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Ace the HSK in 2024: Discover the Best HSK Test Sample

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of preparing for the HSK in 2024? You’re not alone. Many learners find themselves struggling to locate effective HSK test samples that can truly prepare them for this crucial exam. 

Our article, “Ace the HSK in 2024: Discover the Best Test Samples”, is here to ease your stress. We’ve gathered the best resources and strategies to help you not just understand, but master the HSK test format. 

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to confidence as we guide you through the most effective ways to prepare for your HSK success.

hsk test sample

Understanding the HSK Test Format

The HSK, or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, is a standardized Chinese language proficiency test. It’s designed to assess non-native speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese language in daily, academic, and professional life. 

The test is divided into six levels, from HSK 1 to HSK 6, with HSK 1 being the most basic and HSK 6 the most advanced. Each level tests different language skills and requires a higher degree of proficiency.

The key components of the HSK test are Listening, Reading, and Writing:

  • Listening: This section tests how well you understand spoken Chinese. You’ll hear a variety of dialogues and passages, and you’ll need to answer questions about them.
  • Reading: This part evaluates your ability to comprehend written Chinese. It includes reading passages and answering questions on them.
  • Writing: Only included from HSK 3 and upwards, this section assesses your Chinese writing skills. You’ll be asked to write words, sentences, or even short paragraphs depending on the level.

Sample HSK Questions

The HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) test is an important assessment for non-native Chinese speakers to gauge their proficiency in the language. This section provides sample questions for each section of the HSK test. These examples are crafted to resemble the actual test style, providing a realistic practice experience.

Listening Comprehension Sample: A short dialogue or statement followed by a question.

Dialogue in Chinese:



Question in Chinese:


  1. 明天
  2. 后天
  3. 今天

Dialogue in English:

A: Are you free tomorrow? I want to go to the library to borrow some books.

B: I can’t make it tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow works.

Question in English:

When did A and B finally decide to go to the library?

  1. Tomorrow
  2. The day after tomorrow
  3. Today

Answer: 2. The day after tomorrow

Reading Comprehension Sample: A brief passage with multiple-choice questions.

Passage in Chinese:


Questions in Chinese:


  1. 因为公交车很挤。
  2. 因为老人站着。
  3. 因为他想站着。

Passage in English:

Xiao Ming takes the bus to work every day. One day, he saw an elderly person standing on the bus and immediately stood up to offer his seat. The elderly person thanked him, and he felt very happy.

Questions in English:

Why did Xiao Ming give up his seat for the elderly person?

  1. Because the bus was crowded.
  2. Because the elderly person was standing.
  3. Because he wanted to stand.

Answer: 2. Because the elderly person was standing.

Writing Sample: A prompt for composing a short paragraph.

Prompt in Chinese:


Prompt in English:

Describe your favorite season, including the weather, activities, and your feelings.

Tips on How to Approach These Sample Questions

  • Listening Comprehension: Pay attention to key details in the dialogue. Often, the answer lies in understanding the context and the specifics of what is being discussed.
  • Reading Comprehension: Read the passage carefully and try to understand the overall meaning before jumping into the questions. Look for keywords in the passage that are related to the questions.
  • Writing: Keep your writing clear and structured. Start with an introduction to the topic, provide detailed descriptions in the body, and end with a concluding sentence. Stick to the prompt and express your thoughts coherently.

Remember, practice is key to mastering these sections. Regularly engaging with sample questions will significantly improve your comprehension and expression in Chinese.

Top Platforms for HSK Test Samples

1. SuperTest (formerly HSK Online)

hsk test sample

SuperTest is a highly recommended app for HSK preparation, known for its focus on actual exam exercises. It offers an array of past papers and practice exercises, accompanied by feedback and detailed results, catering specifically to HSK exam preparation.

Key Features:

  • Access to past papers and mock tests.
  • Personalized feedback on exercises.
  • Covers listening, reading, and writing (for HSK 3 and higher).
  • Teacher feedback feature for native speaker review.

Utilize SuperTest for targeted practice in weak areas, as indicated by the app’s feedback. Regularly attempting mock tests and past papers can significantly enhance exam readiness​​.

2. HSK Mock

hsk test sample

HSK Mock is the official platform for practicing HSK and YCT tests. It’s designed to closely simulate the actual test environment, offering a realistic preparation experience.

Key Features:

  • Official platform for HSK practice.
  • Real past paper experience.
  • Covers all levels of HSK tests.

Engage with this platform regularly to familiarize yourself with the official test format and question types. This will help in building confidence and understanding the expectations of the actual HSK test​​.

3. ImproveMandarin

hsk test sample

ImproveMandarin offers over 70 free official HSK practice tests for all levels, providing an extensive range of questions and audio files for comprehensive test preparation.

Key Features:

  • Over 70 practice tests available for free.
  • Practice tests for all HSK levels, with audio files.
  • Realistic test questions and format.

Start with the practice tests at your current level and progressively work through them. Pay special attention to reviewing mistakes and understanding why certain answers are correct. This will help improve both knowledge and test-taking strategies​​.

Using these platforms effectively involves a balanced approach: practicing regularly, focusing on weak areas as identified by feedback, and familiarizing oneself with the test format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best time to start using HSK test samples for preparation?

A. Start using HSK test samples early in your study process. Ideally, begin incorporating them once you have a basic understanding of the language level you are preparing for, to apply and test your knowledge practically.

Q. Can HSK test samples help in improving my vocabulary?

A. Yes, HSK test samples can significantly improve your vocabulary. They expose you to a variety of words and phrases used in different contexts, which is crucial for language retention and understanding.

Q. Are HSK test samples useful for beginners?

A. Absolutely. For beginners, starting with samples from lower HSK levels (like HSK 1 and 2) can help build a solid foundation in listening and reading skills, which are essential for progressing to higher levels.


Our comprehensive guide provides invaluable resources and insights for those preparing for the HSK exam. We have explored the HSK test format, provided detailed sample questions, and listed the top platforms offering quality HSK test samples. 

By utilizing these tools and understanding the test’s structure, you can significantly enhance your preparation and confidence. This guide aims to transform your HSK journey from a daunting challenge into a manageable and achievable goal, ensuring you are well-equipped to excel in your HSK test in 2024.




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