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Top 7 Online Homeschool Math Curriculum & Program for PreK-12 [2024]

Are you a homeschooling parent feeling overwhelmed by the search for the perfect math curriculum? Wondering which option will best suit your child’s learning style and needs? Fear not! In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the top 7 online homeschool math curriculum choices for all ages. From interactive programs to traditional textbooks, we’ll explore the diverse options available to simplify your quest. Join us as we navigate through the maze of math curriculum options, aiming to make your homeschooling journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Top 7 Homeschool Math Curriculum & Program for PreK-12 [2024]

List Of Best Homeschool Math Curriculum:

Apps to Learn ChineseFunctionalityUser-FriendlinessAffordabilityRecommendedFor Grades
WuKong MathGlobal curriculum with live classes and interactive small-group sessions for comprehensive math learning.Engaging live instruction and flexible scheduling across all global time zones.Competitive pricing with flexible payment options($23.86+/Lesson) and free trial classes available for new users. Also provides free downloadable math worksheets.★★★★★1-12
Saxon MathIncremental learning with constant review, hands-on manipulatives for elementary levels.Structured approach with comprehensive resources including workbooks and instructional DVDs.Moderate cost, around $100 per grade level for complete packages.★★★★K-12
SplashLearnAdaptive learning paths with gamified practice sessions and interactive tutorials.Engaging, game-based approach that keeps young learners motivated and interested.Subscription model, free sign-up with plans from $7.99 to $11.99 per month.★★★★Pre-K-5
Life of FredStory-based learning emphasizing conceptual understanding over memorization.Independent learning through engaging stories and minimal parental involvement.Cost-effective, with each book priced around $20.★★★1-12
RightStart MathHands-on learning with manipulatives and an inductive approach to problem-solving.Interactive, visual learning with a focus on critical thinking.Moderate cost, around $110-$120 per math set.★★★★K-12
Beast AcademyComic-based curriculum that teaches math through engaging stories and characters.Innovative, fun, and challenging approach to learning math.Reasonable cost, between $15 to $25 per book and $96 per year for subscriptions.★★★K-12
VideoText MathMultimedia-based learning focusing on algebra and critical thinking.Mastery method with online videos and telephone support for additional assistance.Higher cost, ranging from $175-$450 for online access.★★★★8-12

1. WuKong Math: A Global Approach to Homeschool Math Curriculum

Discovering the math whiz in every child is the mission at WuKong Math. With a curriculum suitable for students worldwide, spanning grades 1 to 12, WuKong offers live math classes designed to reignite children’s love for mathematics. With experienced math instructors leading live instruction and blended classes, including interactive small-group sessions online, WuKong Math ensures a dynamic learning experience.

WuKong Math: A Global Approach to Homeschool Math Curriculum


  • Live Instruction by Experienced Instructors: WuKong Math offers live math classes taught by experienced instructors from around the globe, including the United States, Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 
  • Interactive Online 1-to-1 & Small-Group Sessions: The curriculum includes blended classes with interactive small-group sessions online, ensuring personalized attention and fostering a collaborative learning environment. 
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: WuKong Math provides a comprehensive curriculum with copyrighted courses and a clear grading system. 
  • Flexible Scheduling: WuKong Math is available in all 24 global time zones, allowing students to study with a dedicated teacher at a set schedule. 
  • Accreditation and Recognition: WuKong Math has achieved top scores from Cognia®, the world’s largest international education quality certification organization. Students have the opportunity to apply for Cognia® transcripts and academic certificates, which can enhance their applications to prestigious institutions worldwide.


  • Currently only math courses for grades 1-12

Discovering the maths whiz in every child,
that’s what we do.

Suitable for students worldwide, from grades 1 to 12.

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2. Saxon Math: A Traditional Approach to Homeschool Math Curriculum

Saxon Math has been a staple in homeschooling for its structured and traditional approach. Suitable for grades kindergarten through 12th grade, Saxon Math emphasizes repetition and mastery of mathematical concepts.

Saxon Math


  • Alignment with Common Core Standards: Saxon Math aligns its curriculum with Common Core standards, ensuring that homeschooled students receive education that is recognized and compatible with mainstream educational requirements.
  • Placement Tests Available: For new homeschoolers, Saxon Math provides placement tests to assist in determining the appropriate grade-level placement for students. 
  • Comprehensive Resources: The curriculum includes manipulatives for elementary levels and instructional DVDs for higher grades, catering to different learning styles and providing additional support through visual aids.
  • Spiral Approach: Saxon Math employs a spiral approach, which revisits math topics over time while introducing new concepts. 


