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AMC 12 2024: A One-Stop Guide to the Math Exam

Are you currently preparing for AMC 12 2024? Or are you planning to apply for the competitive math exam? Either way, there are a few essential factors you should know. This guide will tell you everything about the upcoming AMC test. Moreover, we will discuss some ways to tackle its challenges. Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

When Is the AMC 12 2024?

The AMC 12 and 10 exams have the same registration dates. AMC 12 2024, like all of its exams, is divided into three registration categories. 

The important thing to note is that each registration type has a different fee. As of yet, the applications for the 2023-2024 AMC test have been closed. 

Test A

Here are the essential notes to remember for AMC 12 (Test A):

  • Early Bird Registration (Aug 18 – Sept 18, 2023)
  • Regular Registration (Sept 19 – Oct 26, 2023)
  • Late Registration (Oct 27 – Nov 3, 2023)

As you may have noticed, the new registration phase begins a day after the previous closes. This way, more candidates can apply. 

Another thing to consider is the fee for every registration phase. Here are the charges for the AMC 12 2024 schedule listed below:

  • Early Bird Registration – $56
  • Regular Registration – $76
  • Late Registration – $116

In short, the later you apply, the more charges you must pay. The AMC 10 and 12 2024 test was scheduled for Nov 8, 2023. Alternatively, the AIME tests are from Feb 1 to Feb 7, 2024. 

Test B

The following are the AMC 12 2024 dates (Test B):

  • Early Bird Registration (Aug 18 – Sept 25, 2023)
  • Regular Registration (Sept 26 – Nov 2, 2023)
  • Late Registration (Nov 3 – Nov 9, 2023)

The fee for the test B is a bit higher. Here is the list:

  • Early Bird Registration – $70
  • Regular Registration – $88
  • Late Registration – $128
AMC 12 2024: A One-Stop Guide to the Math Exam - WuKong Education Blog

What’s the Difference Between AMC 12 2024 Test A and Test B?

Generally, the major differences between AMC 12 2024 Test A and B are in registration and competition dates. As you can see above, the test B registrations are more extended. However, the fee is also higher for that reason. 

When it comes to the exam, yes, the set of questions can vary between the two tests. The difference could be in the sequence of questions or the overall exam. But both of them have the same specifications. That means both versions get 25 problems. So, how much time do you get on AMC 12? You get 75 minutes to solve these 25 problems. 

People also worry about the scoring differences. Well, there aren’t any. Both test versions have the same scoring patterns. However, the result dates can vary as the competition dates differ. 

What’s the Difference Between Registration Phases in AMC 12 2024?

You have three registration phases in AMC 12 2023 to 2024. That includes the early bird, regular, and late registrations. Are they any different? The short answer is yes. 

The dates can impact some aspects of the AMC exam. For instance, the fee in every phase is different. The A version charges range from $56 to $116, while the B test costs $70 to &128. These costs depend entirely on the application dates. 

Another factor is the order and delivery process. The earlier a school or an individual orders their bundles, the sooner they receive them. 

The best practice is applying in the earlier registration phases. This way, you get more time for the AMC preparation. Additionally, you will pay a lower fee compared to other registration types.

AMC 12 2024: A One-Stop Guide to the Math Exam - WuKong Education Blog

Who Can Apply for AMC 12 2024?

The AMC 12 exam is widely popular among the high school crowd. But why is that? Well, because it covers the whole high school curriculum. But the question remains: who is eligible for AMC 12?

As the name suggests, students in grade 12 are eligible to participate in AMC 12. Moreover, the applicant should be or below 19.5 years of age. 

Generally, high schools provide this opportunity by promoting this competitive exam. If not, you can apply for it individually via the MAA (Mathematical Association of America) website. 

How to Prepare for AMC 12 2024?

Are you planning to prepare for AMC 12 2024? Then, here are the subjects you should master:

  • Basic and advanced geometry
  • Advanced algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Logical problems
  • Equations & Theorems

The best practice is finding your weak point in mathematics. Then, strengthen it by finding problems for that specific area. Remember that you can access tons of books and educational material online. Otherwise, you can opt for books from your local libraries. 

Tips to Prepare for AMC 12 2024

Now, let us offer you some effective tips to follow. These practices can help you score better in the AMC 12 2024. Additionally, they can help you prepare more efficiently for the competitive exam. Let’s take a look!

Finding The Right Guidance

You will find many online and local tutors who have mastered the AMC testing system. Many people who have successfully passed various AMC exams offer educational assistance. Look for them to increase your chances for a higher score.

Enhance Your Problem-solving

The AMC exam is all about solving problems that get increasingly complex. Train yourself so that you can solve maximum problems within minimal time. You can solve difficult questions from various books and other sources to develop problem-solving abilities.

Don’t Tick a Wrong Answer

Every correct answer gets you 6 points, while an incorrect one scores 0. But do you know that leaving a question blank can get you 1.5 points? Thus, never mark a wrong answer. Instead, move on to the next question to save time and concentration. 


Q1: How do you Apply for AMC 12 2024?

You can ask your high school representative for the AMC 12 2024 registration forms. Otherwise, visit the MAA website!

Q2: How do you Master the AMC preparations?

Go through the past papers as they are readily available online. Furthermore, find mathematics books to sharpen your problem-solving skills.


And that’s all you need to know about the AMC 12 2024 beforehand. Make sure to prepare thoroughly, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t let the exam affect your sleep cycle or daily routine. Instead, opt for a more efficient approach that enables you to master the upcoming exam without affecting your health.

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