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Horse Chinese Zodiac | Its Personality, Qualities, And Years

Among other animals like the Tiger, Ox, and Rat, the Horse also has an important spot in the Chinese zodiac. Undoubtedly, all of these are based on the Chinese lunar Calander. But the expectations are different for every animal and the people who were born in that specific Chinese animal year. In this blog, we aim to highlight everything related to the Horse Chinese zodiac. By reading this blog, you will learn about this specific animal’s importance in the Chinese culture as well as the personality impact on the people.

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Part 1. Horse Chinese Zodiac Overview

Chinese zodiac Calander has a cycle of 12 years from which every year belongs to one animal. The Horse Chinese zodiac stands in the seventh position in between the Snake and Goat Chinese zodiacs. In this culture, it is strongly believed that the person who was born in this year will have similar properties to the horse. Moreover, it is also believed that the events from the same year will also be connected with this animal and its qualities. In short, the entire is believed to be connected with the horse and its qualities.

Horse Chinese Zodiac | Its Personality, Qualities, And Years - WuKong Education Blog

Horse Chinese zodiac symbol

Importance of Horse in Chinese Culture

Horse is one of those animals that have great importance in this culture. This animal is considered a symbol of enthusiasm, speed, and extreme energy. It means that the horse is considered to be strong and fast enough to go ahead than other animals. Moreover, the horse is considered as active and fast as the fire is. That’s why, the people from the Horse Chinese zodiac get exceptional attention from the believers.

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Part 2. Horse Chinese Zodiac Years

As mentioned earlier, the Chinese zodiac includes 12 years in which an animal year keeps on rotating after a cycle of 12. The Horse Chinese zodiac also comes after every 12 years. Every year belongs to one of the elements specified in this culture, i.e., Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Here is the list of previous Horse Chinese zodiac years since 1915.

Horse YearStarting DateEnding DateElement
191811 Feb 191831 Jan 1919Earth
193030 Jan 193016 Feb 1931Metal
194215 Feb 19424 Feb 1943Water
19543 Feb 195423 Jan 1955Wood
196621 Jan 19668 Feb 1967Fire
19787 Feb 197827 Jan 1979Earth
199027 Jan 199014 Feb 1991Metal
200212 Feb 200231 Jan 2003Water
201431 Jan 201418 Feb 2015Wood
202617 Feb 20265 Feb 2027Fire

The relationship with a specified element of every Horse Chinese zodiac changes the expected qualities and outcomes for that year. It means that the properties/events of the Earth Horse will be different from the Wood Horse. So, you should understand the elements to predict something about the person who belongs to the Chinese Horse zodiac year.

Horse Chinese Zodiac | Its Personality, Qualities, And Years - WuKong Education Blog

Horse years and other zodiac animals

Part 3. Properties Of Horse Chinese Zodiac

Like other animals, the Horse also has specific properties that impact the Horse Chinese zodiac personality as per their belief. Some of its major properties are speed, energy, and activeness. As per their belief, the person who belongs to this year will be faster than other fellows of his age group. Moreover, they believe that the person will be more energetic and active to achieve their goals and ready to take challenges and overcome problems. Also, the person is encouraged to be master of their skills because they think the person can be a master of their work like a horse can be a master of the ring. In short, the entire belief stands on the qualities of the horse. The major drawback of such people is being less confident because the horse is considered to be less wise as compared to other animals like tigers. That’s why people who belong to the Horse Chinese zodiac are considered to be less intelligent and confident as compared to their colleagues.

Horse Chinese Zodiac | Its Personality, Qualities, And Years - WuKong Education Blog

Lucky numbers and colors horse zodiac

Part 4. Famous Personalities From The Chinese Horse Zodiac

Undoubtedly, people from all the Chinese zodiac years have gained popularity in their professions/fields. But the Horse Chinese zodiac has exceptional people on its list. It might be possible that those people don’t believe in the Chinese culture in their lives.

But their date of birth shows that the Chinese Horse zodiac has left a great impact on their lives and achievements. Here are a few famous personalities that should be listed.

  • Sir Isaac Newton: Born in 1642
  • Max Plant: Born in 1858
  • Neil Armstrong: Born in 1930
  • James Cameron: Born in 1954

Part 5. Predictions For Horse Chinese Zodiac For 2024

In addition to lucky/unlucky things, the Chinese also have a strong belief in astrology. It is common for them to consult with such professionals and ask for predictions for the coming years. Undoubtedly, every year is connected with a particular animal. But the people from other animal Chinese years also have impacts from other zodiac years too. Here we have discussed the upcoming horoscope for the people who belong to the Horse year of the Chinese zodiac.

If you belong to the Horse Chinese zodiac, 2024 will be a little jumpy for you. It won’t be as smooth as 2023 and you may have to face obstacles to reach your goal. It might be possible that you face multiple problems that need to be tackled to move ahead to get your aim. Moreover, it might be possible that you face unexpected problems in terms of financial crisis, health issues, and others. So, it is good to be cautious and take care of every important decision you are going to make this year. It is better to avoid making instant decisions about the major goal of your life.

Part 6. FAQs

What Is The Chinese Horse Personality?

As per Chinese culture, the Horse is considered to be an animal with extreme energy, activeness, and speed.

Is Horse Chinese Zodiac Lucky In 2024?

It may be a bumpy ride for the Horse Chinese zodiac as per astrology. You may face a bumpy experience in terms of finance and health in the following year.

Who Is Horse Compatible With?

In terms of love, the Horse Chinese zodiac is compatible with a tiger, goat, or dog zodiac. You should choose your partner with any of these zodiac signs if you belong to the Horse.

Part 7. Summary

Having distinct properties among other Chinese zodiac animals, the Horse became important in different fields. No doubt, professional people don’t consider these zodiac signs. But the pure believer of this culture prefers to pick the Horse Chinese zodiac candidate for their quick and sensitive tasks. It is because these people are considered to be highly energetic and active to avoid problems.