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Selective High School Placement Test NSW Guide 2024

As a student, your children must prepare themselves for this challenging assessment journey. To prove their educational capability, the Selective High School Placement Test is an essential moment. It will also help them secure a most demanding spot in the high schools.

As a parent, it would not be easy to have so much time to know all about the test. So, we decided to provide a comprehensive guide on how you can prepare for the test. Here, you’ll also explore the test application, structure, and result of the 2023 test. So, keep reading to know a roadmap for your children’s academic success.


Part 1: How To Prepare For Selective High School Placement Test 

To prepare your children for the test, you need to make the necessary preparations first. It requires a detailed strategic plan and practical sources like past papers, free online practice tests, etc. Following are tips that will help your children prepare well for the test. 

Understand The Test Structure

To start preparing for the Selective High School Placement Test NSW, your children must know the test structure first. However, the test consists of four sections that are as follows;

Reading Test

In the reading test, students are provided with 30 multiple-choice questions for 40 minutes. These questions consist of a wide variety of texts to estimate the reading skills of students. 

Writing Test

In the writing Selective High School Placement Test, students are provided with a question to write an answer for within 30 minutes. This test will examine the creativity of students in effective writing. It will also check the vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation of the students. 

Thinking Skills

Third is the thinking skill that consists of 40 multiple choice questions for 40 minutes. It is made to test the critical thinking and problem-solving skills of students.

Mathematical Reasoning Test

This test consists of 35 multiple-choice questions for 40 minutes. It is designed to assess the different mathematical concepts of students. The questions are chosen from different mathematical concepts. However, students are not allowed to use the calculators during the test. 

Plan Your Schedule 

Planning a suitable schedule is necessary to understand the structure, practice things, and eliminate your weaknesses. When students practice the questions or have the selective practice tests online for free, they’ll see the challenges of the test. Categorize their practicing questions and solve them with different strategies. 

Master The Basics

To pass the Selective High School Placement Test NSW, you need to master your academic skills. It includes subjects like English, Mathematics, and General abilities with the help of practice questions, watching videos, and by giving free practice tests. 

Practice reading will help your kids pass the reading test easily. The mathematical concepts are a hard part for students that need more practice and focus. Focus on how you can solve the questions without using any calculator. 

Start Practicing By Past Papers

Students will be able to perform better if they already know the structure, question types, and format. You can choose the practice test papers to prepare the kids for the Selective High School Placement Test NSW. You can see and download these selective test past papers from their NSW official site. 

Online Free Practice Test

After practicing the past papers, you can check your learnings by giving selective practice tests online for free. Many platforms provide these tests for the students who want to participate in this placement test. But all the platforms are not free; they may charge you $150 to $200 on average for the test. 

Part 2: How To Apply For Selective High School Placement Test 


For the next Selective High School Placement Test. You can access the application on their official site, and it will be held on 9 May 2024 from 9 am to 1:30 pm. However, the time may vary depending on the center for the test. Focus on the following steps to submit the selective school test application application 2024:

  • Fill out the application by giving your email, name, and password instead of your children. 
  • After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email to verify the registration process.
  • After verification, log in to the application page with your email and password. 
  • Next, you’ll have to answer the 8 questions after logging in. 
  • After completing all the questions, click on submit, and you’ll receive a confirmation message of application submission on your dashboard and email. 
  • You also have the opportunity to update information or add documents after submitting the application. 

Part 3: Selective School Test Results 2023

The Selective High School Placement Test 2023 is the year 6 selective school test and the results of it were released in August. Parents can see the results in the application dashboard. After logging in, click on the three dots under the Actions section and select the view outcomes option. 

There are four outcomes you’ll see on the dashboard: offer, reserve, unsuccessful, and not applicable. If it shows the offer option, it means your kid has made the offer for the placement in this school. It is up to you to accept or decline the offer, but after declining, you won’t be able to change the decision. 

If one or more choices are marked as reserved, it means your kids are placed in the reserved seat. An unsuccessful option means your kid failed to make a placement. However, the noticeable option suggests that your children have qualified for the lower choice rather than for the higher choice.


Q1: How do you get into selective school NSW?

NSW chooses the students as per the selective high school placement test and merit-based selection process. Overall, academic excellence, preparation for the entrance test, and a strong academic record are key factors for being admitted to a selective school in NSW.

Q2: How many selective schools are there in NSW?

The test aimed to provide students an opportunity to get placement in high-ranking schools. There are over 17 fully selective high schools, 27 partial selective high schools, and 4 agricultural high schools. These schools provide offers to the students passing the year 7 selective high school placement test. 


Preparing for the selective high school placement test NSW is essential to make a placement in the high ranking schools. As a parent, you can assist your children in following the preparation steps, practicing the past papers, polishing their academic skills, and learning the test structure.

Plan each step and also focus on having the practice test that many platforms are providing. You can apply for the year 7 test by visiting the NWS official site. Submit the application for your children and start preparing them for it. These practical tips will help you to manage the preparation of tests for your children.