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Happy Chinese New Year’s Eve: Do’s & Don’ts

Chinese New Year is one of the most awaited for the Chinese community in the world. It is customary for Chinese people to celebrate this event and enjoy its evening/dinner time. If you have anyone in your surroundings who belongs to this community, you should wish them Happy Chinese New Year’s Eve. It will make them happy and let you enjoy this event with them. But the main problem is you may find complications while choosing Chinese New Year’s Eve greetings. To help you and other readers like you, we have wrapped this guide about Chinese New Year’s Eve. In this blog, we will discuss how to say Happy Chinese New Year Eve to your friends or colleagues. 

Part 1. Importance Of Chinese New Year’s Eve

Before learning the way to say Happy Chinese New Year’s Eve, you should understand how important this event is. It is because you will be able to choose the right set of words to wish your friends. Chinese New Year is the most celebrated occasion by the Chinese community in the world. This specific day is based on the lunar movement and is celebrated every year between January and February. Chinese people have the main concept of removing evil things from the past year on this occasion and welcoming the upcoming good things to their doors. This event has different belongings in this culture like the beginning of the Spring season. Due to such connections, they celebrate this occasion with great interest and enjoy the festivals. The common and holy activity at this event is to pray to their gods and ask them to send good fortune in the coming year. It makes the celebrations important for everyone and encourages people to choose the best words to say Happy New Year’s Eve to their friends. 

Part 2. How To Say Happy Chinese New Year’s Eve?

Many people think that they can send wishes like they do on the Western New Year and make Chinese people happy. It is completely wrong as you have to say Happy Chinese New Year’s Eve in the same language. You should choose the Chinese language because the people from this community prefer to use their native language on their special occasions. Here we have listed a few words or CNY Eve greetings. 

Xīnnián hǎo

This specific term is used widely by the native Chinese to wish this specific event to their friends and family members. In literature, its meaning is “New Year Goodness” which shows your holy prayers for the receiver. By sending these words, you will show that you are sending goodness to your friends and family. It shows how careful you are in your relationships. Moreover, you can choose other beautiful words to connect with this greeting. 

Xīn Nián Kuài Lè

Another way to say Happy Chinese New Year’s Eve is to pronounce this word. It is normally used when you are wishing this occasion to someone from your professional circle. For example, if you are wishing CNY to your boss, you should use these words. The meaning of this phrase is “New Year Happiness” which shows you are wishing for happiness from God for that person. It belongs to the formal category due to which this word is used normally in formal conditions. 

Part 3. Tips To Celebrate CNY Eve

By reading the above section, you must be aware of Happy Chinese New Year’s Eve wishes. It is time to learn some tips that can help you make this event memorable for you as well as your friends. First of all, you should try arranging a party to celebrate this occasion with your belongings. You can choose a hotel or restaurant with the celebration parties or arrange an event in your home. It all depends on you but the main thing to consider is picking the right dishes to serve and arranging the right products for decoration. Secondly, you should try to present gifts to the younger people like brother, sister, nephew, and nice. It is because New Year’s Eve belongs to happy feelings that can be achieved by doing so. Thirdly, you may also try to spend more time with your special persons like your wife, husband, and family members. By doing so, you will show them that you are with them when they are getting rid of the bad things and looking to welcome the good things. 

Part 4. Do’s For Celebrating CNY Eve

To let you make CNY Eve memorable, we have dug deeper into this topic and are here to discuss the Do’s on this event. These suggestions will help you avoid any unexpected conditions encountered due to any reason. 

Clean Before NY Eve

The very first thing you do is to clear your house before the eve of the New Year. Doesn’t matter whether you are going to a party outside your place or arranging in your home, you should clean your house. The reason is this action belongs to the removal of the bad spirits from your home. Additionally, it will be a good gesture when you are saying Happy New Year’s Eve to the people who visit you. 

Get A Chuen Hup

It is a specific snack pack that is used particularly on special occasions like CNY. While preparing for CNY Eve celebrations, you should make sure that you have this pack at your place. It is a good gesture showing that you are prepared for good luck in the coming years. Additionally, it shows that you are welcoming the happy year from the beginning till the end.

Happy Chinese New Year's Eve

Present Lai See

Last but not least, you should also think of “Lai See” which is a tradition in Chinese culture. Every senior person like the boss or elder people of the family presents envelopes to their juniors and kids on this occasion. Those envelopes have money that shows prosperity for the coming year. You shouldn’t ignore presenting these envelopes with Happy New Year’s Eve wishes.

Happy Chinese New Year's Eve

Part 5. Don’ts For Celebrating Cny Eve

To avoid unexpected conditions, you should also avoid some activities on this occasion. It is because these activities are considered to be a bad sign while wishing Happy New Year’s Eve. 

Never Dry Clothes Outside

First of all, you shouldn’t hand your clothes for being dried outside your home. It is because this action shows evil feelings for this day. Chinese people believe that this action will accept the worst events for them in the next year. 

Don’t Eat Meat

Secondly, you should avoid eating meat because it belongs to the killing of animals. Every Chinese year belongs to a specific animal in the cycle of 12 animals, that’s why they avoid eating meat on this occasion as a gesture of safety of animals. 


What Is Chinese New Year’s Eve Called?

This specific time of the event is called “Chuxi” which has different meanings in various versions of the Chinese language. The most impactful concept of this word is to wish goodness and happy feelings to the people celebrating this event. 

How Do You Welcome The Chinese New Year?

There can be multiple ways to welcome this special occasion but the most important thing to consider is thorough cleaning of the homes. It is a gesture that you are sending bad things from the past event away from you. 

Is Chinese New Year’s Eve Important?

Yes, Chinese New Year’s Eve has great importance in the celebration of this occasion. The native people arrange different parties and celebrate this time with their friends and families. It is a sign to show that they are together to spend another good year of their lives. 


By reading this blog, you must be aware of how you can say Happy Chinese New Year’s Eve to your friends and family. We have discussed everything that should be considered in this regard. You must be aware of what you should avoid while trying to make this occasion memorable for everyone in your surroundings. 

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