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14 Best Mandarin Courses & Apps for Students [2024 Updated]

Are you looking for Mandarin courses for students? This article will introduce the 5 best Mandarin courses for students, and introduce their prices, course features, and age groups. And we will also recommend 3 apps for learning Chinese and 5 free platforms for learning Chinese. It will also promote some pdf resources for learning Chinese and tell beginners how to get started with Chinese. Come and read and start your journey of learning Chinese!

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Part1. 5 Best Mandarin Courses for Students

International students are increasingly interested in Mandarin Chinese. Due to online education platforms, students can now choose from several Mandarin courses adapted to their needs. This article will review applications, websites that teach Chinese, PDF resources, and free online courses on Wukong Chinese with a focus on student needs.

1.  Wukong Chinese Program – Let Beginners Learn Chinese Online Easily 

14 Best Mandarin Courses & Apps for Students [2024 Updated] - WuKong Education Blog

Wukong Chinese online Mandarin courses for students, which are designed specifically for students, offering flexible learning options and personalized instruction. Learn Mandarin at your own pace, anytime and anywhere, with our experienced native Chinese teachers. 

Age Group: 

The Mandarin courses are designed for students aged 3-18 years old


Flexible Learning: 

Students can learn Mandarin online at their convenience, anytime and anywhere. 

Personalized Instruction:

 Wukong Chinese offers a variety of class formats for students, including 1-on-1 lessons, small group classes, and large group classes. 

Native Chinese Teachers: 

The courses are taught by experienced native Chinese teachers who are proficient in Mandarin. T

Expert Teaching Research Team:

 Wukong Chinese Mandarin courses boasts an expert teaching research team with over 10 years of experience in the field of Chinese mandarin education. 

Free Trial Class: 

Students have the opportunity to start their Mandarin learning journey with a Free Trial Class.

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2. Coursera – Learning Chinese: Start From Scratch

14 Best Mandarin Courses & Apps for Students [2024 Updated] - WuKong Education Blog

National Taiwan University offers a six-week introduction course on Mandarin Chinese conversation that’s an excellent location for students to start. Because the program places a strong emphasis on developing practical language abilities, it is ideal for anyone who wish to become conversationally proficient. 

Key Features

Key features include:

Conversation Emphasis

For students who want to become conversationally proficient in Mandarin Chinese, this course is perfect because it concentrates on that language.

Practical Language Skills

With a focus on practical language skills, the curriculum guarantees that students can use Mandarin with confidence in everyday discussions.

Structured Curriculum

The course offers a time-efficient and systematic way to Optimal Mandarin Learning Solutions for Students, lasting six weeks.

3. YoYoChinese: Mandarin Course for Novice Students

14 Best Mandarin Courses & Apps for Students [2024 Updated] - WuKong Education Blog

YoYoChinese is also known as a Mandarin course for students. For individuals who want to start over and learn Chinese for travel, this course is perfect. For novices, YoYoChinese is highly recommended. The fundamentals presented are those required to reach the HSK 1 proficiency level. 

Key Features

Key features include:

Travel-Focused Curriculum

Designed with travelers in mind, this Mandarin course offers the fundamentals needed for everyday conversation in Chinese.

Highly Recommended for Beginners

The Mandarin course is especially designed for beginners, so those who are just beginning to study Mandarin will find it useful and approachable.

HSK 1 Proficiency

The curriculum gives pupils a clear Optimal Mandarin Learning Solutions for Students path by being in line with the standards for the HSK 1 competency level.

4. Rocket Chinese: Chinese for Beginners

14 Best Mandarin Courses & Apps for Students [2024 Updated] - WuKong Education Blog

This course, which is intended for beginners, employs a variety of teaching techniques, including interactive activities, short plays, lectures, and cultural guidance. The multimodal approach helps students have a better educational experience. 

Key Features

Key features include:

Multimodal Approach

To improve the learning experience, the course uses a range of teaching strategies, such as interactive exercises, short plays, lectures, and cultural guidance.

Cultural Insights

Cultural hints are incorporated into the curriculum to provide pupils a deeper comprehension of Mandarin Chinese in relation to other cultures.

Progressive Learning

Mandarin Chinese 1 is intended for progressive learning, just like other Wukong Chinese courses, enabling students to advance in skill over time.

5. GoEast Mandarin

14 Best Mandarin Courses & Apps for Students [2024 Updated] - WuKong Education Blog

Explore GoEast Mandarin’s extensive selection of Mandarin courses for students, offered by esteemed universities and industry titans, that cater to all skill levels. Students can choose lessons that suit their schedules and learning goals thanks to the platform’s flexibility. 

