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HSK Chinese Exam 2023: How to Prepare for Exam in 2024

Getting ready for the HSK Chinese Exam in 2024? This guide is here to help you understand all about the test. The HSK exam is important for people learning Chinese worldwide, and last year, it got some big updates for the first time in over ten years.  In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about these changes, how the HSK exam works, any further changes they might make, and what you must do to do well. Let’s explore this language adventure together, focusing on the changes implemented in the HSK Chinese Exam 2023 and more!

HSK Chinese Exam 2023: How to Prepare for Exam in 2024 - WuKong Blog

Part 1: What to Know About the HSK Chinese Exam 2023?  

The HSK, which stands for the Chinese Proficiency Test, is a widely recognized assessment of Chinese language proficiency. It evaluates a person’s ability to listen, read, write, and speak in Chinese. The test originally had 11 levels, but 2010 it was revised to have six levels to make it more accessible to learners worldwide.

However, there has been criticism regarding the difficulty level of the highest level, HSK 6. Many language teachers outside of China believe it falls short of the expected proficiency level indicated by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). According to these teachers, HSK 6 is seen as equivalent to a B2 or, at most, a C1 level on the CEFR scale rather than the highest level, C2.

To address these concerns and align the HSK with international language proficiency standards, the HSK Chinese exam 2023 was reformed to become more challenging. The aim is to ensure that passing the HSK reflects a high level of Chinese language competency. This will make the test harder and more rigorous, covering areas like handwriting Chinese characters and translation skills.

The intention behind these reforms is to enhance the credibility and accuracy of the HSK as a measure of language proficiency, making it more valuable for learners and employers alike. By aligning with international standards, the HSK will provide a more accurate assessment of one’s Chinese language abilities.

Registration Fee for the HSK Chinese Exam 2024?

If you’re thinking about taking the HSK test 2024, you’ll need to pay a fee, and the amount depends on the level of the test you choose. Here are the fees for the 2024 HSK tests:

– HSK 1: $200

– HSK 2: $300

– HSK 3: $400

– HSK 4: $500

– HSK 5: $700

– HSK 6: $800

Additionally, there’s a speaking part called HSKK, and the fees for that are $300 for Beginners, $400 for Intermediate, and $500 for Advanced levels. It’s essential to note that these fees are the same across the globe, but some test centers might include extra charges for administration or postage.

The payment method can vary, with some centers allowing online payment and others requiring in-person payment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your test center by a call or email for the information you need.

How Do You Register for the HSK Chinese Exam 2024?

The simplest way to register is by using your HSK account on the test website. This method allows you to register at any time, 24/7. Follow these steps to complete your HSK registration online.

Go to the HSK Website

Start by going to the official website for the HSK Chinese Language Exam. Although the website is originally only available in Chinese, you can choose your favorite language by clicking the language option at the top. Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, and Spanish are the languages in which the HSK registration is offered.

Create an Account with HSK

Go to the website and create your HSK account. To register for the test, view your entry ticket, and view your results. Select “New User” to continue. Enter your personal information, including your date of birth, email address, nationality, and native tongue.

While some fields are optional, others must be filled out. Before submitting, select a password for your account and make sure you can recall both your username (email address) and password.

Choose Your HSK Level

Proceed to register for the HSK Chinese Language Exam after making your account. On the home page, select “Register Now”. Make your HSK test level selection on the next page.

Choose Test Format, Center, and Date

After choosing your HSK level, indicate the country or region where you plan to take the HSK Chinese Language Exam. Depending on the location, you might need to specify the province/state and city/district.

Select your preferred test format (paper-based or internet-based). A list of available test centers will appear, along with their respective dates. Choose a center and a date that suits your schedule. Read and agree to the terms of service, then click “Submit.”

Provide ID Information

After selecting your test center, date, and time, the next page will confirm basic information you previously entered, such as your name, email, and date of birth.

You’ll need to provide additional details, including your gender, phone number, and most importantly, the information from the ID you plan to bring on the test day. It’s crucial to ensure that the ID details match exactly, as you won’t be able to modify them once the profile is created. Double-check and input the ID information accurately.

Upload Your Photo

Click on “Next Step” to proceed to the following page, where you’ll need to upload a recent, standard headshot photo for the test. Ensure that the photo meets the specified criteria: a white background, JPG format, and a maximum size of 100 KB.

It’s crucial to upload a photo that adheres to these requirements. Failure to do so may result in being denied entry to the examination room on the test day. Additionally, you won’t have the option to modify the uploaded photo later. Once you’ve uploaded an appropriate photo, click “Next Step” to continue.

Pay the Exam Fee

To complete your HSK Chinese exam registration, pay the test fee through the “Pay Online” button on the confirmation page. Choose from payment options like Union Pay, Union Pay Express, Visa, Mastercard, or WeChat Pay. 

Confirm the order, and your test admission ticket will be available a few days before the test date, either for printing in the “Personal Information Center” on the HSK website or for collection at the test center. 

Part 2: Discovering the Changes in the New HSK Chinese Exam 2023  

Let’s review this section to explore what’s new in HSK Chinese exam 2023.

Four-Dimension Benchmarks

The four-dimension benchmarks developed by the New HSK employ four fundamental components of the Chinese language to assess learners’ ability in the language precisely. Syllables, characters, vocabulary, and grammar are some of these standards. Every level and band has unique specifications for every dimension.

