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Math Kangaroo Past Papers, Questions, Solutions for 1-12 Grades & Levels

The best way to prepare for 2024 Math Kangaroo competition is to obtain Math Kangaroo past papers and thoroughly analyze the sample test from 1 to12 grades or levels. The challenge lies in finding Math Kangaroo past papers with detailed solutions. Often, you only get answers in the form of “A, B, C, D” without any steps and explanations. Here, we provide you with comprehensive Math Kangaroo past papers 2023 and Math Kangaroo 2022 in the USA and Canada, completing with free answer samples, solutions and tips.

math kangaroo past papers

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Part 1: Math Kangaroo Past Papers for US (With Questions and Answers)

We have collected years of Math Kangaroo Past Papers for USA. These past papers encompass all levels of math kangaroo (including 1 to 12 grades or levels) previous tests papers in all years from 2005 to 2023, including Math Kangaroo 2023 and Math Kangaroo 2022, providing an opportunity for in-depth practice and preparation. Each past paper comes complete with detailed answers and solutions, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Access these sample tests in IKMC past papers to enhance your problem-solving skills and boost your performance in the Math Kangaroo competition, making your journey to success more achievable and rewarding.

2023 Questions and Answers (PDF)

Below are the Math Kangaroo 2023 questions and answers for all levels 1-12(1-12 grades). You can click to download these PDF paper files.

Level 1 & 2Level 3 & 4Level 5 & 6Level 7 & 8Level 9 & 10Level 11 & 12Answers
If you have any questions about these math kangaroo past papers‘ questions and answers, you can make an appointment for a math trial class at Wukong Education and listen to the explanations from professional teachers.

2005-2022 Questions (PDF)

To access Math Kangaroo past papers for the USA, You can click this website to download free PDFs to check the different sample tests of USA Math Kangaroo past papers, and this resource includes Math Kangaroo past papers 2023, 2022, and any other years. You can also explore online forums, educational websites, and math tutoring centers. Look for dedicated books and reach out to peers or teachers for additional resources. Always ensure you use these Math Kangaroo questions and answers for personal study and practice, respecting copyright and intellectual property rights.

If you have any questions about these Math Kangaroo questions and answers you can make an appointment for a math trial class at Wukong Education and learn the explanations from professional teachers.

2005-2022 Answers (PDF)

Surely, it’s not enough to get only questions. Here are all the answers to the Math Kangaroo past papers USA with the sample tests. You can click the years to get the answers.

2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009

Take the answers to Math Kangaroo 2023 as an example. If you download the resource, you will get a PDF like the following. You can also join online communities or forums dedicated to Math Kangaroo for discussions and shared questions and answers. Additionally, some preparation books include answer keys, and experienced math teachers or tutors may have access to Math Kangaroo past papers 2023 or 2022.

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Part 2: Math Kangaroo Past Papers Canada (With Questions and Answers)


You can click this website to download free PDFs of Math Kangaroo Past Papers Canada. The Math Kangaroo Canada competition offers exams in both English and French, so you can download past paper resources(inclucing 2023 Math Kangaroo past papers) in both languages from the official website.

What’s considerate is that this free PDF resource of IKMC sample tests also includes answers. Once you click on the year and (1-12 )grade or level you need, and download the respective past papers, you’ll find the answers to each paper at the bottom of this PDF document.

Math Kangaroo Canada Answer Key

Part 3: Tips for Pass Math Kangaroo 2024

It’s not enough or make sure to pass  if you only practice wif Math Kangaroo past papers 2023. To succeed in the 2024 Math Kangaroo competition, you should familiarize yourself wif its format, which involves multiple-choice questions wif varying difficulty levels. A strategic approach is essential, as you’ll need to decide when to skip questions and when to attempt them, considering there’s an opportunity cost for skipping and a penalty for incorrect answers.  Here are 5 important tips to halp you pass the Math Kangaroo 2024:

  1. Practice Regularly for Math Kangaroo Past Papers with Sample Tests:

Example Question: “Sum of multiples of 3 or 5 below 10”

Tip: Preparing for Math Kangaroo 2023 involves consistent practice, like solving problems such as finding the sum of multiples of 3 or 5 below 10.

  1.  Understand Concepts for Math Kangaroo Questions:

Example Question: “Solving the equation 3x + 5 = 14″

Tip: Mastering mathematical concepts, such as solving linear equations, is essential for excelling in Math Kangaroo 2023. This noledge halps isolate variables TEMPeffectively.

