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Online Chinese Class: Best Mandarin Courses For Beginners

Deciding to learn Chinese is an important step in this rapidly growing digital era. With the advancement, online Chinese Class play an important role in learning the Chinese language. Unlike the physical classes, these provide a flexible environment per the beginner’s needs. 

These classes allow the students to interact with each other and have access to native teachers from the comfort of home. It makes online classes an ideal option for learning Chinese. However, this blog post explains the best platforms from where you can learn Chinese online. 


Part 1: Why to Learn Chinese?

There are many reasons for learning Chinese to gain proficiency in it. It is among the most widely spoken languages in the world. There are over one billion native speakers who encourage others to learn and communicate effectively. Learning Chinese for beginners needs consistency to become proficient and excel in your career. 

The online Chinese Class to learn the language is a better investment in boosting your academic performance and career growth. Besides these benefits, it can help you understand the literature and philosophy of Chinese history. Thus, learning Chinese can give you the freedom to understand the culture and eliminate the language barriers during communication. 

Part 2: Online Chinese Class For Beginners

Choosing the best online Chinese classes involves different factors that highlight the features of the platforms. These include course structure, teaching methods, and user experience. You can choose the course from the following as per your preferences. 



You can learn Chinese anytime from anywhere by joining the Wukong online Chinese class. These are the live classes for the students of age 3-18. Top native teachers of China will teach you from scratch. It has an expert research team with 10 years of experience, making it a perfect option for learning Chinese. 


  • Native teachers for a better understanding of the language.
  • Live classes with in-depth teaching materials.
  • Wukong’s 7-step learning method to meet all the needs for learning Chinese. 


The price for Wukong Chinese classes depends on the package plan you choose. It ranges from $349 to $2039, having varied skills for each plan. 


  • 7 step learning method: It is helpful for the rich practical experience while learning Chinese.
  • 6A teaching model: It gives the opportunity to learners to ask questions and actively participate in developing skills.
  • TPR approach: Teachers use this approach to connect the learning of students with the physical responses of the body. 


No Drawbacks: As Wukong Chinese classes are helpful in every aspect, there is no drawback to investing in such a strategically planned course. 


“The company is very well organized. Assistance is always rendered when needed. Teaching software is very well constructed. I am particularly pleased with my daughter’s teacher 叮当老师. Very patience and know students’ needs. My daughter has improved so much in her Chinese under her guidance.” 5/5* Lau Tong Peng-Trustpilot

In these classes, you can get live feedback from your tutor and interact with other students in the Class. Based on the learner’s needs, it provides an effective teaching method to learn Chinese quickly and accurately. However, it can cost you $300 to $2000 based on your chosen package.  

留资卡片:中文(en): Book Now-Online Chinese Language classes for 3 to 18 year-old students



EdX is among the best free online Chinese courses that provide beginner to advanced-level opportunities. It is a famous learning platform that collaborates with universities and institutions from all over the world. These sectors offer a variety of courses on edX, including Chinese learning. 


  • These courses are from the specific institutions along with the certificate.
  • You can have both free and premium access with specific privileges.
  • You can earn a certificate from the institution from which you are learning Chinese.


You can access the free or premium courses based on your preferences. If you choose the free version, you’ll have limited access to the course, and you won’t earn any certification at the end. However, the premium access can cost you about $120 to $340.20, based on the course you are choosing. 


  • Certificate from an institute: edX is a platform that has agreements with different universities and institutions to provide courses with certifications.
  • Opportunity of free classes: Although these courses are paid, you still have the opportunity to access the free version for a limited period. 


  • Recorded lectures: After joining the course, you’ll have modules with the recorded lectures. With this, you can only learn the basic language without any in-depth knowledge.
  • Expensive: As per the course style and content, the courses on edX are expensive. 


“I can understand the courses are quite informative, but I think for professional certificates, at least the first modules should be free so learners can try it out and see if they fit their needs. There should also be a provision for discounts or financial aid like those Coursera provides.” 4/5* sam jacks-Trustpilot

There are courses for different levels to meet the needs of every learner. However, before enrolling in the course, ensuring it aligns with your preferences is recommended. As most of the courses on edX are free, you can explore the overall content before entering the course. 



You can find the best online Chinese Class for adults at Coursera, as it provides content for all levels. Most courses here are paid, but you can access free courses by applying the filter. These are best for beginners, but if you want an advanced course, you must pay some dollars. 


  • Beginners can learn the basic language course without paying a penny.
  • It has courses for all levels.
  • You don’t have to pay a penny as a beginner if you want to learn the basics of Chinese.


If you subscribe to the course, you have to pay from $20.35 to $41.41, depending on the course you want to choose. But if you want to pay on a monthly basis, you have to pay $60.69.


