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How Many Hours Does It Take To Learn Chinese In 2024?

Learning Chinese has become common throughout the globe because of its extensive use. Doesn’t matter whether you are living in China or any other country, you will find native Chinese speakers in your surroundings. For those who are learning this language, it is common to think about how many hours does it take to learn Chinese. It is because every person wants to have an estimated time that is needed to learn this language properly. From this blog, you can learn how many hours you have to spend learning Chinese. We will also share a few tips to boost the learning process and shorten the duration. Let us help you learn one of the most spoken languages in the world.

Part 1. How Many Hours Does It Take To Learn Chinese?

On average, learning Chinese isn’t a task that can be completed within hours. You must have to invest years to become proficient in this language. As per research, you have to spend around 4 to 6 years which comes out to be 2200 to 3500 hours to learn Chinese. You have to be proactive in this period to learn this language and become a proficient user. Be mindful that this duration is evaluated and mentioned for those who are looking to become fluent speakers of this language. If you are looking to have a basic knowledge of it, you don’t need to search for how many hours does it take to learn Chinese. The reason is you can do so in a short time by utilizing your energy in the right way. In the next sections, we will share a few tips that can help you learn more and become a good speaker of this language.

Part 2. Why Learning Chinese Is Hard And Time-Consuming?

While learning about how many hours does it take to learn Chinese, it is common to wonder why it is hard to learn this language. Multiple reasons are making learning difficult, even for native children. It means that you aren’t facing issues in learning because you are a non-native. But a prominent proportion of native people don’t even know 70% of the Chinese literature. The most prominent reason is the extensive list of characters in its literature. Unlike the English language, the Chinese language includes more than 100k characters (as per some dictionaries). It is almost impossible for a person to memorize them and understand when a specific character is used. Most native speakers know only 5000 to 7000 characters of this literature. It is because this range of character is enough for proper communication, writing, studying, and performing other related tasks. But the main thing to consider is that it is not a piece of cake to remember even 5000 characters of the Chinese language. You have to spend a lot of time and focus on learning for months or even years to become fluent in these characters. As mentioned above in response to how many hours does it take to learn Chinese, you may have to spend around 2000+ hours of your life to become fluent in the Chinese language.

Common Sentences in Chinese

Common Sentences in Chinese

Part 3. How Much Time You Should Spend Daily Learning The Chinese Language?

It is good to break down the entire duration of learning the Chinese language daily hours/time requirement. If you can set a schedule as per this requirement, you may be able to keep growing smoothly. As per estimation, you have to spend around 1 and a half hours every day to learn this language.  Undoubtedly, you can extend this duration to speed up the process. But it is recommended to do it only when you have a good grip on the basics of this language. Also, you should not only focus on communication-based learning. But you should also explore other ways to learn this language like book reading, magazine learning, and others. By reading about how many hours does it take to learn Chinese, many people take a step back. The reason is they feel it may not be possible for them. Keep in mind that you can learn this language with a little focus and by sticking to the daily base learning.

Part 4. Tips To Learn Chinese Quickly

Don’t worry if you are worried after reading how many hours does it take to learn Chinese when we are here to help you. In this section, we have wrapped a few tips to help you learn the Chinese language quickly. By employing these tips, you may be able to learn this language from basic to regular use within a short time.

Practice Daily

When you are struggling with the memorizing of Chinese characters, nothing can work better than practice. It is compulsory to practice writing/reading its characters for a specific time. No need to spend hours on this practice as you can also do this for a few minutes like 20 minutes per day. You only have to make sure that you are practicing what you have learned about this language. It will also help you learn this language instead of spending a lot of time about what you have learned above in terms of how many hours does it take to learn Chinese.

Watch Chinese Movies

The second effective method of learning Chinese for communication is through movies. Be mindful that you can go with this approach only when you have basic knowledge of this language/literature. If you don’t have basic familiarity, don’t go with this. Also, you should make sure that you are watching the movie with Chinese subtitles. Without them, you will not be able to understand what the characters are saying. You can also convert those subtitles to English to have an idea about their meanings. That is the main reason why this method is considered effective for learning the Chinese language.

Read Magazines/Papers

Understanding basic Chinese characters may not be hard but memorizing them is a complicated task. You can simplify it with the help of Chinese magazines and papers. These documents can help you read the Chinese characters and understand how they are written. In simple words, it enables you to improve your reading and writing at the same time. So, you don’t need to look for the answer to how many hours does it take to learn Chinese when you have basic knowledge. You can extend it easily with the help of Chinese magazines and papers.

Join a Course

The most effective and fast method to learn the Chinese language is with the help of a course. You should join a course from the online platforms and get started with the learning. By doing so, you will not only learn this language but also have a proper way to get evaluated by the experts. If you are searching for a reliable pick to learn Chinese, you should connect with the Wukong Chinese course. It is a comprehensive course that is conducted under the supervision of highly professional and qualified instructors. From this platform, you will not only learn the Chinese language like a typical institute. You will have a fun experience where you can learn and play at the same time. Moreover, the instructors are using different fun activities to let the students remember this language and memorize its most used characters.

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Wukong Chinese Language Course

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How Quickly You Can Learn Chinese?

It all depends on you and your memory. But the main thing to consider is that you can’t learn the Chinese language like you learn English or other languages. You must have spent hours learning this language with average communication.

Can I Learn Chinese In 1 Month?

It is right to say that learning Chinese in 1 month is almost impossible. But you can learn a few radicals and most used characters in this time to start speaking this language with your fellows.

Should I Need A Course To Learn Chinese?

It is good to enroll yourself in a course for proper learning of the Chinese language. You should choose a course like Wukong Chinese where you can find professional and native instructors with various teaching techniques.


By reading this blog, you must have read how many hours does it take to learn Chinese. We have discussed the average time you need to spend on this learning. Keep in mind that the duration may go higher or lower depending on your learning ability and memory. So, you shouldn’t be afraid of the hours that have been mentioned above.




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