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Top 6 Platforms to Learn English Reading and Writing

Whether you are a frequent traveler, a student, or someone just stepping into the business world, understanding, reading, and writing English is pivotal to ensuring a smooth flow of information and creating an impact on the other person. 

However, today’s busy schedule makes it nearly impossible for someone to navigate to a physical learning center. And that is where the facility of online learning comes on the table. 

So, keep reading; the forthcoming content will discuss some fantastic English reading and writing platforms. In addition, it will inform you about what tips help you to learn English reading and writing. 

1. Wukongsch

Top 6 Platforms to Learn English Reading and Writing - WuKong Education Blog

Wukongsch is another fantastic site designed to cater to the needs of Chinese people and people of different regions. The service has over 4000 experts with over ten years of experience in other parts of the world. Thus, the learners, who come from over 100 countries, can effortlessly learn the language from teachers who belong to their own culture. Thus making the journey more enjoyable. At the same time, it also employs a personalized approach, providing customized exercises based on individual progress.

2. English Club 

Top 6 Platforms to Learn English Reading and Writing - WuKong Education Blog

The famous English Club is the first and foremost shoutout in the list. It is a well-known platform that caters to various age groups and nationalities. As the name suggests, this web-learning service forms a strong community among students and teachers to help students earn according to their proficiency level.

The reading section obtains some tests for enhancing reading and writing English skills. Thus, you can measure your progress timely. 

In addition, the English Club allows you to read comprehension about topics of interest to you. Thus, learning seems like something other than learning. Instead, you enjoy some great information about your favorite things. 

3. Cambridge English

Cambridge English is a well-known and credible platform that lets people learn English reading and writing. It has a lot of stuff to teach, such as reading and writing, quickly. This includes tests, books, and tools online such as newsletters, reading comprehension, etc. These things are made for different levels of how good you are at. 

So, no matter if you have just started to learn the language or have reached a significant proficiency level, the platform here serves you with customized training. The teachers are amiable and expert in their niches. They use your mother tongue to elaborate on the diverse English terminologies. Thus, it facilitates an easy learning process of reading and writing. 

4. USA Learns 

Top 6 Platforms to Learn English Reading and Writing - WuKong Education Blog

Are you someone who has developed a keen interest in learning English reading and writing but can not afford to pay heavy fees? Well, don’t worry, as USA Learns is here to help. It is one of those few online platforms that teach free of cost with different tools and activities. 

These lessons are strategically organized to let the students who are on the beginner level learn English quickly and without any confusion. The platform uses videos and interactive stuff to make learning more exciting and fun. 

But here’s the thing: this platform mainly helps beginner or middle-level people. That might mean if you are proficient in English and seek outlets for polishing skills, USA Learn might not be the best fit. However, it still is an excellent place to start or to get better if you still need to be advanced. 

5. National Geographic Learning in Focus 

National geographic to learn English reading and writing

This is a pretty famous platform for English-the- the magazine National Geographic. The same organization has developed a new and exciting idea we know today as the 5—National Geographic Learning in Focus. 

It facilitates young learners to practice ti learn english reading and writing  with some of the finest articles. The best thing is that these articles cover various topics and niches. 

Hence, the participants can learn about their favorite things and areas of interest while practicing the reading skill. 

These articles also include reflection questions at the end. The learners can leverage this to test their writing skills. People from all across the world make each comment already present on the platform. Thus, you can learn different English writing styles and observe the differences in each. 

Contests are also held on a timely basis for all the loyal audience and those who consistently read the articles. 

6: Oxford Bookworms Library

Top 6 Platforms to Learn English Reading and Writing - WuKong Education Blog

The Oxford Bookworms Library revolves around literature-based learning and provides learners with authentic literature by expert authors to learn english reading and writing. These are explicitly adapted for language learners.

However, this approach might be more suitable for intermediate to advanced learners due to its reliance on authentic literary materials.

Each platform has unique strengths and considerations, catering to different learning preferences and proficiency levels in English reading and writing. 

Five Tips for Learning English Fast 

Enhanced Immersions

Try to immerse yourself in the English-level environment as much as possible. Try to speak in English with your family and friends. It doesn’t matter if you speak accurately or not. What’s essential is saying it consistently. 

Consume English media 

Watching English movies is an effective way to enhance English speaking and reading. It’s better to choose old classic films as they don’t rely on slang. But uses mature words and traditional terms. 

In addition, make sure to read as many English books as you can and read the newspaper every day. 

Use technological resources

leverage technology to polish your skills. You can use multiple applications to polish your skills in the market. Remember, patience and consistency are the keys. 


Q1:Are these platforms beginner-friendly? 

Yes, all the platforms mentioned above in the content are purely beginner-friendly. They use tailored strategies and resources to facilitate students learn english reading and writing according to their learning level. 

Q2:Are these platforms free to use? 

Not all the platforms are purely free to use. However, they do obtain some of the resources you can avail free of cost. However, it’s recommended to check for the fee plan first. 


The bottom line is that English is one of the pivotal languages to learn for leveraging the world today. The same is why we have assembled this ultimate guide talking about top platforms to learn English reading and writing.