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What Is The Goat Chinese Zodiac? Its Years & Major Qualities

The Goat Chinese zodiac is in the 8th position in the zodiac cycle and comes just after the horse zodiac. Like other zodiac symbols, it also has a great impact on the Chinese people. Undoubtedly, it has a similar concept like the people who will born in this year will have similar properties to this animal. But it is still important to know about this specific year as you do for other Chinese animal years. In this blog, we are going to share a comprehensive overview of this zodiac year in detail.

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Part 1. Overview Of Goat Chinese Zodiac Year

Like other Chinese zodiac years, the Goat Chinese zodiac also comes after the cycle of 12. They believe that the people who will be born in the following country will have properties similar to goats. That’s why, it is believed that the people who belong to this year will be gentle and nice. Like a goat, they will be cute as well as calm instead of being angry like other animals. Moreover, it is also considered that these people will prefer their opinions and think about them all the time. It means that these people are hard to be convinced by their colleagues and friends. Here we have listed the Goat Chinese zodiac years since 1930.

What Is The Goat Chinese Zodiac? Its Years & Major Qualities - WuKong Education Blog

Goat Chinese zodiac

Goat YearElement

If you have been born in any of the above years, you belong to the Goat zodiac from the animal years of the Chinese zodiac.

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Part 2. Types Of Got Zodiac & Their Properties

As you can see in the above table, every goat year is labeled with a specific element. In the Chinese zodiac Calander, every animal year is labeled with an element that decides its properties. Here we have listed 5 types of elements for the Goat Chinese zodiac Calander and their properties.

Wood Goat

This type of goat represents the major properties of amicable and gentle. Undoubtedly, everyone from the Goat zodiac has gentle qualities but a wood goat will show people with extreme gentle properties.

What Is The Goat Chinese Zodiac? Its Years & Major Qualities - WuKong Education Blog

Wood goat zodiac symbol

Fire Goat

The people who belong to this Goat Chinese zodiac will be honest and clean. These people don’t like tidy and dirt in their surroundings. Moreover, they are considered to be honest and straightforward which can be said a harmful factor for them.

Earth Goat

People who belong to Earth Goat are also honest and straightforward with an exceptional property of being loyal to their friends. These people can’t betray their friends or harm them in any situation.

Metal Goat

This type of Goat Chinese zodiac is also termed “Gold” because the term metal is normally considered to be used for gold in Chinese. The people from this zodiac year will have soft hearts with a sense of responsibility. These people always try to achieve their goals instead of quitting the task due to failure.

Water Goat

The people who belong to this year are considered to be more generous than others. They are always ready to help others and sacrifice their needs for the benefit of others.

Part 3. Qualities Of Goat Chinese Zodiac

As mentioned earlier, the major properties of the Goat Chinese zodiac are gentle and soft heart. But there are many other qualities too that can be expected to be owned by the person who was born in that year. For example, the people from this zodiac year can be more responsible than others because they have an extra sense of responsibility. Such people may remain busy in their work throughout the day and night because they are damn serious to achieve their aims. Moreover, people who belong to the Goat zodiac year will be honest for sure and ready to help others. These people can’t betray their friends and always open their hearts to them. Also, they have soft corners for their friends and always welcome them even if they have been separated due to any reason. Another major quality, that a Goat Chinese zodiac may have, is telling the truth and supporting the right person in every situation. No doubt, all these properties are considered to be of top level but they can be dangerous for the person too. One can lose their friends by being too straightforward to them.

Part 4. Goat Chinese Zodiac Compatibility & Enemy

Falling in love is a common thing for a person in the world. However Chinese people believe that not every zodiac is compatible with the other 11 zodiacs. That’s why it is important to know the Goat Chinese zodiac compatibility with others to choose the right partner. For love, the Goat zodiac will have to choose the Rabbit, Horse, Goat, and Pig zodiac partners. The worst compatibility of this zodiac is with Ox, Tiger, or Dog. So, you should be aware of the zodiac of the person with whom you are going to make love. Moreover, you should also avoid the Ox and Tiger zodiac people because they can be your bitter enemies in the future. The people who belong to these zodiac years can be dangerous for your professional and personal life.

Part 5. FAQs

What Is The Chinese Goat Personality?

As per Chinese culture, the goat personality will be gentle, honest, straightforward, and generous. The people who will born this year will have these properties in their character.

Who Is The Goat Compatible With?

The Goat Chinese zodiac is compatible with the Horse, Goat, and Rabbit zodiac.

What Is The Enemy Sign Of The Goat?

The enemy sign of the Goat zodiac will be Ox and Tiger. You should avoid such people if you want to have a happy and good professional life.

Part 6. Summary

By reading this blog about the Goat Chinese zodiac, we hope you have a comprehensive idea about its properties and qualities. You must have got an idea about goat compatibility with other zodiac years. We have also shared other necessary information that you should have while reading about this Chinese animal year.