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High School Rankings | Top 10 Picks For Higher Education [2024 Updated]

Choosing the right institute, especially when moving to China, is the most important selection. The reason is you may face weird results or low-quality education by choosing an ordinary school. To overcome such issues, we recommend reading about high school rankings and choosing from the list. If you are not familiar with the ranking system and education system of the country, you should read this blog till the end. In this blog, we will list a few best high schools in China with a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of starting your educational year in this country.

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Part 1. How Are High School Rankings Decided In China?

First of all, you should know how the authorities measure high school rankings. It will help you have an idea about the educational system of the country and assume whether it will be a good destination for you or not. In an overview, the authorities create the high school rankings in China depending on a few factors like performance, courses available, students enrolled, and infrastructure. It means that the school that stands on the top will be perfect in all these aspects and the school with lower standards will be placed lower in the list. So, you can say that high school rankings will help you access the right institute for your higher education. It is right to say that China is the most economical country for continuing your studies. But it doesn’t mean that you can go to any high school because it will let you face the weird results and expect low-quality results. That’s why it is good to be attentive and choose the right school to save your time and career instead of blindly enrolling yourself in a high school in China.

Part 2. Advantages Of Higher Education In China

Undoubtedly, China is considered an economical country for your higher studies. Along with this, it also has some advantages that will surely help you get better and expect premium results. Here we have listed a few advantages that you will get by enrolling yourself in the right institute after exploring the high school rankings.

Quality Education

First of all, the Chinese authorities don’t compromise on the quality of education. They always try to provide premium quality education to their students regardless of the region from which they are coming. It has been seen in many researches that school-going children from major cities in China are ranked in the top positions when it comes to performing well in complex subjects like Mathematics and Science. You can get an idea about the quality of education offered in China to high school students from this research.

High School Rankings | Top 10 Picks For Higher Education [2024 Updated] - WuKong Education Blog

Chinese teacher from high school

Cost Effective

The second major benefit of starting your higher education in China is being cost-effective. It is considered among the countries with the most effective educational plans. You can say that you will find multiple options in the high school rankings for you depending on the budget you have for education. Moreover, you can apply for a scholarship and get a refund of your fee or reduce it as per your level. In short, you will have to pay a little to get quality education from the high schools in China.

Worldwide Acceptance

Another advantage of getting higher education in China is the acceptance of its degrees in the world. Its graduation degrees and other related courses get acceptance in every country of the world. In simple words, you can also apply to any other country in the world for your higher studies like PHD after completing your career in China. You will find multiple universities accepting its certificates in the US, UK, and other countries. So, you can pursue your educational career there after completing your degree in this country.

Part 3. Disadvantages Of Higher Education In China

In contrast to the advantages, higher education in China can be dangerous for you. It might be possible that you can adjust to one of the schools from the high school rankings list. But these factors are potentially considered disadvantageous for the students.

Ideology Based Curriculum

The major drawback of getting higher education in China is the ideology they have. Most of the curriculum of this country covers the ideology of Chinese culture and its concepts. You will have to read them even if you have no interest in the subject. It is right to say that those subjects will be compulsory for everyone to enroll in. It makes learning hard in any of the institutes from the high school rankings, especially if you have no interest in learning the culture.

Chinese Language Use

Another major drawback of education in China is the use of the Chinese language. Normally, you will see that every high school offers its studies in their native language. Even if you have found a non-native instructor, you will see a translator with them to teach you what he is saying. It can be a problem for those who are not proficient in the Chinese language. If you have plans to join any of the institutes from the list of high school rankings mentioned below, you should first learn the Chinese language.

Part 4. Top 10 High Schools In China

NameCityFee/Year (USD)Scholarship
High School (Affiliated to RDFZ)Beijing7,016Yes 
Beijing No. 4 High SchoolBeijing7016No 
Shanghai High SchoolShanghai14,032Yes 
Affiliated High Schools of Peking UniversityBeijing14,032Yes 
Beijing No. 55 High SchoolBeijing11,647Yes 
Beijing No. 80 High SchoolBeijing11,226Yes 
Beijing National Day SchoolBeijing11,226No 
Changsha Yali High SchoolChangsha7,858Yes 
Shijiazhuang No. 2 Middle SchoolShijiazhuang2,526Yes 
Chengdu No. 7 High SchoolChangsha15,155Yes 

As you can see from the above table the fee/year in the top school from our high school rankings is not much as compared to other countries. You can easily get started with these schools and pursue your career in this country by getting a quality education. The only thing you should make sure that the high school stands on a prominent position in the list. Also, you should make sure that the subject you are interested in is available in that specific school. 

High School Rankings | Top 10 Picks For Higher Education [2024 Updated] - WuKong Education Blog

Building of Beijing No. 4 High School

Once you have chosen a high school for your studies, you shouldn’t go there quickly. But you should learn the Chinese language first. It is because you will find most of your subjects in the Chinese language. If you don’t know how to get started with it, you should go for a free trial of the Wukong Chinese course. This platform offers you comprehensive courses for being proficient in this language. Doesn’t matter whether you are looking for basic learning/speaking skills or advanced communication skills, you can expect the required outcomes there. You can choose a course from this platform as per your learning requirements. Moreover, it allows you to join live classes with the instructor to learn effectively and clear your doubts. 

Part 5. FAQs

What Is The Best High School In China?

We can consider the high schools affiliated with RDFZ best among other schools in the country. You will find multiple schools from this chain in the list of high school rankings.

What Is The Equivalent Of High School In China?

The three-year educational turn of the high school in China is considered equivalent to the senior secondary education. It is considered the period of classes from grade 10 to 12.

How To Apply For Education In China?

You can apply for the education in China online if you are a foreigner. You only have to explore the list of high school rankings and choose the school that is suitable for your course.

Part 6. Summary

By reading this blog about high school rankings, you will be aware of some best schools to pursue your students. You can get quality education from this country’s schools by investing a little money because of its economical educational system. It will be pretty simple for you to complete your studies and apply for the next course in any country because of its certificate’s acceptance. 

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