  • Online resources: Whether you are learning basic or advanced Chinese, you’ll be provided with resources to practice your learning.
  • Certification: When you complete the course, this platform provides you an option to have certification of the skills you learn during the course.


  • No live classes: After purchasing the course, you’ll get the excess to the specific level of learning in the form of recorded lectures. 




The beginner classes include video lectures, quizzes, and assignments for learning and practicing Chinese. This platform also provides certification but only on purchasing the course. Free enrollments don’t provide certification, but you can still learn from them. 

Beijing Language and Culture University


BLCU is an online Mandarin course university with amazing Chinese language programs. The University of China focuses on promoting Chinese culture by teaching the language. The online Chinese Class can be scheduled as a one-to-one or group system. 


  • Native teachers to help you understand the topics in depth.
  • Availability of online resources to help practice and discuss the learnings.


If you are choosing a 12 week course, you’ll be charged $20 per week. But if you want 1 on 1 class, you have to pay $748.58 for 30 hours. 


  • Online resources: During learning, you’ll get online resources to discuss and practice your learnings.
  • In-depth learning: This course will help you learn the Chinese language from beginner to advanced level. 


  • Expensive: You have to pay a lot of dollars for one week of classes as compared to the knowledge they provide. 


“BLCU is hands down, the best university to apply for anything related with Chinese language and culture, the level is the highest in this. The university is located in the WUDAOKOU area, a very big student zone of Beijing. The only problem with BLCU is the dorms, they have a terrible quality, during my studies there I had to rent an apartment with my friends, because living with the dorm was impossible” 3/5* Anna Sophia-eduopinions

It is a language program for 12 weeks, with each module per week. There are 3 options to sign up for the course: 12 weeks, 1 year, or 2 years. The resources for this course include WeChat discussions, live tests, and question-answering sessions.  



It is a free Chinese learning app that is best for beginners. It mainly focuses on the Chinese characters, the fundamental elements of the Chinese language. It has a user-friendly design that helps in learning language while playing mini-games. 


  • This app is beginner-friendly for those who want to focus on Chinese characters and vocabulary.
  • You don’t need to pay a penny for learning via this app.


It is a free Chinese learning app where you can learn characters and basic vocabulary. Here, you play mini games to practice your learnings. 


  • Ease of access: Duolingo is easily accessible on various devices, making it convenient for learners to practice Chinese anytime, anywhere.
  • Gamified learning: The app provides gamification techniques, making the learning process engaging and motivating for users.


  • Lack of comprehensive knowledge: Duolingo alone may not be sufficient for achieving fluency, as resources and real-life practice are often necessary.


“It’s ok as a quick supplement to more detailed learning.

I use the free app, which is a very short daily lesson.

Even when I’ve practiced that day, it sometimes claims I haven’t – maybe the time difference between the USA and UK? A bit odd.

And the animated characters eg giving a high five are a bit annoying even if jokey.

The only colour I’ve been taught after about a year is pink!” 3/5* Anne Robinson-Trustpilot

The fundamental elements include pronunciation, vocabulary, and sentence structures. There is also the audio integration to let you pronounce the characters and words accurately. They provide the online Chinese class as per the individual’s growth in learning. 

Part 3: Pros And Cons Of Online Chinese Class


  • Online Chinese Class allows you to learn based on your pace and preferences. 
  • Some platforms tailor the lessons as per the individual’s progress.
  • These affordable learning platforms provide Mandarin Chinese online classes for beginners to advanced levels.
  • The learners have the opportunity to interact with the native speakers or others worldwide.


  • The main disadvantage of online classes is that you’ll lack the opportunity for in-person communication.
  • You may face technical challenges like internet connectivity, glitches, etc.


Q1: What Is The Best Online Program To Learn Chinese?

Choosing the best online Chinese Class depends on individual preferences, learning capabilities, and goals. Platforms like Wukong, Duolingo, or Coursera offer suitable lessons for beginners. However, the time duration, quality of content, price, and teaching methods differ for each platform. You can choose the best one according to your preferences. 

Q2: Can I Self Study Chinese?

In today’s fast-paced digital era, it is easy to access online courses, textbooks, or guidance that make it easy to self-study Chinese. You can manage their study plan as per your availability and preferences. You can start by learning the characters with the help of the pinyin system. For this, Duolingo is the best app you should rely on. After this, you can purchase a course that will help you become proficient in the Chinese language. 


Beyond the place and time, you can learn Chinese from various online resources. These online platforms provide flexibility, a global community, and effective learning strategies. These will help you have a good grip on the language. As a beginner, you can choose the best platform, like Wukong. 

But you also have other opportunities if you are not suitable with them. Each platform provides unique features that match the preferences of different learners. Thus, you can enjoy your online Chinese Class as a beginner because of such perks.