  • Drill-Based Learning: Some students may find the drill-based approach of Saxon Math repetitive and less engaging. 
  • Limited Emphasis on Critical Thinking: While Saxon Math focuses on building a strong foundation in mathematical skills, it may lack emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving skills compared to other curricula. 
  • Time-consuming and laborious: Some families find the daily exercises time-consuming and laborious, which may not be able to coordinate with their home schooling schedule.
  • The content may be repetitive and monotonous: The constant review and practice may be monotonous and boring for students who can grasp concepts quickly, thus lacking engagement.
  • Fewer hands-on activities: “Saxon Math” is mainly based on workbooks, which may not meet the needs of students who need hands-on and interactive learning.

3. SplashLearn: A Personalized Approach to Homeschool Math Curriculum

SplashLearn offers an adaptive math program designed to cater to the individual needs and preferences of students from pre-K to 5th grade to learn math. With personalized learning paths and gamified practice sessions, SplashLearn aims to make math learning enjoyable and effective.



  • Adaptive Learning Paths: SplashLearn’s adaptive learning paths adjust to each student’s proficiency level, providing personalized instruction that meets students where they are. 
  • Gamified Practice Sessions: SplashLearn incorporates gamification into its practice sessions, making math learning fun and engaging for students. 
  • Interactive Tutorials: SplashLearn offers interactive tutorials that help students understand math concepts in a visual and interactive way. 
  • Parent Dashboard: SplashLearn provides a parent dashboard that allows parents to actively monitor their child’s progress and performance.


  • A few additional learning materials could be provided along the games
  • Limited Coverage Beyond 5th Grade: While SplashLearn offers a comprehensive math curriculum for students up to 5th grade, it may lack coverage beyond this level. 
  • Monthly Subscription Fees: SplashLearn operates on a subscription-based model, with monthly fees ranging from $7.99 to $11.99 per month. 

4. Life of Fred: An Engaging Story-Based Homeschool Math Curriculum

Life of Fred takes a unique approach to homeschool math curriculum by presenting math concepts through entertaining stories. Catering to independent math learners from grades 1 to 12, Life of Fred aims to make math learning enjoyable and relatable.

Life of Fred:


  • Engaging Story Format: Life of Fred’s story-based approach makes math learning fun and engaging for students. 
  • Conceptual Understanding: Life of Fred focuses on teaching conceptual understanding rather than rote memorization of math facts. 
  • Flexible Pacing: Life of Fred’s flexible pacing allows students to progress through the curriculum at their own speed. 
  • No Additional Teaching Guides Required: Life of Fred’s self-contained nature means that no additional teaching guides or scripts are required for parents. 


  • Lack of Structured Lessons: While the story-based format of Life of Fred may appeal to some students, others may struggle with the lack of structured lessons. 
  • Limited Availability Beyond High School Level: While Life of Fred covers math concepts up to high school level, it may lack availability of resources beyond this level. 
  • Varied Parental Involvement: Depending on the age and independence of the student, Life of Fred may require varying levels of parental involvement. 
  • Non-Traditional Assessment Methods: Life of Fred’s assessment methods may differ from traditional approaches, which could pose challenges for homeschooled students transitioning to standardized testing or other assessment formats. 

5. RightStart Math: A Hands-On Homeschool Math Curriculum

RightStart Math stands out for its hands-on approach and emphasis on critical thinking skills. Inspired by the Montessori method, RightStart Math aims to make math learning interactive and engaging for students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

RightStart Math


  • Hands-On Approach: RightStart Math uses hands-on manipulatives and materials to teach math concepts, making abstract mathematical concepts more tangible and easier to understand for students. 
  • Inductive Learning: RightStart Math employs an inductive learning approach, encouraging students to explore and discover mathematical concepts through guided experimentation and problem-solving activities
  • AL Abacus Tool: RightStart Math incorporates the AL Abacus, a unique tool that helps students visualize and manipulate numbers, leading to a better understanding of arithmetic concepts. 
  • Suitability for Visual and Kinesthetic Learners: RightStart Math’s hands-on approach and use of manipulatives make it particularly suitable for visual and kinesthetic learners who learn best through interactive experiences and physical exploration.


