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The National Day of China – An Ultimate Guide(2024) 

The National Day of China has a rich historical and cultural value. But not many people know about this day, especially those living outside Asia. So, what does this day hold that people should learn about? Let’s look at everything about the National Day of China in this detailed guide!

When Is the Chinese National Day?

Do you often find yourself asking, what special day is today? Then, look no further, as here are all the details about the Chinese National Day and Golden Week’s date!

The National Day of China is celebrated October 1st every year. As for the 2024 calendar, this date will fall on Tuesday. The entire week of Chinese National Day is considered a public holiday in China. It is known as the Golden Week, offering the opportunity for people to take a break from their busy routine lives and reunite with their family, friends, and loved ones. 

The National Day of China – An Ultimate Guide(2024)  - WuKong Education Blog

How Is the Chinese National Day Celebrated?

The first thing to consider is the holiday week that marks the celebration of the Chinese National Day. However, there’s more to it than that. Every institution in China participates in the celebrations of this day. In fact, the State Council releases special regulations specifically for the National Day. 

Almost every public place looks well-decorated during these celebrations. There are fireworks shows hosted in various parts of China. But nothing comes close to the grand parade hosted by the Chinese military. They parade with a giant Chinese flag to celebrate their National Day festivities. 

Additionally, a National flag-raising ceremony adds more patriotic spirit to this day. This activity is scheduled for early morning at 6 AM. Viewers can watch this ceremony live or via TV coverage. 

Another prominent National celebration is the wreath-laying ceremony. Vibrant wreaths are placed at the Monument to the People’s Heroes. The purpose of this ceremony is to remember those who sacrificed their lives for China. It might be surprising, but National Day 2023 isn’t the only event with wreath-laying activities. Like Martyr’s Day, many other holidays are also popular for this unique ceremony. After so many years, it has garnered cultural significance in all of China. 

The National Day of China – An Ultimate Guide(2024)  - WuKong Education Blog

The History Of The National Day Of China

The National Day of China goes back to the Chinese Civil War. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) civil won the war against the Nationalist Government. After this long war, beginning in 1927 and lasting until 1950, the CCP declared the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. This official formation took place on October 1st, 1949, initiating the national day celebration every year.

Prior to this, the Chinese National Day was September 21st. However, the new government formed on October 1st and passed the Resolution on the National Day of the People’s Republic of China on October 2. 

Since then, the National Day of China has been celebrated every year in its full glory. Remember that the official formation of the People’s Republic of China was in Tiananmen Square. The military-civil parades are hosted at this exact place every year on October 1st, paying tribute to the beginning of this day. 

The National Day of China – An Ultimate Guide(2024)  - WuKong Education Blog

The Details Behind the Golden Week

As mentioned earlier, the Chinese National Day comes with a Golden Week. But what is it? Basically, the Chinese government allows public holidays of 3 days. However, they are followed by weekends before or after, resulting in a full-week holiday. 

But the days can vary depending on the Chinese region. For instance, Hong Kong only declares a public holiday of 1 day. Similarly, Macau’s legal holidays for National Day are 2 days. 

And that also brings us to another topic. Why the name Golden Week? Most people assume that the week provides a golden opportunity for the Chinese people. While that’s true, there is another reason behind the name. 

The Golden Week gets its name due to the season in which the National Day arrives. Since it is in October, one can expect the fall season during the National Day celebration. China has a balanced weather during this time. It is neither too hot nor cold, and the sky is mostly clear. That is why this time of the year is considered the Golden Week. 

Another thing important to note on this subject is that China gets major inspiration from Japan. In fact, the Golden Week didn’t exist in China before 1999. The government provided major relief for people during the National Day celebrations. Like Japan’s Golden Week, they decided to extend the holidays up to 3 days, resulting in an entire week. It can be pretty helpful as most people prefer traveling or spending time with their families and loved ones during these celebrations. 

FAQs About the National Day

Q1: When is the National Day of China in 2024?

The National Day of China in 2024 is set to be on October 1st, 2024 (Tuesday). Remember that the Golden Week will last up to October 7, 2024. Thus, you can plan ahead for these exciting holidays!

Q2: What are the Celebrations on the National Day of China?

The Chinese National Day is known for its celebrations. You can expect a lot of fun, including public amusement places, civil-military parades, flag-raising ceremonies, wreath-laying activities, and other exciting events. 

Q3: Where is the National Day of China Celebrated?

The National Day of China is celebrated all across the nation, extending to Hong Kong and Macau. Cities and regions in other countries with a decent population of Chinese people also celebrate this day to the full extent. 


And that’s all about the National Day of China you should know. We have discussed its historical and cultural importance, not only in China but in the entire world. Now, you know when this day will be celebrated. Hence, you can make plans with your family, friends, or loved ones to celebrate the Golden Week in its full glory. 

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