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Chinese To Mandarin Pinyin | Tips To Learn Chinese Language

For many learners, it is the most complex task to learn the Chinese language and become proficient in speaking/writing. The main reason is multiple variants of this most spoken language that make understanding difficult for everyone. If you are also struggling with learning, you should read this blog about Chinese to Mandarin Pinyin. In this blog, we are going to show you how you can learn this conversion online. It will be an easy approach for you to start your learning after reading this blog. Let’s have a look at what we have got for you to help you in the learning phase.

Chinese to Mandarin pinyin

Part 1. How To Convert Chinese To Mandarin Pinyin?

Learning the method to convert Chinese to Mandarin Pinyin can be hectic. You may have to struggle a lot to understand this conversion but it is important to master it. The reason is Pinyin is considered a handy tool to learn the sounds of Mandarin Chinese characters. It can be proven an effective way to learn Mandarin pronunciation. Here we have wrapped up two main methods through which you can convert Chinese to Mandarin Pinyin.

Part 2. Using Online Tools

The most used and easiest approach to perform this conversion is through online tools. It makes the conversion easier as you have to insert the characters in Mandarin Chinese and the converter will perform the rest of the work. Secondly, you will also find an option to pronounce the character properly if you have picked a reliable tool. But the problem comes when you have to choose the right tool as you can find hundreds of tools on the internet. Here we have listed a few hand-picked online Chinese to Mandarin Pinyin converters. Let us show you those tools and learn about them in detail.

Chinese Converter

On the top of our list of tools is Chinese Converter which offers multiple tools for this task. It’s Chinese to Mandarin Pinyin converter is the best when you are learning. It enables you to insert your Chinese characters and convert them into Pinyin. In simple words, you will be able to split the characters to find their parts in the form of Pinyin. In addition to this, you can also choose its format to have a preview of the Chinese characters in different Pinyin formats. So, you will be able to learn the parts of a Pinyin from this tool and extend your learning.

Chinese To Mandarin Pinyin | Tips To Learn Chinese Language - WuKong Education Blog

Interface of Chinese converter


You can use this Chinese to Mandarin Pinyin converter for free. There is no subscription fee or upgrade plan available.


  • Easy-to-use converter
  • Offer an effective way to learn Chinese Mandarin
  • Quick processing
  • No upgrade is required


  • No voice mode is available

Purple Culture

Another effective tool to learn Chinese to Mandarin Pinyin is Purple Culture. It is a reliable tool with multiple options. While using it, you don’t need to rely on the built-in options or settings. This online converter allows you to choose tone colors, tone correction, and hovering annotation. Moreover, you can also adjust the Phonetics by clicking on the box given beside it. Simply, this online Chinese to Mandarin Pinyin allows you to customize your learning easily.

Chinese To Mandarin Pinyin | Tips To Learn Chinese Language - WuKong Education Blog

Purple Culture Interface


You can get started with this online converter at the rate of $3 per month or reduce this price a bit by subscribing to the annual plan.


  • Custom options for effective learning
  • Offer sounds in different phonetics
  • Allows to insert 1000 characters


  • No free working mode

YOYO Chinese

In addition to the above two real-time Chinese to Mandarin Pinyin converters, YOYO Chinese can be another effective learning platform. Unlike other online converters, it allows you to hear the Pinyin sound of different Chinese characters. Moreover, it allows you to hear different tones and versions of the sound for every character. The best feature of this converter is it has a comprehensive Mandarin to Pinyin chart. You can click on any alphabet/character to get the sound’s display and hear them.

Chinese To Mandarin Pinyin | Tips To Learn Chinese Language - WuKong Education Blog

Pinyin Chart at YOYO Chinese


To access this platform, you don’t have to pay a single dollar as it is completely free. But you can also extend your learning by upgrading to its paid plans that start from $14.99 per month.


  • Built-in Mandarin to Pinyin chart
  • Enables you to hear different sounds
  • Quick processing with accurate pronunciation


  • No input options
  • Need to rely on pre-designed chart

Part 3. By Enrolling in a Course

Sometimes, you may not find an online Chinese to Mandarin Pinyin converter suitable for learning. You need an instructor who can guide you in the learning as well as help you pronounce the character with a better tone. You can go for physical classes or enrol yourself in an online course. If you haven’t found the online course yet, you should try enrolling yourself in the Wukong Chinese course. It offers you comprehensive learning in a fun way that will never let you get bored. You can also join 1-1 live classes to learn more from the instructors. The best thing about this platform is that it enables you to join the classes on a free trial to understand the learning style. 

Part 4. FAQs

Is There An App That Converts Chinese To Pinyin?

You can find multiple apps and web-based tools to convert Chinese to Pinyin. It will be pretty simple for you to perform this conversion and understand its meaning/pronunciation easily using the same application.

Is Chinese Pinyin The Same As Mandarin?

No, Pinyin and Mandarin are two different sectors related to the Chinese language system. Pinyin is a standard transcribed system that shifts Mandarin characters to Latin alphabets. On the other side, Mandarin is the official language of China and is also considered the oldest version of the Chinese language.

Is It Better To Learn Chinese Without Pinyin?

If we say it will not be a good idea, it is right. The reason is Pinyin simplifies the learning of the Chinese Mandarin language. If you don’t follow this, you will not get the sketch of the character/element that belongs to the Chinese language.

Part 6. Summary

In the above sections of this blog, we have discussed the Chinese to Mandarin Pinyin conversion. For your assistance, we have also discussed both variants in detail. Also, we have shared the most effective tips to follow for this conversion. It will be an easy approach for you to convert Mandarin Chinese to Pinyin and learn from it. The reason is this conversion makes the Chinese characters sound like the Latin words.