Key Features

Key features include:

Diverse Course Offerings

Mandarin courses for students can be discovered on GoEast Mandarin that are tailored to their individual interests and objectives because the platform offers a diverse selection of topics and competence levels.

Prestigious Instructors

Prominent academic institutions and business titans provide Mandarin courses for students that give students access to top-notch instruction and insights.


Because of GoEast Mandarin’s adaptable platform, students may select mandarin classes that suit their requirements and schedules while still meeting their learning goals.

Part2. 3 Recommended Chinese Learning Apps for Students

Students can study Mandarin on the road in a convenient and participatory way with mobile apps. To increase the engagement of the learning process, these apps frequently incorporate gamified elements:

1. Duolingo

14 Best Mandarin Courses & Apps for Students [2024 Updated] - WuKong Education Blog

As one of the most widely used language learning applications worldwide, Duolingo’s Mandarin Chinese course upholds the platform’s reputation for providing efficient and approachable language instruction. By using a gamified method, the software makes learning a language entertaining. What users can anticipate:

Interactive Exercises

Through a range of interactive tasks, Duolingo’s Mandarin course covers vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. These activities provide a thorough learning experience, ranging from phrase completion to picture matching to speaking practice.

Progress Tracking

By using a visual interface to track progress, Duolingo helps learners stay motivated. The learning process is made more engaging and competitive via achievements, streaks, and a point system.

Community Engagement

By joining language communities through the app, users may practice Mandarin with other students and get feedback. The social component improves education as a whole.


14 Best Mandarin Courses & Apps for Students [2024 Updated] - WuKong Education Blog

HelloChinese is a Optimal Mandarin Learning Solutions for Students app that focuses on character identification and useful language skills. The app is a great option for Mandarin learners because it offers a well-organized and interesting curriculum. Important characteristics consist of:

Lesson Structure

Mandarin language classes from HelloChinese are structured and cover all the necessary topics, such as grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. The curriculum is developed to increase proficiency step by step.

Games and Quizzes

HelloChinese includes games and quizzes that push users to use their knowledge in a variety of situations in order to reinforce learning. This gamified method maintains students’ motivation and level of engagement.

Speech Recognition

With the app’s speech recognition capabilities, users may practice and get better at pronouncing words correctly. The practical language abilities that are developed are enhanced by this interactive element.


14 Best Mandarin Courses & Apps for Students [2024 Updated] - WuKong Education Blog

Pleco is a comprehensive Chinese-English dictionary that supports vocabulary acquisition and language discovery, going beyond the traditional language learning software. Features of the app include:

Flashcards for Vocabulary Building

Pleco provides flashcards to aid in vocabulary memorization and reinforcement. A wide range of subjects and skill levels are covered by these flashcards, enabling customized learning.

Audio Pronunciations

Listeners can hear precise audio pronunciations of words and phrases in Mandarin. This feature improves pronunciation and listening comprehension.

Character Recognition

Chinese characters can be looked up by users by sketching them on the screen and using Pleco’s character recognition tool. For students who are concentrating on reading written Chinese and recognizing characters, this is a useful feature.

Document Reader

Pleco comes with a document reader that lets users read and comprehend materials written in Chinese. Contextual learning and language immersion are supported by this feature.

Customizable Dictionary

Pleco is a tailored learning tool that adjusts to individual preferences and learning objectives because users can modify their dictionary entries.

Part3. 5 Free Platforms to Learn Chinese Online for Free

Many students look for low-cost Mandarin language courses, and the following platforms provide free Mandarin courses for students without sacrificing quality:

1. Free Mandarin Courses on Wukong Chinese and edX

Visit the well-known online learning portals Wukong Chinese and edX to look at free Mandarin courses for students. These free courses offer excellent resources across a variety of subjects and skill levels.

2.MOOC Platforms

Mandarin courses for students from prestigious universities are available for free on Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) sites like Wukong Chinese and edX. Make the most of these classes to establish a solid language foundation.

3.Open Educational Resources (OER)

Examine the free educational materials that are accessible on websites such as OER Commons. For thorough language study, these resources include interactive activities, films, and textbooks.

4.Language Exchange Programs

Participate in language exchange programs to meet Mandarin speakers who are natural speakers. You can practice Mandarin for free by using language exchange platforms like Tandem and Speaky.

5.Community College Offerings

Find out if any community colleges or other educational facilities in the area provide free Mandarin courses for students. Certain establishments provide community education courses for free or at a very low cost.

Part4. PDF Resources for Learning Chinese 

PDF materials can be useful tools for students who want to augment their online courses or who prefer self-paced learning. Here’s how to utilize PDF resources to their fullest:

Search for Downloadable PDFs

Look for PDFs that cover vocabulary, grammar, and conversational phrases on websites, language learning forums, and educational portals. Free PDF resources are frequently available on websites like FluentU and HSK Academy.

