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Navigating 2024 SMC Math: Tips and Tricks for Success

The SMC math competition is a prestigious global math olympiad that provides students an opportunity to test their math skills on an international stage. Organized by the Special Maths Academy, it brings together bright young minds to compete and be recognized for their excellence in mathematics. With two exciting rounds packed with stimulating math problems, it promises an enriching experience for math lovers from ages 12-18. As the competition date approaches, here is everything you need to know about the much-awaited SMC math 2024.

Part1. Registration Time and Steps 

Mark your calendars! Registrations for SMC math 2024 will commence soon. The first step is to create an account on the official participant portal, which will go live in early 2023. You need to register by October 2023 to appear for the prelims scheduled on October 28, 2023.

Here are the simple registration steps:

  1. Go to official website once registrations open
  2. Create an account by filling in your details
  3. Validate email address
  4. Login and register for SMC math competition
  5. Pay registration fees

That’s it! You will receive an admit card on your registered email id soon. Do not miss the registration deadline, as seats are limited. Register ASAP once applications open to avoid last minute hassles.

Part2. Test Format for SMC Math Competition

The SMC math competition comprises two rounds – Preliminaries (Round 1) and the Finale (Round 2).

SMC math

Round 1:

  • 25 multiple-choice questions
  • 120 minute duration
  • Topics: Geometry, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Algebra

Round 2:

  • 4 subjective olympiad-level problems
  • 300 minute duration
  • Proctored online

While Round 1 tests speed and accuracy, Round 2 examines in-depth conceptual knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking ability.

Part3. Real Questions and Answers 

SMC math

Here are some questions from previous SMC math papers to give you a glimpse of the type and difficulty level of problems asked:

Round 1 Sample

Q: The points P(2,-3) and Q(k, 5) are equidistant from the origin. What is k?

  • 4
  • -4
  • 2
  • -2

Explanation: Distance of P from origin = √(22 + (-3)2) = √13. For Q, distance = √(k2 + 52). Equating both distances, √(k2 + 25) = √13 => k = ±4. Since Q has +ve y-coordinate, k = -4.

Round 2 Sample

ABCD is a cyclic quadrilateral with AB = 12, BC = 5 and CD = 13. Find AD.

Explanation: Apply the Cosine formula in triangle ACD.

AD2 = AC2 + CD2 – 2AC.CDcosA

AC = AB + BC = 12 + 5 = 17

Putting the values,

AD2 = 172 + 132 – 2×17×13cosA

As ABCD is cyclic, cosA = -cos(180°-C) = -cosC. Apply cosine formula in triangle BCD and use the given sides,

cosC = (52 + 122 – 132)/ (2×5×12)

= 1/12.

Putting everything together, AD = √(289 – 338 – 1) = 14.

These are just a couple of examples. 

Part4. Awards and Score Distribution 

The SMC math rewards excellence with exciting cash prizes and a chance to bring glory home! Here is an overview:

Round 1

  • Top participants qualify for the Finale

Finale Prizes

  • First Place: $150
  • Second Place: $100
  • Third Place: $50

Additionally, the best student from Nigeria gets $50 unless they’ve already bagged the first prize.

All students from Nigeria with over 50% score also get admission into the Special Maths Academy mentorship program. How cool is that!

The minimum score required to be eligible for prizes varies every year. But as per previous data, you need about:

  • 60% in Round 1 to qualify for the Finale
  • 75% in the Finale to win prizes

So aim high! Consistent practice and conceptual clarity will help you ace this test.

Part5. Tips and Tricks for SMC Math

Here are some pro tips to prepare for and excel in SMC math:

Round 1 Tips:

  • Brush up concepts from major topics
  • Work on speed and accuracy
  • Solve previous year papers
  • Get comfortable with the MCQ format

Round 2 Pointers:

  • Strengthen your fundamentals
  • Work on higher difficulty problems
  • Manage time wisely during the test
  • Stay calm and confident

Overall, make sure you:

  • Develop sharp logical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Have clear understanding instead of mugging up formulas
  • Attempt mock tests
  • Take breaks to relax your mind
  • Eat and sleep well around the test

FAQs about SMC Math

Q1. Why is the Singapore Math Challenge called the “King of Singapore Math Competitions”? What makes it stand out?

It’s called this because it was created specifically to challenge top Singapore math students to stay at the global forefront of math excellence. It also aims to set the standard for math assessment internationally by getting input from Singapore’s top MOE math teachers. The global finals also make it very competitive.

Q2. How has Singapore’s math teaching methods spread to and influenced other countries?

The “Singapore math” pedagogical approach has been adopted in over 70 countries globally. This teaching method focuses on visual models and mental math before moving to more abstract concepts. It aims to develop strong problem solving abilities. Its success in Singapore has led many Western countries to adopt its textbooks and teaching techniques.

Q3. How can teachers make the best use of the formative and summative assessment data from SMC to improve instruction?

The detailed student diagnosis data allows teachers to pinpoint exactly which concepts students are struggling with. Lessons can then focus on correcting the specific misconceptions through tailored visual models, real world examples and technique building. Ongoing formative assessments confirm if the intervention is working.


In summary, the SMC math 2024 offers young math geniuses a platform to shine globally. With an exciting contest format, rewarding prizes, and a chance to access guidance from math experts, it is an opportunity of a lifetime for any math student. As the saying goes, math is not about numbers but a way of thinking. SMC math puts your math intelligence to test in the best possible way. Stand out from thousands of peers, build your problem-solving skills, win rewards, and embark on a journey to excel in mathematics and beyond!

If you have any problems when learning math, come and have a free trial class from WuKong Math!

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