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How To Learn Chinese Language Easily? 3 Tips & Platforms

Being one of the most spoken languages in the world, many people want to be proficient in the Chinese language. But its multiple variants/types and extensive library of characters make it hard for a student or native kid to learn Chinese easily. If you are one of those, no need to worry now. We have written this blog on how to learn Chinese language easily. In this blog, we will share a few effective tips as well as a list of hand-picked platforms from where you can learn. It means that this blog will help you learn the tips to sharpen your Chinese language skills as well as reach the platforms to enhance your learning. Let’s get started and have a look at what we have got for learners like you.

how to learn Chinese language easily
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Part 1. Why It Is Important To Learn the Chinese Language?

Before you read how to learn Chinese language easily, it is good to know its importance. With this, you will be able to be more active towards your learning phase and try to get better but instant results. First of all, China is one of the strongest economies in the world. You can’t ignore its economy if you belong to a business field and looking to play among the big players. Most Chinese prefer to communicate in their native language because they give it great importance. So, you must be aware of this language to discuss your business with them and open new doors to success. Secondly, this country has an extensive and quality educational system that allows students from the entire world to come and study there. But most of the courses are taught in Chinese language instead of English or any other language. If you are unable to understand what the teacher is saying, you will not be able to become a successful student. Due to these reasons, it is important to know how to learn Chinese language easily.

Part 2. Can You Learn Chinese Language Easily At Home?

With the above discussion, you must be aware of the importance of learning the Chinese language. It is time to clarify another point that comes to mind while reading about how to learn Chinese language easily. Many people, especially non-native speakers, think they can learn the Chinese language from home. No doubt, it is possible by joining an online platform that will be shared below. But it doesn’t mean that you can be proficient in this language by following a few tips. You need an instructor who guides you on how to pronounce a specific character/word in this language. The Chinese language has over 50k characters instead of alphabets like the English language. So, you need a professional who tells you which characters are used commonly and important for learning. Without this, you may not be able to become a proficient student/speaker of the Chinese language.

Part 3. How To Learn Chinese Language Easily? 3 Tips To Follow

Till now, you have cleared your multiple doubts about learning the Chinese language. It is time to get a deep dive and read how to learn Chinese language easily or extend your vocabulary by following the most effective tips.

Start From Pinyin

The biggest mistake many learners make, while understanding how to learn Chinese language easily, is to not start from scratch. Mostly, students think they can learn this language and extend their vocabulary by reading magazines. But it is not possible unless you know the basic character pronunciation. It is only possible when you start with “Pinyin” which is considered the simplest character of the Chinese language. This step will help you learn the most basic parts of the language and understand how to pronounce them. It is right to say that the stronger base you will be able to get from this learning, the stronger your understanding of the language you will get. Also, it helps you join different characters and learn the new ones instead of struggling with the characters joining which is a common task in this language.

Use Flashcards

Another effective tip that can help you learn the Chinese language is the use of flashcards. Have you noticed that kids get a better understanding of the words and memorize them by previewing the pictures? You will get the same results when using Chinese flashcards for learning this language. On these cards, you will be able to see the printed pictures with the words/characters that are used to represent them. It is right to say that this is the most effective approach when it comes to following the tips on how to learn Chinese language easily. Moreover, you can also use the online flashcards to learn and evaluate your learning from these cards. Some platforms will also enable you to hear the words written on the flashcards. So, you will be able to learn the words, sketch them, and hear their pronunciation too.

Practice With A Partner

Once you think you have learned enough characters of the Chinese language, you should find a partner for practice. It is good to pick a native friend and communicate with them. You can find them online on social media or in your town if they live in your surroundings. This approach will help you understand the pronunciation as well as new words that they are using in their communications. No doubt, reading magazines and papers can also be beneficial for practicing your skills. But you will not be able to hear the pronunciation from those documents. When you are reading about how to learn Chinese language easily, you will find this suggestion in almost every guide. The reason is its high impact on learning and extending your skills/understanding of the language.