Precise Level Classification 

The New HSK features three levels, each with three unique bands, compared to the old HSK’s six levels. It contains three extra bands for grading advanced learners compared to the current HSK.

New Competencies 

The five verbal communication abilities students must master to pass the New HSK are speaking, listening, reading, writing, and translation. These five skills must be applied by students to converse in Chinese on a variety of subjects and in a range of contexts.

Part 3: Will the Same Pattern be Followed in the HSK Chinese Exam 2024?

Hear us shouting YES! HSK Chinese Exam 2024 is supposed to follow the same amendments made back in 2023. The HSK Chinese exam 2023 and 2024 template will also be the same. 

The test will last about 140 minutes and has three main parts: listening, reading, and writing. There will be 101 questions in total. First, you will be given the choice to take the test online or on paper. To pass, you will require a score of 180 out of 300, and the test will be in simplified Chinese. 

Moreover, the HSK test happens 11 times every year worldwide, providing you with many dates to choose from. The tests are always on a Saturday or Sunday. HSK Levels 1, 3, and 5 usually start at 1:30 pm, while Levels 2, 4, and 6 typically start at 9:00 am. If you’re taking the internet-based test, you need to register at least 10 days before the chosen date.

For the paper-based test, you must register a bit earlier, at least 4 weeks in advance. Make sure to check the specific details for your chosen test. Let’s delve deeper into the paper pattern of the HSK Mandarin proficiency test for 2023

Listening Section

This part is 35 minutes long and has 50 multiple-choice questions. You’ll hear short clips, interviews, and longer talks. After listening, you have about 12-13 seconds to pick the answer that matches your heart. It checks how well you understand Chinese in different situations.

Reading Section

The reading part is 45 minutes and has four sections. In the first part, you choose the wrong sentence out of four. For the next two parts, you fill in the blanks in passages. The last part involves reading five long passages and answering questions about them. 

You should spend around 10 minutes on the first three parts and 20 minutes on the last one. It tests your ability to understand longer Chinese writings.

Writing Section

This section gives you 45 minutes to summarize a 1,000-character passage in 400 characters. You get 10 minutes to read the passage, and then you have 35 minutes to write your summary, either typing or handwriting. 

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Part 4: How to Prepare for HSK Chinese Exam 2024?

Let’s explore some strategies to help you perform well on the test. Even if you’re already good at Mandarin, it’s wise to include these tips in your study routine and test approach.

Choosing the Right HSK Level

If you plan to study at a Chinese university, each school may have a specific HSK level requirement, usually HSK 5 for degree programs. Check the university’s website or contact the admissions office to find the exact requirement.

For job purposes, consider aiming for higher levels (4-6). If you just want to test your Mandarin skills, take a practice test to figure out your level before deciding which HSK test to take.

Practicing for Success

Now, let’s discuss practicing for the HSK Chinese exam 2024. To understand your current level and plan your study, taking practice tests is a smart move. It helps identify your strengths and weaknesses. When taking a practice test, create a real test environment: find a slightly noisy place and stick to official time limits. This preparation will give you a feel for the actual HSK test.

Structured Study Routine 

Check your schedule and allocate 4–6 hours per week for Mandarin study, even if the test is months away. Learning Mandarin can go beyond textbooks, including watching shows, reading articles, and finding a tutor for regular practice.

Incorporating Mandarin into your daily routine is crucial for language retention. Aim for at least one hour of study each day, five days a week. This consistent effort will contribute to your language learning journey.

HSK Preparation Courses

Consider joining an HSK preparation course if self-study feels difficult. A knowledgeable teacher can guide you through the HSK structure, saving time and effort. The course will focus on the specific grammar, vocabulary, and sentence patterns needed for success in the HSK Test.

Exam Day Tip

On the day of the HSK test, it’s essential to stay relaxed. Being calm increases your chances of doing well, and if you don’t succeed, you can always try again after more study.

Ensure you get enough sleep the night before, eat a good breakfast, and arrive at the test center at least thirty minutes early. Familiarize yourself with past papers to know what to expect regarding the test’s structure, timing, and content. Staying hydrated by drinking enough water is also crucial to prevent fatigue and maintain concentration during the test.

Part 5: FAQs

Q1: What HSK Level Is Considered Fluent?

HSK Level 6 is generally considered fluent in Chinese, indicating advanced language proficiency and the ability to handle complex tasks.

Q2: Can You Do the HSK Chinese Exam 2024 Online?

Yes, the HSK Chinese Exam 2024 can be taken online. The online format provides convenience and flexibility for test-takers to complete the exam remotely. This mode of examination is designed to accommodate various schedules and locations, making it more accessible to a broader range of participants.

Q3: How Many Words Were There in HSK Chinese Exam 2023?

The HSK Chinese Exam 2023 encompassed a vocabulary of approximately 5,000 words across various levels. Mastering these words is essential for achieving success in the 2024 exam and demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese language.


Getting ready for the HSK Chinese Exam 2024 is like preparing for a big test that checks how well you know the Chinese language. The exam has been around for a while, but it has changed significantly in 2023 to ensure it accurately measures your language skills. If you want to improve your Chinese and be ready for the new HSK exam based on the new HSK Chinese Exam 2023 format, you can start studying with Wukong

It’s a way to learn Chinese in an immersive environment, where the language surrounds you, and you can learn more effectively. So, if you’re ready for the challenge of the new HSK, Wukong can help you master Chinese!




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