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ELA State Test | Major Sections & 4 Tips For ELA Test

Studying in an English country like the United States isn’t easy unless you are proficient in this language. You will face multiple problems like communication barriers or find it harder to understand your subjects too. To let the students be proficient and evaluate their level of language, the ELA state test is organized in different states of the US. Every student for grade 3 and higher must clear this test and make sure that they are good in this skill. But it is hard for many non-native speakers to clear this test and have an ELA certificate. If you are also one of those, this blog will highlight 4 tips to let you pass this test.

Part 1. What Is The ELA State Test And Why It Is Conducted?

Before you explore the tips for an ELA state test, you must have an idea about what it is and why it is conducted. ELA is the short form of English Language Arts that is a specific exam conducted in different states of the US. This test is considered a standard test that indicates how proficient a student is in the English language speaking, reading, and writing. In short, the ELA state test indicates whether a student is capable of sitting in a classroom and understanding what the instructor is teaching. That is the main reason why this test has great importance and is accepted in hundreds of institutes in the United States. For every student, it is important to clear this test and submit the certificate to their school/college. There is an exception for non-native speakers in terms of this test. They don’t have to appear for the ELA state test for the first year in this country. Once they have completed a year in the country, they have to pass the NY ELA test and submit the certificate for confirmation.

Preview of ELA State Test

Preview of ELA State Test

Part 2. Major Parts Of The ELA State Test

ELA State test has two major sections in terms of content using which the student’s skill is evaluated. The first portion involves the Multiple-Choice Questions in which students are given statements with multiple options. A student has to use their knowledge of this language and choose the right option. For a better assessment, these questions mainly involve problem statements related to grammar, pronunciation, general communication, and related ones. In the second portion, the students are asked to appear for a writing assignment. The purpose of this assignment in the ELA state test is to evaluate the writing skills of the students. To clear this test, you must be proficient in grammar, writing, pronunciation, and sentence building. If you are weak in any of these sections, you will not be able to clear your test and have a passing certificate.

Part 3. 4 Tips To Prepare For The ELA State Test

Doesn’t matter which test or exam you are looking to enroll in, you just need guidance from experienced people. It is good to take advice and have a few tips when you are appearing for a test like the ELA state test. It is because you will have higher chances to clear your test and get a certificate. In this section, we have listed 5 proven tips that have helped our readers clear ELA state tests with prominent grades.

Participate In The Practice Test

The very first and most important advice in this regard is to test your skills and evaluate your knowledge. It is only possible when you have taken a few practice tests and checked your skills. You should look for an online resource and search for the ELA practice test. It will enable you to join a demo test with almost similar questions to complete. At the end, you will see the results that will automatically indicate whether you are prepared to participate in the test or still need improvements.

Read Comprehensions

When it comes to the ELA state test, you shouldn’t ignore the reading skills just because it is not part of your test. Be mindful that reading plays an important role when it comes to understanding the statements of the multiple questions. You can’t understand what is written or misinterpret the statement if you are unable to read it properly. Moreover, you may have an unexpected communication with the instructor/teacher that may lead you to bad grades on this test. So, you should read comprehensions from different books, journals, or papers to make sure that you have a good grip on English reading.

Improve Your Writing Skills

As mentioned earlier, the second major part of your ELA state test includes the writing phase. You can’t ignore this part and keep looking for improvements in your writing skills. It is right to say that with average-quality writing you will never be able to pass your exam. Also, it will make your educational career in this country hard. So, you should always be positive and passionate when it comes to writing. It is good to practice writing essays and paragraphs on different topics and check the mistakes after completion. With this, you will be able to know what level of writing skills you have and what kind of improvements you need.

Join An Online Course

One of the best methods to prepare for your ELA state test and clear it is by joining an online course. It is because you will neither get better advice nor proper evaluation unless you have a proficient instructor to teach and examine your progress. We have evaluated multiple platforms to choose the best for you and found the Wukong ELA course the best. The main reason for being the best is the course for every grade’s student. It doesn’t impose complicated English on every student but organizes different classes depending on the grades of the students. Moreover, you will get a qualified, professional, and experienced ELA teacher to instruct you and guide you on how to prepare for the ELA state test. In short, Wukong English will be the best choice for you when it comes to searching for an online resource or course to continue your ELA state test learning.

Homepage of ELA Course by Wukong

Homepage of ELA Course by Wukong

留资卡片:英文(en): Book Now-Online Language Arts classes for students in grades 3-6


What Is The Ny State ELA Test?

It is a standard test that is conducted to check the English proficiency and knowledge of the students. Many states in the US including New York conduct this test for high school students.

How Do I Study For An ELA Quiz?

You can join a course like Wukong English from where you can learn different sections related to the English language. In addition to this, you can also join a practice test for the ELA exam and estimate whether you have enough knowledge about the language or need improvements.

Are Nys ELA Tests Compulsory?

For the students studying in the grade 3 or above, it is compulsory to clear NYS ELA because without it they may not be able to get admission in their schools. If you have just moved to the US, you can continue your education for 1 year without this test. But you have to clear it after your first year in this country.


In the above blog, we have discussed the ELA state test in detail. You must have an idea about what this test is and how you can prepare yourself after reading the above-mentioned tips. It is right to say that you will have comprehensive information about this specific test and be ready to clear it for your further educational career.