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Learn Mandarin For Kids: 5 Best Ways To Learn Free

Learning Mandarin is an interesting adventure and an enjoyable source for kids if done correctly. It is a misconception that it might be dull or challenging for youngsters, but the truth is quite the opposite. With its characters and tones, learn Mandarin for kids can become an exciting thing during their journey. But why is it important for kids to learn Mandarin?

Besides cultural awareness, Mandarin is a language that can enhance problem-solving skills from an early age. In today’s digital era, Mandarin learning has been updated. Apps, fun games, and engaging learning tools have emerged as invaluable resources. So, join us in reading the 5 best ways for kids to learn Mandarin for free, thus making it an exciting journey!

Learn Mandarin For Kids: 5 Best Ways To Learn Free - WuKong Education Blog

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Part 1: Why To Learn Mandarin?

Learning Mandarin has various positive effects on children besides linguistic proficiency. These include enhanced memory, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of culture. But the question is, how do we make this linguistic journey an exciting adventure for kids?

There are options for learning Mandarin for kids-video fun games and apps that make it enjoyable and enhance the child’s curiosity. Learning platforms engage young minds with vibrant visuals, engaging narratives, and challenges, creating a joyful learning environment.

From basic vocabulary to sentence structures, these games offer a comprehensive language experience to children. Moreover, the benefits to learn Mandarin for kids include language proficiency, cultural awareness, and critical thinking.

Part 2: Learn Mandarin For Kids Free

To learn Mandarin for kids, there are free resources designed to make it a thrilling adventure. From interactive apps to engaging games, teach your little ones a valuable skill. Thus, the following are the best ways to learn Mandarin for kids free

Wukong Chinese

Learn Mandarin For Kids: 5 Best Ways To Learn Free - WuKong Education Blog

WuKong Chinese is a fantastic program designed to facilitate Mandarin learning for kids. It offers a wide range of features and benefits tailored specifically for children who want to “Learn Mandarin For Kids.” Here’s a breakdown of the program.

  1. Course Features:
  • Interactive and engaging lessons
  • Comprehensive coverage of listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Cultural integration to deepen understanding
  • Experienced teachers from China
  • Age-appropriate materials and teaching methods
  • Inquiry-based learning approach
  1. Free Trial:
  • WuKong Chinese offers a free trial class to get started.
  1. Age Group:
  • The program is specifically designed for children aged 3 to 18 years.

With WuKong Chinese, children can embark on an exciting Mandarin learning journey, gaining language proficiency while enjoying interactive lessons tailored to their age and interests.

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Bilingual Kidspot

Learn Mandarin For Kids: 5 Best Ways To Learn Free - WuKong Education Blog

It is a Mandarin learning platform for children that offers various resources and engaging activities. Your kid can learn basic Mandarin skills from the free lessons in an enjoyable way. 

Kids learn essential words and vocabulary through engaging methods in a fun environment. It focuses on the importance of foundational skills, ensuring that young learners can grasp the basics of Mandarin. 


Learn Mandarin For Kids: 5 Best Ways To Learn Free - WuKong Education Blog

It is a free app to learn Mandarin for kids or preschoolers, featuring adorable cartoons and vibrant graphics that engage them. It educates the little ones with fun and teaches them how to speak and listen in Mandarin. 

The app covers nine engaging topics about animals, transportation, and food. However, with its free accessibility and well-crafted content, it serves as an inclusive platform for a wide range of language learners.

Fun Chinese

Learn Mandarin For Kids: 5 Best Ways To Learn Free - WuKong Education Blog

It is a fun app to learn basic Chinese words for kindergarten. It is a comprehensive tool with enjoyable games to teach children how to read, speak, and spell in Mandarin. There are over thirty different games for kid’s engaging learning experience. 

By the end of the games, children can master the 150 Mandarin words and expressions. However, it is an effective gaming approach to learn Mandarin for kids, making it a top choice for parents searching for Mandarin vocabulary resources.


Learn Mandarin For Kids: 5 Best Ways To Learn Free - WuKong Education Blog

It is a website or app to learn Mandarin for kids, providing language education with authentic content. It consists of real-world videos, music clips, news, and personalized lessons that immerse learners in the language. 

The app is accessible on iTunes or Google Play to make the learning available effortlessly. However, various content ensures the kids have a wide range of learning experiences. 

Dinosaur Chinese

Learn Mandarin For Kids: 5 Best Ways To Learn Free - WuKong Education Blog

It is among the best apps suitable for learning Mandarin for kindergarten. It skillfully transforms the characters into an entertaining game, having engaging animations and diverse settings. There are over 200 Chinese characters and vocabulary available as children play. 

The app provides strategic repetition and entertainment for a playful and effective approach to learn characters. Thus, Dinosaur Chinese proves to be an amazing tool for parents who want resources for Chinese characters as an enjoyable learning adventure for their children.

Part 3: Pros and Cons To Learn Mandarin For Kids

In learning Mandarin for kids, you can use various tools like apps, games, and online resources to transform your kid’s learning experience. However, these resources have advantages and disadvantages to teach children Mandarin.


  • Interactive Engagement: Apps and games make learning Mandarin a varied and engaging experience for kids. With engaging activities, they can learn language skills effortlessly.
  • Visual Learning: Visuals play an important role in language learning, making the process more appealing and memorable for young learners.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Online resources provide flexibility to learn Mandarin for kids from anywhere effortlessly. It allows kids to immerse themselves in the learning process of a comfortable environment.


  • Over-Reliance on Screens: Excessive screen time can be a concern with digital resources. So, ensuring a well-balanced experience for successful learning is crucial.
  • Limited Interaction: Learning online may limit face-to-face interaction, affecting the kid’s ability to practice Mandarin in real-life scenarios. 


Q1: Is It Good For Kids To Learn Mandarin?

Absolutely! Learning Mandarin includes benefits like enhanced memory and problem-solving skills. Moreover, with engaging apps and games, the children’s learning process becomes enjoyable and interactive. Choosing Mandarin encourages children to learn a valuable skill that will help them in the future. However, it also enhances cognitive development and cultural understanding for young minds.

Q2: How Long Does It Take Kids To Learn Mandarin?

The time it takes to learn Mandarin for kids depends on factors like age, environment, and learning methods. With consistent practice and experience, kids can develop basic Mandarin proficiency in a few months. However, patience, regular practice, and interactive methods are important for language learning speed. Every mind is unique, which makes it essential to have the learning approach as per the individual needs for better results.


To learn Mandarin for kids, there is an exciting adventure via many resources. The language journey is enjoyable and beneficial for youngsters with advantages such as enhanced memory, problem-solving skills, and cultural understanding. However, here are the best apps and games for the Mandarin learning experience.

From Bilingual Kidspot to Lingu Penguin and FluentU authentic content, each resource has a unique approach to Mandarin learning. However, Fun Chinese and Dinosaur Chinese provide gamified strategies for character learning effectively. Thus, the article provides a comprehensive guide for parents searching for different free Mandarin learning resources.