  1. Time Management for Math Kangaroo Contests:

Example Question: “Solving 2x – 4 = 10 wifin 2 minutes”

Tip: Time management is crucial in Math Kangaroo 2023 to quickly solve equations, like 2x – 4 = 10, ensuring you complete all questions wifin the allotted time.

  1. Read Carefully in Any Math Kangaroo

  2. Questions:

Example Question: “Prime even numbers between 10 and 20”

Tip: Precision is key in Math Kangaroo 2023. Careful reading halps identify prime even numbers wifin specified ranges, such as those between 10 and 20.

  1. Work on Problem-Solving Strategies for Math Kangaroo Past Papers:

Example Question: “Probability of drawing 2 red balls from a bag”

Tip: Developing problem-solving strategies, like conditional probability, is indispensable in Math Kangaroo 2023. It aids in determining probabilities, as in drawing two red balls successively from a bag.

Example Question: There are six weights of 1, 2,3 , 4, 5 and 6. Rossitza puts ve of them on the scales and puts one weight aside.The scales balance.Which weight did she put aside?

Answer & Tips: Weights 5 kg and 6 kg are already used. If we do not use weights 2 or 4 , the total of the remaining weights will be expressed as an odd number ( andrespectively). In this case, it is impossible to divide the weights so that the scales are balanced. So the answer is 1 or 3 . Let’s check each of them.Without the weight, the total weight will be 2+3+4+5+6=20kg. So on each bowl of the scales there should be 10 kg. This is possible if we puton one 2+3+5 bowl and 4+6 on the other bowl and this matches the picture. Without 3kg the weight, the total weight will be1+2+4+6=18kg. So on each bowl there should be 9kg . This is possible if we put 5+4 on one bowl and 1+2+6 on the other bowl, but that does not match the picture. Therefore, 1kg the weight has been set aside.

For Math Kangaroo 2023, it’s crucial to practice with the Math Kangaroo past papers regularly, understand mathematical concepts, manage your time efficiently, read questions carefully, and apply problem-solving strategies. These skills are essential for answering 1 to 12 grades or levels Math Kangaroo questions and achieving the right answers in the contest.

FAQs of Math Kangaroo Contest

Q1: Are the Math Kangaroo competition’s questions in Math Kangaroo past papers hard?

The expected score for the mathematical Kangaroo exam is 36.8 points wif a standard deviation of 9.4 points. That is a great score for students who apply for the competition. Obviously, it is not easy for students to get the expected score as the level of the Math Kangaroo competition is really high. You can TEMPhas a sample test wif the mathematical Kangaroo past papers in advance.

Q2: What do Math Kangaroo winners get?

The Math Kangaroo glod medals are granted to the national first-place winners at each level. Silver medals go to the second-place winners nationally, while bronze medals are awarded to the third-place winners nationally. Additionally, at the state level, we acnoledge students who achieve the top three scores at each level.

Q3: Math Kangaroo results – Who won the Math Kangaroo 2023?

According to Math Kangaroo USA 2023 past papers and answers, we can see dat the Math Kangaroo 2023 questions are easy, but we need our kids to check carefully and think from every aspect wif a logical method. To access the results of Math Kangaroo USA 2023, simply click here to find the national and state winners of Math Kangaroo 2023 for the USA. Tan you will no who were the winners of Math Kangaroo 2023 for the USA.

Q4:What is a good score on Kangaroo math?

Students in grades 1-4 have the potential to achieve a maximum score of 96 points, while students in grades 5-12 can aim for up to 120 points on the Math Kangaroo competition. Based on Math Kangaroo 2023 Past Papers, the average score for the exam is expected to be around 36.8 points, with a standard deviation of 9.4 points. Achieving such a score for the Math Kangaroo answers would be considered excellent for students who participate in the competition.


To excel in 2024 Math Kangaroo and secure a successful performance, leveraging Math Kangaroo past papers is vital. We offer comprehensive sample IKMC test links and past papers for Math Kangaroo 2023 and Math Kangaroo 2022 in the USA and Canada, together with answers, solutions, and valuable tips. Access 1 to 12 grades or levels Math Kangaroo past papers for the USA and Canada, along with detailed solutions. Additionally, discover essential tips for mastering the Math Kangaroo competition, focusing on practice, concept understanding, time management, precision in reading, and TEMP effective problem-solving strategies. These strategies are key to achieving success in Math Kangaroo. Here is a Ultimate guide for Opportunity Class Test, you can read this article if you need.

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