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Top 5 Chinese Classes for Students: Learn Mandarin Online

Looking for the best Chinese classes for students to learn Mandarin online? It’s like having many paths but not knowing which one to take. Imagine navigating through a vast forest with various options! Don’t fret; this guide acts as your reliable map. We’ll explore engaging Mandarin Chinese classes, online Chinese language courses, and even free Chinese lessons online. Together, we’ll uncover the most enjoyable and effective ways for your child to learn Mandarin Chinese.

1. WuKong: Where Learning is an Adventure in Chinese Mandarin Language

WuKong: Where Learning is an Adventure in Chinese Mandarin Language

Explore a vibrant world of Mandarin learning with WuKong’s immersive adventure.

Discovering the perfect Chinese classes for students, especially to learn Mandarin, is like finding a treasure chest in a vast sea of options. WuKong stands out as an island of excitement where learning Mandarin feels like an adventurous journey. It’s like diving into a magical world where education becomes enjoyable playtime, offering a fantastic way to explore Chinese classes for students eager to learn Mandarin.


  • Playful Learning: WuKong elevates Mandarin learning by infusing games, activities, and captivating stories into every lesson. It’s a bit like exploring a treasure map while learning new words and phrases.
  • Personalized Attention: Teachers focus on each child, making sure they understand everything. It’s like having a personal guide on this adventure!
  • Expert Educators: The teachers at WuKong are a bit like seasoned explorers. They know Mandarin really well and are amazing at making it fun!


  • Engaging Lessons: It’s as if every class is a new quest, keeping kids excited about learning Mandarin Chinese.
  • Effective Teacher Interaction: Teachers are like friendly mentors, giving quick feedback and making learning enjoyable.


  • No Reported Issues: WuKong shines brightly with very few, if any, reported problems, highlighting its excellence in teaching Mandarin to kids.


  • For just $349, WuKong offers a package of 12 class credits, ensuring access to quality Mandarin education at an affordable price.

Age Group:

  • Tailored for young learners aged 3 to 18, WuKong provides an inclusive environment for kids at various stages of their Mandarin learning journey.

2. LTL Mandarin School: Bridging Language and Culture through Online Chinese Language Courses

LTL Mandarin School: Bridging Language and Culture through Online Chinese Language Courses

Explore a cultural Mandarin journey with LTL’s online courses.

LTL Mandarin School serves as a bridge for students entering Chinese classes. It’s a structured gateway into the world of Mandarin Chinese, blending language and culture. While it offers a robust curriculum and cultural insights, its fixed structure and pricing might limit flexibility and affordability for those seeking Chinese classes for students.


  • Cultural Immersion: LTL Mandarin School not only teaches Mandarin but also delves into the culture behind the language. It’s like exploring the hidden stories behind words and phrases.
  • Structured Learning: With a robust curriculum covering speaking, writing, and reading, it’s akin to having a roadmap guiding you through Mandarin proficiency.
  • Experienced Tutors: The tutors act as cultural guides, sharing insights beyond language—like having local experts showing the way.


  • Comprehensive Learning: It feels like uncovering a treasure chest, as lessons cover various facets of Mandarin, making learning rich and immersive.
  • Tailored Approach: LTL Mandarin School’s personalized materials and tutors ensure a more tailored learning experience resembling a custom-made adventure.


  • Rigid Course Structure: The predefined lesson plans might feel like following a set path, which might be less flexible for some students exploring Mandarin Chinese.
  • Higher Pricing: The cost can be a hurdle, feeling a bit like a toll to access this bridge to Mandarin fluency.


  • With courses starting at $976 for a 25-class package, LTL Mandarin School offers a comprehensive but relatively pricey passage into Mandarin proficiency.

Age Group:

  • The classes cater to learners aged 7 to 18, providing a structured learning environment for children and teens delving into Mandarin Chinese language and culture.

3. MyLingoKids: Your Personalized Mandarin Journey

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Navigate your tailored Mandarin journey with MyLingoKids.

MyLingoKids is your friendly guide in exploring Chinese classes for students. It’s an excellent choice for learning Mandarin online, offering personalized lessons. However, its pricing and package structure might not be the best fit for those seeking more budget-friendly options in Chinese language courses online.


  • Personal Classes: It’s like having your teacher make learning Mandarin all about you.
  • Flexibility: MyLingoKids adjusts to your age and skills so learning feels right for you.
  • Fun Learning: With one-on-one lessons, it’s like playing games while learning Mandarin!


  • Age-Friendly Lessons: Classes match your age, so Mandarin learning feels like an exciting challenge just for you.
  • Your Choice: You get to pick what you want to learn, like choosing the best parts of a treasure hunt!


  • Cost Consideration: It might feel a bit pricey for some families.
  • Package Purchase: You have to buy a bunch of classes at once, which might not suit everyone.


  • MyLingoKids classes range from €13 to €27. Prices depend on how long the classes are, your level, and how many you buy.

Age Group:

  • For students aged 3 to 17, MyLingoKids makes Mandarin learning fit your age, ensuring it’s fun and engaging.

