course Details

Here is a quick overview of the WuKong Advanced English Reading and Writing course details.

Age Requirements: The course is designed for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Sessions Included: This course includes at least 10 sessions with a 90-minute duration for every session. The subscription can be upgraded to have more sessions and get deep learning.

Credibility: WuKong Education is recognized by well-reputed organizations like Cognia for providing quality education to its students. 

Teacher’s Panel: Multiple qualified and experienced teachers are there in the panel of this course. Students will be taught under the supervision of two teachers at a time for focused learning. 

Part 4. FAQs

What Do You Do In Creative Writing Classes?

In creative writing classes, the students are asked to participate in different types of activities like imaginative thinking, writing short stories, and related ones.

Is Writing A Talent Or Skill?

Writing is the combination of talent and skill in which a writer uses their god-gifted qualities of thinking and education-based writing skills.

Is Creative Writing Easy?

Creative writing isn’t an easy task as it seems to be. It demands a lot of imaginative ideas, creative writing skills, and the ability to gather ideas to give them a shape and representation.

Part 5. Summary

From this blog, you may have learned enough about creative writing classes and the factors to consider while choosing them. We have shared its types with a brief overview to let have a better idea of creative writing types and understand which one is good to go for you and have a successful career.

For better learning and an outstanding understanding of creative writing, we recommend joining the WuKong Advanced Reading and Writing course. It is designed to help students have a deep eye on the skills and think uniquely to perform well in the field.