  • Requirement for Parental Involvement: RightStart Math requires significant parental involvement in lesson delivery and supervision, especially in the early grades. 
  • Relatively Higher Cost: Compared to some other homeschool math curricula, RightStart Math may have a relatively higher cost due to the need to purchase specialized manipulatives and materials. 
  • Potential Learning Curve: Implementing RightStart Math may require an adjustment period for both students and parents, particularly if they are accustomed to more traditional approaches to math education. 

6. Beast Academy: A Comic-Based Homeschool Math Curriculum

Beast Academy stands out for its innovative comic-based approach to math education. Designed for students from kindergarten to 12th grade, Beast

Academy aims to make math learning engaging and enjoyable through its unique blend of comics and challenging problem-solving activities.

Beast Academy


  • Engaging Comic Format: Beast Academy’s comic-based format makes math learning fun and accessible for students of all ages. 
  • Emphasis on Problem-Solving Skills: Beast Academy places a strong emphasis on developing problem-solving skills and mathematical reasoning. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage of Math Topics: Beast Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of math topics from kindergarten to 12th grade. 
  • Encouragement of Independent Thinking: Beast Academy encourages independent thinking and self-directed learning, empowering students to take ownership of their education and explore math concepts at their own pace. 


  • Potential Learning Curve: The comic-based format of Beast Academy may not appeal to all students, particularly those who prefer more traditional approaches to math education. 
  • Cost of Resources: While Beast Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum, the cost of purchasing the necessary resources, such as textbooks and workbooks, may be prohibitive for some homeschooling families. 
  • Limited Availability of Support: Beast Academy primarily relies on self-directed learning, which may pose challenges for students who require additional support or guidance. 

7. VideoText Math: A Multimedia Approach to Homeschool Math Curriculum

VideoText Math offers a multimedia-based curriculum designed to teach critical thinking skills and algebra to students from 8th to 12th grade

VideoText Math


  • Multimedia Format: VideoText Math utilizes multimedia resources, including instructional videos and workbooks, to deliver math lessons in a dynamic and engaging format. 
  • Mastery-Based Learning: VideoText Math employs a mastery-based approach to learning, which emphasizes thorough understanding and mastery of each concept before progressing to the next. 
  • Online Access to Resources: VideoText Math provides online access to instructional videos and supplementary materials, allowing students to study and review course materials at their convenience. 
  • Telephone Support: VideoText Math offers telephone support for students who need additional assistance or clarification on course materials. 


  • Limited Coverage Beyond Algebra and Geometry: While VideoText Math offers comprehensive coverage of algebra and geometry, it may lack resources for more advanced math topics. 
  • Dependency on Technology: VideoText Math relies heavily on technology for course delivery, which may pose challenges for homeschooling families without reliable internet access or access to suitable devices. 
  • Limited Interaction: While VideoText Math provides telephone support for students, it may lack opportunities for peer interaction and collaboration. 

FAQs on Homeschool Math Curriculum

Q1. How can I ensure my child stays motivated while using a homeschool math curriculum?

Incorporate interactive activities, rewards systems, breaks, and varied teaching methods to keep learning engaging and enjoyable, fostering intrinsic motivation and a positive attitude towards math.

Q2. Is it possible to customize a homeschool math curriculum to suit my child’s individual needs?

Yes, many homeschool math programs offer flexibility, allowing you to adjust pacing, content, and teaching methods to match your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences.

Q3. What resources are available to supplement a homeschool math curriculum?

Online tutorials, educational games, math manipulatives, tutoring services, and community resources can complement and enhance homeschool math instruction, providing additional support and enrichment opportunities.


In this article, we explored the top 7 homeschool math curriculum options, including Saxon Math, SplashLearn, Life of Fred, RightStart Math, Beast Academy, and VideoText Math. Each program has its own benefits in terms of functionality, user-friendliness, and affordability. Choosing the right curriculum is important for your child’s math success. We highly recommend WuKong Math for its global approach and engaging live classes. By picking the best homeschool math curriculum, you can help your child improve their math skills and develop a love for learning.

Discovering the maths whiz in every child,
that’s what we do.

Suitable for students worldwide, from grades 1 to 12.

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