4. FluentU: Dive into Mandarin through Native Media

FluentU: Dive into Mandarin through Native Media

Dive into Mandarin with FluentU’s immersive native media learning approach.

Embark on an exciting journey learning Mandarin with FluentU! It’s akin to discovering a treasure trove of real-world videos, delving deep into Chinese culture while mastering the language. Dive into Chinese classes for students with this engaging and immersive online learning experience!


  • Real-world Learning: FluentU uses real videos like vlogs and news, making it feel like learning from your favourite shows.
  • Interactive Experience: It’s like having a fun remote control to pause and learn more about anything in the video.
  • Visual and Auditory Learning: With videos, it’s as if you’re hearing and seeing Mandarin in action, making learning feel natural.


  • Authentic Learning: FluentU’s videos give a real taste of how Mandarin is used daily, making it feel more practical.
  • Interactive Tools: It’s like having cool tools in a language treasure chest to help you understand and learn Mandarin better.


  • Limited Support: There’s no direct help from Mandarin speakers, which might make it feel like learning without a guide.
  • Focus on Videos: Some learners might miss having more grammar lessons or written exercises for a comprehensive learning experience.


  • FluentU offers a free trial and charges $29.99 monthly, giving access to its immersive Mandarin learning experience.

Age Group:

  • Suitable for students exploring Mandarin, FluentU’s approach fits various age groups, fostering language learning engagingly.

5. Mandarin Blueprint: Your Path to Mandarin Mastery

Top 5 Chinese Classes for Students: Learn Mandarin Online - WuKong Blog

Discover a unique path to Mandarin proficiency with Mandarin Blueprint.

Mandarin Blueprint unfolds an exclusive path for mastering Mandarin Chinese. Picture having two friendly experts by your side, guiding you through an exhilarating adventure of language discovery. It’s like embarking on a personalized journey to fluency, making learning Mandarin Chinese engaging and accessible for students of all levels.


  • Innovative Approach: Mandarin Blueprint’s method feels like a fresh breeze in language learning, breaking Mandarin into easily digestible parts.
  • Step-by-Step Learning: It’s like building blocks, starting with pronunciation and gradually constructing sentences, making learning feel like putting together a puzzle.
  • Focused Skills: With a focus on vital skills like recognizing characters and building vocabulary, it’s as if you’re unlocking secret codes to understanding Mandarin.


  • Unique Methods: Mandarin Blueprint’s approach feels like a secret map, guiding you toward Mandarin fluency with unconventional yet effective methods.
  • Supportive Community: They have a friendly community and podcasts that feel like group adventures, helping learners navigate difficulties.


  • Lack of App Option: Some learners might miss having an app to learn on the go, making it feel like they are missing a convenient tool.
  • Additional Costs: Features like coaching and community forums come at an extra cost, which might not suit everyone’s budget.


  • Mandarin Blueprint’s prices vary based on course segments, starting at $300 for lifetime access to Traverse Flashcards, offering a personalized and progressive Mandarin learning experience.

Age Group:

  • Designed for students of all ages, Mandarin Blueprint’s structured learning path caters to those exploring Mandarin, ensuring a guided and progressive journey to language proficiency.

FAQs about Chinese Classes for Students

Q1. Are these online courses suitable for complete beginners in Mandarin?

Absolutely! Many of these platforms offer courses tailored for beginners. Platforms like Mandarin Blueprint and MyLingoKids provide structured paths suitable for those starting from scratch, ensuring a smooth learning journey from day one.

Q2. Can I access these courses from anywhere in the world?

Yes, most of these courses are accessible globally, given your internet connection. For instance, FluentU, MyLingoKids, and Mandarin Blueprint are designed for remote access, enabling learners worldwide to delve into Mandarin.

Q3. Are these courses interactive, allowing for engagement beyond traditional learning methods?

Certainly! WuKong and LTL Mandarin School, among others, offer interactive and engaging classes. They incorporate games, real-world media, and personalized sessions, ensuring an immersive and fun learning experience beyond textbooks.

Q4. How flexible are the pricing plans for these courses?

The pricing varies across platforms. FluentU offers a monthly subscription, while Mandarin Blueprint offers lifetime access. MyLingoKids allows you to select classes based on your needs, providing a flexible pricing structure. Checking each platform’s pricing details can help you find the best fit for your budget and learning goals.

Q5. What age groups do these courses cater to?

These courses cater to various age groups, from 3-year-old children to teenagers and adults, ensuring inclusivity across ages. Platforms like WuKong and MyLingoKids adapt content based on age, ensuring the material is engaging and suitable for each developmental stage.


Discovering the perfect Chinese classes for students feels like an adventure. This guide explores various ways to learn Mandarin online, catering to all ages and skills. Among these options, WuKong stands out for its fun lessons and personalised teaching in Chinese language classes. For students seeking an exciting journey in Mandarin classes, WuKong is the ideal choice. It makes learning playful, offers individual attention, and suits learners at any Mandarin level. Try WuKong for a fantastic experience in learning Mandarin Chinese online!




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