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4 Exciting Ways To Say Happy New Year In Chinese Mandarin

Wishing your friends or colleagues a Chinese New Year can be a hectic task. It becomes harder if you don’t even know about the Chinese characters and struggle to memorize them. But we have wrapped up different exciting and most used ways to say Happy New Year in Chinese Mandarin for our readers. From this page, you can learn the methods that can help you wish your friends a Chinese New Year in a good manner and make them happy. We have wrapped up the Chinese characters that will be used for this purpose as well as their meanings in English to let you memorize them with ease. Let’s get started and learn how to say Happy New Year in Chinese.

4 Exciting Ways To Say Happy New Year In Chinese Mandarin - WuKong Blog

Happy New Year in Mandarin

Part 1. When Does Chinese New Year Come?

Before you go and learn the ways of saying Happy New Year in Chinese Mandarin, you should know when this event comes. Unlike the Western New Year, the Chinese year is based on the lunar movement and it starts between January and February. There is not a fixed date on which this year starts but it comes on any of the dates of these months. Actually, Chinese New Year starts at the beginning of the spring which means this event and spring season are connected deeply. So, you can say that this event will occur when the spring season starts. That’s why it is also called the Spring Festival and native people also connect with this season when saying Happy New Year in Chinese Mandarin. If you have any friends from the native Chinese culture, you should wish them this event in a good manner because it is of great importance to them. Also, be mindful that the main focus of your words should be to wish them good fortune, health, and financial stability for the year that is about to come.

Part 2. 4 Ways To Say Happy New Year In Chinese Mandarin

While searching for the ways of saying Happy New Year in Chinese Mandarin, you will find a long list of approaches. It is because people use different quotes, words, and phrases to wish their belongings this event. Undoubtedly, non-native speakers won’t be capable of memorizing all those ways, but native speakers can do. For your ease, we have listed the 4 most used and exciting ways to wish the beginning of the Chinese New Year to your friends/colleagues. We are sure you can make them happy by using any of these methods and wishing them with these sweet words.

#1. 春节快乐 (Happy Spring Festival)

As mentioned earlier, Happy New Year Chinese starts with the blossom of the Spring season. That’s why, the native speakers also wish this event by connecting the words related to that specific season. For this wish, they use “春节快乐” which is the combination of two words pronouncing “Chunjie kuaile”. Both these words give a combined meaning of “Happy Spring Festival”. As the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival come on the same dates, that’s why native speakers use this approach to wish Happy New Year in Chinese Mandarin. 

#2. 新年好 (New Year Goodness)

Chinese are considered the most superstitious nations in the world and look at every event with keen interest and focus. This is the reason you will find most of the Happy New Year in Chinese Mandarin including the words of goodness, good luck, fortune, etc. Here is another way to wish this event to your Chinese friends and make them happy. You can use the characters “新年好” that pronounce “sshin nyen haoww” and means “New Year Goodness”. The main purpose of using these characters is to wish the receiver goodness for the coming year. Chinese are always conscious while wishing this event to their colleagues because they think the words they use at the beginning of the year will decide the fortune for the person for the coming year. 

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#3. 恭喜发财 (Happiness & Prosperity)

A prominent proportion of Chinese native speakers use “恭喜发财” to wish others a prosperous life for the following year. The above Chinese characters are used to wish good luck to the receiver and wish to be happy and prosper for that year. It is a symbol to tell the person that the sender is concerned with their fortune and prays for a better future for them. Isn’t it a good way to say Happy New Year in Chinese Mandarin? It is absolutely a good approach because you are wishing someone to have prosperity and happiness for the following year. 

#4. 新年好 (Good New Year)

No denying, that you can’t wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year in the Spring festival. It can be because you may have a large group of friends or are busy with your family. In turn, you should use this approach to say Happy New Year in Chinese Mandarin even after the event has ended. The Chinese character “新年好” represents “Good Luck” for the receiver. It is an effective approach to start your conversation with your friends whom you have missed while wishing a Chinese Happy New Year. We recommend picking these characters and sharing them with them via any possible approach. 

Part 3. Is It Good To Say Chinese Happy New Year In English?

For many people, it is still a confusion whether it is good to say Happy New Year in Chinese Mandarin or English to their native colleagues. Undoubtedly, you can wish them in the English language too but it won’t leave a good impact. The reason is that Chinese people respect their country, language, nation, and culture. They feel proud to use their native language instead of English or any other language. That is the reason you should choose Happy New Year in Chinese Mandarin words to make them happy and be prominent for them. You will lose your importance if you choose English or any other language to wish this specific event to them.

4 Exciting Ways To Say Happy New Year In Chinese Mandarin - WuKong Blog

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Part 4. FAQs

What Is The Word For Chinese New Year?

Multiple words can be used for Chinese New Year. Some of those words have been listed above with detailed meanings and their impacts.

How Do You Say Happy New Year In Chinese Mandarin?

You can choose any of the above-mentioned ways to say Happy New Year in Chinese Mandarin as per your relationship with the person. The best approach is to pick a gift or visit your friend on this day to have a happy conversation and use Chinese characters for this wish. 

Does The Chinese New Year Start On January 1st?

No, the Chinese New Year is based on a lunar Calander that doesn’t start on January 1st like the Western New Year. 

Part 5. Summary

By reading the above blog, you must have learned the effective ways to say Happy New Year in Chinese Mandarin. We have discussed the ways that are considered to be most effective instead of choosing the random ones. You can make your friends/colleagues happy if they belong to this culture by picking any of the above Chinese characters and using them to wish this particular event to them.




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