Part 4. Best Platforms To Learn Chinese Easily

As we have mentioned earlier, you can learn the Chinese language from home by following a few tips. But it is not possible to get the best results unless you have been connected with a reliable platform. To get better results and understand how to learn Chinese language easily, you should try any of the following platforms. We have hand-picked them after comprehensive research and analysis of the platforms.

Wukong Chinese

Depending on the facilities and professional teachers, Wukong is labeled as the best online platform for learning the Chinese language. The platform has worked a lot for outlining how to learn the Chinese language easily. They follow the 7-step method to teach their students from preview, learn, review, practice, reflect, assess, and apply. Moreover, it doesn’t follow pure teaching techniques and indulges students in different activities. You can also find different courses for the Chinese language depending on the age and previous knowledge of the student.

How To Learn Chinese Language Easily? 3 Tips & Platforms - WuKong Education Blog

Wukong Chinese Homepage


You can get started with Wukong to learn Chinese easily from home at the rate of $349. It has more pricing plans too that you can choose as per your requirements.


  • Different courses for various ages of students
  • Course content covers from basic to advanced
  • Advanced teaching techniques for memorizing
  • Multiple facilities like 1-1 class


  • Little expensive than others


Excellent teachers use a captivating and interactive app to teach Mandarin Chinese to youngsters. The teachers are patient, which is a big plus. 5/5 – From Trust Pilot


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Sometimes, nothing is better than a well-trained tutor in live sessions as per your time to learn Chinese easily. The reason is you will feel comfortable while joining a class because it is set to be at your preferred time. Prepely is the platform that allows you to experience this method of learning. From this platform, you can find qualified tutors that have been listed on this platform for learning in 1-1 class. No need to participate in the class lessons when you can do this with a dedicated professional. Moreover, you can set the pricing per lesson while searching for the teacher from this platform.

How To Learn Chinese Language Easily? 3 Tips & Platforms - WuKong Education Blog

Search Page of Preply


You can adjust the price range as per your requirements. But the minimum price is set to be $10 per lesson/session.


  • Professional and verified teachers
  • Fair pricing selection
  • 1-1 classes
  • 100s of teacher’s availability


  • No free trial/classes


Great platform for dedicated learners. Easy to find a tutor for your needs. So far, I’ve been improving my English on Preply and started to learn Japanese as a total beginner with noticeable results. 5/5 Maksym – Product Hunt


No need to worry about how to learn Chinese language easily when you can access FluentU. We all know that visual data engagement performs well when it comes to learning or memorizing. This platform is based on this concept and provides videos with Chinese subtitles. You can also click on any word shown in the subtitle to know its meaning and different versions. FluentU allows you to enjoy your favorite Chinese show and learn from it. But the major drawback is this platform is suitable for those who have basic knowledge of the language.

How To Learn Chinese Language Easily? 3 Tips & Platforms - WuKong Education Blog

FluentU Homepage


You can access this platform at a normal price of $29.99 per month. It also allows you to get a free trial of 14 days but you need to enter your payment information.


  • Extensive list of videos
  • Advanced features like subtitle information/details
  • Easy-to-navigate interface


  • Limited free trial
  • Best for learners with basic knowledge


The best thing about this app is the content. It’s all real, native speaker content, including extracts from the news, interviews, TV shows, documentaries, adverts, etc. 4/5 Jonah – Trust Pilot

Part 5. FAQs

How Can I Learn Chinese By Myself?

You can learn Chinese by yourself by following a few effective tips. For example, you can learn from the basics, understand the words, and read the papers. It will help you learn and practice the language and become proficient in it.

How Can I Learn The Chinese Language Fast?

You can follow different techniques like the use of flashcards, watching Chinese movies, and communicating with native speakers to learn this language fast. It will help you learn and practice at the same time.

How Can I Teach Myself To Speak Chinese?

You can teach yourself how to speak Chinese characters from different approaches. You can access the online flashcards and let them speak to understand words and repeat them. Also, you can watch the movies and then practice your learning with Chinese friends.

Part 6. Summary

The above blog has been discussed comprehensively on the topic of how to learn Chinese language easily. You must have understood the tips we have mentioned above in this guide. For your ease, we have also listed a few best platforms that you can access for learning from qualified teachers/professionals.