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Top 4 Online Platforms for Affordable Chinese Class [2024]

Learning a new language can be exciting, and Chinese is a popular language. If you want to learn Chinese but worry about the cost and how to find classes, fret not! Free online Chinese classes will be a great option. These classes help you learn the language without paying anything. 

In this article, we’ll talk about four of the best online Chinese courses for adults or students. So, let’s start our language adventure with Affordable Chinese classes for beginners!

Top 4 Online Platforms for Affordable Chinese Class [2024] - WuKong Blog

Part 1: Best Platforms for Affordable Chinese Classes

Let’s have a look at effective online platforms for learning Chinese.

  1. WuKong

Wukong Chinese is an online platform that provides Chinese language learning opportunities for children aged 3-18. Regardless of location, kids can access live classes conducted by experienced teachers. 

These teachers employ a 7-step teaching method to ensure effective language acquisition. This platform offers a comprehensive range of courses, catering to learners with different proficiency levels. 

Top 4 Online Platforms for Affordable Chinese Class [2024] - WuKong Blog


  • Free trial for exploration
  • Diverse course pricing.
Criteria Details
Website https://www.wukongsch.com/
Pricing$349 to $2039
Duration60 minutes
Mandarin or CantoneseBoth 
Free TrialAvailable
  1. Italki
Top 4 Online Platforms for Affordable Chinese Class [2024] - WuKong Blog

Italki is another platform that offers customizable 1-on-1 lessons, making it a great platform for Chinese courses for online learners. Trusted by millions of users, Italki allows you to find teachers worldwide who can help you learn the Chinese language and dialects and immerse yourself in the culture. With it, you can connect with language learners from over 190 countries, practice for free, and share experiences.


  • The keyword option enables a more focused search.
  • The “Speaks” feature can prove way helpful for non-native English speakers.


  • No internal coursework.
  • No free extra materials, such as workouts or videos.
Criteria Details
Website https://www.italki.com/
PricingMost Chinese tutors charge between $10 and $25 per hour; the scale ranges from $4 to $80.
Duration60 minutes
Mandarin or CantoneseBoth, as well as a few other Chinese languages
Free TrialAvailable
  1. PandaTree
Top 4 Online Platforms for Affordable Chinese Class [2024] - WuKong Blog

If you’re looking for the best budget site to learn Chinese online, PandaTree is the perfect choice! It’s a fantastic platform for kids to learn languages in a fun and interactive way. PandaTree offers personalized lessons designed specifically for your child based on their current knowledge and interests. After each lesson, you’ll receive feedback from the teacher and even have the option to rewatch the lesson. 


  • Every session is specially designed to meet the demands and learning preferences of your child.
  • The platform provides a very engaged learning environment with interesting games, films, and other entertaining activities.


  • The program is focused on language and lacks cultural content.
Criteria Details
Website https://www.pandatree.com/
Pricing:Prices start at $10 each lesson.
Duration: 50 minutes for older children and 25 minutes for children under 10.
Mandarin or Cantonese:Mandarin
Free TrialAvailable
  1. TutorABC
Top 4 Online Platforms for Affordable Chinese Class [2024] - WuKong Blog

If you’re looking for an effective online platform for learning Chinese, look no further than TutorABC! With a team of highly qualified teachers with internationally certified teaching certificates and an average of three years of teaching experience, you can trust that you’re in good hands. 

Their flexible scheduling allows you to attend live classes anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for your busy life. The platform is also kidSAFE certified, ensuring a safe learning environment. 


  • Internal curriculum levels match standardized test levels.
  • The 650+ tutor database facilitates class scheduling.


  • No assurance regarding a tutor of choice.
Criteria Details
Website https://www.tutorabc.com
Pricing:$20 to $45 for each session 
Duration: 45 minutes for adults, 25 minutes for children
Mandarin or Cantonese:Mandarin
Free TrialAvailable

Part 2: How to Choose an Affordable Chinese Class? 

When choosing a platform for affordable Chinese classes, it’s important to consider several factors. First and foremost, make sure that the platform aligns with your learning objectives. Different platforms may have different teaching styles and methodologies, so finding one that suits your learning preferences is crucial.

Additionally, check if the class utilizes technology effectively. This can enhance your learning experience and make it more interactive and engaging. It’s also beneficial to look for platforms that offer demonstrations or free trials. This lets you experience the class and determine if it meets your expectations. 

Part 3: Benefits of Taking Chinese Language Classes 

Taking affordable Chinese classes for beginners offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it allows you to enjoy Chinese TV series, films, and music, immersing yourself in the rich cultural offerings of China. Secondly, exploring Chinese language learning opportunities can boost your career prospects, opening doors to job opportunities in various industries, especially international business and trade.

Additionally, learning Chinese lets you communicate with a large population of native Mandarin and Chinese speakers worldwide, fostering connections and expanding your global network. Learning Chinese offers a gateway to a new and exciting world of culture, career advancement, and personal growth.

Part 4: FAQs About Affordable Chinese Class 

Are Affordable Chinese Classes Effective for Learning the Language?

Yes, affordable Chinese classes can be effective for learning the language. Look for classes that have qualified teachers and a structured curriculum to ensure a productive learning experience.

What Level of Proficiency is Required to Join a Chinese Class?

Most affordable Chinese classes are designed to accommodate learners of various proficiency levels. You don’t need any prior language knowledge to join a Chinese class. The classes are structured to gradually build your skills and help you progress from basic vocabulary to more advanced levels.

Are There Any Prerequisites for Enrolling in a Chinese Class?

No, there are typically no prerequisites for enrolling in a Chinese class. Affordable Chinese classes are designed to accommodate learners of all levels, including beginners. 


Learning Chinese doesn’t have to be expensive. The mentioned 4 platforms for learning Chinese online offer affordable options for beginners and those on a budget. Choose a platform that aligns with your goals, fits your schedule, and provides additional resources. 

By taking Chinese classes, you learn a new language and immerse yourself in a rich culture, opening doors to new experiences and opportunities.