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2 Best Chinese Schools To Learn | 3 Things To Consider

Learning Chinese, undoubtedly, is one of the most complicated tasks for the students. Doesn’t matter whether you are a native Chinese or not, you will find it hard to memorize the rules for learning this language. But you can simplify the process of learning this language by choosing a reliable Chinese school. By joining the best school for Chinese learning, you will learn under the supervision of qualified and professional instructors. If you haven’t found the right choice now or want to learn about the factors to consider when choosing the best Chinese school, this blog is written for you.

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Part 1. Chinese International School In Hong Kong

If you are from China or moving to the country for higher education or business, you should learn this language for proper communication. No other Chinese school is better than the Chinese International School in Hong Kong to be proficient in this language. You can join this school for physical classes and learn this language from basic to advanced.

The best thing about this school is that it has highly qualified native teachers to help you learn this language. Unlike other Chinese schools, it doesn’t restrict the students to join only boring lectures. As a student, you will participate in different co-curricular activities to make your mind fresh and get back to learning.

Part 1. Chinese International School In Hong Kong

Chinese International School Hong Kong Homepage

Additionally, this Chinese school makes sure that you are being taught in a fun way by your teachers. The course content will be set according to your previous knowledge, grade level, and age. So, you can say that this Chinese school offers versatile teaching for learning this language effectively.

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Part 2. Best Online Chinese Platform To Learn Chinese

For those who are living outside China but looking to learn Chinese for future use, the WuKong Chinese course is the best one for them. This course is designed under the supervision of native Chinese teachers to let the students learn deep concepts. For a better understanding of students, this Chinese school makes sure to arrange small-group classes only. Moreover, you can also ask for a 1-to-1 class with your instructor to clear your doubts or highly focused learning. 

Part 2. Best Online Chinese Platform To Learn Chinese

WuKong Chinese Course

Course Details

Suitable for: Students with ages 3 to 18.

Mode of Teaching/Learning: Online live classes

Sessions Included: Minimum 12

Session Duration: 30 to 60 minutes for every session

Course Structure: This course has been divided into four core courses having 32 levels collectively. The students of different ages and grade levels will join lessons according to their knowledge and understanding levels. 

Key Specifications of the WuKong Chinese Course

Different Content for Various Courses

WuKong Chinese Course is divided into 4 core courses having different course content. You can enroll yourself in any of those courses according to your knowledge and grade level.

Addition of Supplementary Courses

For better learning, 5 supplementary courses are included in this Chinese course. These courses will help you be better in different sections like pinyin, speaking like a native Chinese, and others.

Native Teachers/Instructors

This course is conducted under the supervision of native Chinese instructors. They will teach the students by heart because they have their souls connected with the tradition and culture. 

Student-Centric Classrooms

WuKong Chinese Course is based on the student-centric concept. Due to this, the classrooms are organized with inquiry learning and project-based learning concepts. Both these concepts help the students clear their doubts and learn effectively.

Part 3. What To Look For While Choosing A Chinese School?

Normally, people just do a simple search on the internet and choose a Chinese school from the first page. Undoubtedly, they can be extraordinary institutes in their dimensions. But those schools don’t need to be the perfect pick for you all the time. You should consider some factors before finalizing a Chinese school and enrolling yourself in it. Here are those important factors that you should keep in your mind.


The very first thing you should consider while selecting a Chinese school for better outcomes is the pricing. Many students think they will get premium quality education from highly expensive schools. It is completely wrong because you may lose your money and time.

Abide by this, you should consider a Chinese school with a pricing chart. It means that you need to make sure that the school you are interested in isn’t charging more than the market rates. So, you should go for a quick comparison of its pricing with other schools available on the Internet.

Class Size

Another important factor that you should consider for the right Chinese school selection is the class size. Be mindful that learning this language isn’t a hot cup of tea. You have to be focused on the instructor’s guidelines which is only possible when there are minimum students.

Class Size

Chinese School Students

So, you should make sure the class size isn’t too large to create a disturbance in your learning. Moreover, you can also check which language they use to teach you. For example, if you are a native English speaker, you should choose a class in which you will be taught in this language instead of pure Chinese.

Time Flexibility

Last but not least, you can also consider the time flexibility while choosing a Chinese school. It will help you understand whether the school is suitable for your learning or not. It might be possible that you are busy with some other stuff at the time when class is conducted. With the help of time flexibility, you can make sure that you can join it in your required time instead of being there all the time.

Part 4. FAQs

How Many Summer Chinese School Holidays In 2024?

There will be 8 week break in Chinese schools as summer holidays for 2024. You can contact your school for detailed instructions about the summer break for your Chinese school.

What Is The Chinese School System?

The Chinese school system is based on different phases that range from pre-school learning to senior high school education. In between these levels, is a nine-year compulsory education phase lies that varies from elementary to junior high school. On the other side, the special education sector is different for disabled or special students.

Part 5. Summary

We hope you have learned how you can choose the best Chinese school for your learning. By following the above factors, you can easily make sure that you are going with the right platform for extraordinary learning. Moreover, we have listed the best picks for physical and online learning of the Chinese language. 

From that list, we recommend the WuKong Chinese Course as the best one to choose. By learning from it, you will have deep understanding with the language and culture. The reason behind this is the deep connection of the instructors with the Chinese culture. 

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