Create a Personalized Study Plan

Make your own study schedule with PDF resources in addition to online classes to customize your learning process. Allocate specific time for studying with PDFs, guaranteeing a thorough and balanced approach to language acquisition.

Utilize PDFs for Review and Practice

Utilize PDF materials for focused practice and routine review. Concentrate on particular subjects or regions that require development to strengthen your grasp of Mandarin principles.

Combine PDF Learning with Interactive Tools

Combine your study of PDFs with interactive resources like as online tests, language applications, and flashcards. This mixture guarantees a well-rounded and interesting language-learning process.

Part5. Best 5 Tips About How to Learn Chinese Effectively [For Beginner]

Effective tactics and dedication are necessary when learning a new language. The following advice is for students who want to start learning Mandarin:

Set Realistic Goals

Establish attainable short- and long-term objectives to monitor your development. To feel like you’ve accomplished something, break bigger objectives down into smaller benchmarks.

Immerse Yourself in the Language

By reading books, listening to music, and watching Chinese movies, you can create a setting that is immersive. Both language retention and cultural comprehension are improved by exposure to the language outside of official educational environments.

Practice Regularly

Maintaining consistency is essential. To improve your fluency, practice speaking and writing every day. Over time, proficiency is enhanced through consistent practice, which solidifies linguistic concepts.

Explore Language Communities

To make connections with other students, sign up for local language meetups, social media groups, or online forums. It can be inspiring and enlightening to exchange stories and advice with other language aficionados.

Use Technology Wisely

Use interactive tools, online courses, and language learning applications to enhance your academic work. Include technology in your daily study practice for a comprehensive and contemporary approach.

Part6. Benefits of Choosing Chinese Learning Websites

Language learning has been transformed by online resources, which provide pupils with engaging and varied curricula. Specifically, Wukong Chinese provides a range of courses catered to various skill levels:With so many courses available for varying skill levels, learning Chinese online has never been easier. Students can learn at their own speed with the flexibility and convenience of online platforms.

Interactive Learning Materials

Participate in online classes that make use of interactive Optimal Mandarin Learning Solutions for Students, including flashcards, quizzes, and multimedia content. These resources improve language learning by offering an engaging and dynamic learning environment.

Multimedia Resources

Investigate websites that offer interactive exercises, audio excerpts, movies, and other multimedia tools. Students who are exposed to a variety of media are better able to talk and listen in authentic settings.

Online Language Exchange Communities

Participate in online language communities to practice Mandarin with other students and native speakers. Language aficionados can connect globally through platforms such as Tandem, HelloTalk, and ConversationExchange, which facilitate language practice through text, audio, and video conversations.

Virtual Language Partnerships

Form online language exchanges with Mandarin speakers who are native speakers. Frequent communication with a language partner enhances overall language proficiency by offering beneficial conversational practice and cultural insights.

Online Tutoring Sessions

Think about participating in online Mandarin tutoring sessions with certified teachers. These one-on-one meetings provide individualized coaching, constructive criticism, and extra help based on each student’s unique learning requirements.

Gamified Learning Platforms

Examine gamified language learning resources that provide fun to the learning process. Learning management systems such as Lingodeer and Memrise use gaming components to push and engage students, creating an enjoyable and engaging learning atmosphere.


Why choose Wukong Chinese to learn Mandarin?

Students favor Wukong Chinese because of its wide range of course options, flexibility, and accessibility from anywhere in the world. It offers access to top-notch courses through partnerships with leading universities across the globe. Students can obtain certificates that highlight their language skills and improve their resumes. Students can network with peers from diverse backgrounds by participating in a global learning community on Wukong Chinese, which promotes a rich and collaborative learning environment.

How can I learn Mandarin for free online?

Free online tools and courses make it feasible to learn Mandarin on a tight budget. Free Mandarin courses for students are available on Wukong Chinese and edX, so you can learn the fundamentals without having to commit to anything. Additionally, free textbooks, films, and interactive materials can be found on open educational resource (OER) platforms like OER Commons. Through language exchange programs on websites like Tandem and Speaky, you may practice Mandarin for free with native speakers.


Selecting appropriate Mandarin courses for students who want to start studying the language. Students have a variety of options to fit their interests and schedules, whether they choose to enroll in an organized online course on sites like Wukong Chinese, use PDF resources for independent study, or integrate language learning applications into everyday activities. Students can become fluent in Mandarin and open doors to new cultural and educational opportunities by making proper use of these tools.