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Tiger Chinese Zodiac | Everything You Should Know About It

The Chinese zodiac is of great importance for the people who live their lives according to this culture. Finding the zodiac year in which a person is born can help them learn about its properties. Undoubtedly, one of the strongest years is the Tiger Chinese zodiac. The people who were born in this year are considered to be the most powerful and have particular properties. Are you looking to learn about the personality of people born in the tiger year? You should read this blog till the end as we will explore Tiger Chinese zodiac personalities and characteristics in detail.

Part 1. What Does Tiger Chinese Zodiac Mean?

As the Chinese have a different Calander as per which they start their new year, they also have a different zodiac chart. In this culture, every year is given the name of a specific animal. Tiger Chinese zodiac is one of those Chinese animal years in which people wish to be born because of its strong impact.

In a general discussion, the people who were born in the year of the tiger are considered to have the properties of this animal. The Chinese people also consider their zodiac years when making important decisions like choosing their husband/wife, starting a business, and doing many other tasks.

Tiger Chinese Zodiac

Tiger zodiac symbol

Shortly, it is right to say that the Tiger Chinese zodiac has great importance for the people who were born in this year. In the following sections, we are going to show you some of its major properties as well as other details that are necessary to know about it.

Part 2. Major Properties Of People Born In Tiger Zodiac Year

Like other aspects of life, the Chinese have a great belief that children will have specific properties of the animals in the year in which they are born. In the Chinese zodiac Calander, the tiger is ranked in the third position among other animals.

For the children who are born in the Tiger zodiac year, the following properties are considered to be found in them. We have listed them as well as shared a quick brief for your understanding.


As you know, the tiger is listed among the strongest animals in the jungle. That’s why the people who were born in this zodiac year are considered to be strong as compared to others. In the past, the same year was given the name of the “Lion” but it was replaced with the “Tiger Chinese zodiac” due to some particular reasons. But the qualities of both animals are related to each other that is strength as compared to other animals.


In addition to strength, the tiger is also considered to be a brave animal that keeps on moving to hunt the other animals. As per Chinese culture, the people who are born in the Tiger Chinese Zodiac will have the same bravery skills as this animal does. Moreover, they consider that the person will have exceptional wisdom because the tiger is considered to be a wise animal, instead of being brave only.

Part 3. Lucky Things For People Born In A Tiger Year

For the people who are born in the Tiger Chinese zodiac, there are some lucky things. Being a Chinese culture follower, you should know about those things as they will help you understand the culture properly. We have researched a lot and listed the lucky things for people who were born this year. If you were also born in the tiger year of the Chinese zodiac, you should be aware of these numbers.


Having a strong belief in lucky numbers, the Chinese also listed the numbers as per their zodiac years. For the Tiger zodiac, 1, 3, and 4 are considered to be lucky numbers. They believe that these numbers are a lucky charm for them and they will get positive results if they follow them. Due to this, people from the Tiger Chinese zodiac choose these numbers instead of others. They will strictly choose these numbers or the combination of them like 13, 14, 34, etc.

Tiger Chinese Zodiac

Lucky numbers and colors for tiger zodiac


Like numbers, Chinese people believe that the 16 and 27 dates of every lunar month will be lucky for people who are born in this year. That is the reason why people from the Tiger Chinese zodiac choose these dates for their important commitments like marriage, business contracts, etc.


Blue, Gray, and Orange are considered to be lucky colors for these people encouraging them to choose the dress of these colors. Moreover, Chinese people also choose these colors for their home’s interior design thinking that it will be lucky for them.


In addition to numbers and dates, the Tiger Chinese zodiac also considers the 3rd, 7th, and 10th months of the lunar Calander as lucky months. You will see a lot of people choosing these months for their big decisions. It shows that those people are born in this Chinese animal year.

Part 4. Unlucky Things For People The Year Of The Tiger

Like lucky things, Chinese people have also listed a few things as unlucky as per their zodiac year. The people who are born in the Tiger Chinese zodiac year try to avoid these things as they can damage their lives. Here are the numbers, colors, and other things that are considered to be unlucky for them.


The people who belong to this animal year consider 6, 7, and 8 as unlucky numbers for them. They avoid choosing these numbers or the numbers that are made after combining them.


The brown color is considered to be unlucky for the people of Tiger Chinese zodiac. The people who firmly believe in this culture and belong to this animal year trying to avoid this color everywhere in their lives. For example, they will never choose brown as their dress color, home color, or door color. It is because they think that choosing this color will let evil come to them and face awful consequences.


As per lunar months, the Chinese Tiger zodiac considers the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 11th months unlucky for them. People believe that something weird will happen to them in these months. That’s why they avoid choosing these months for traveling, business deals, and other tasks.

Part 5. FAQs

What Is The Personality Of A Tiger?

The tiger is a calm, wise, strong, and brave animal with the face having dangerous expressions. These personality qualities make the tiger the third-ranked animal in the Chinese zodiac Calander.

Is Tiger A Lucky Zodiac?

In 2024, the Tiger is considered a lucky zodiac. Among these, Pig, Monkey, and Rat are also considered lucky signs.

Who Is The Enemy Of The Tiger Year?

The people who were born in the “Boar” year are considered to be enemies of the Tiger year. That’s why people who are born in the Tiger Chinese zodiac avoid people who were born in that year.


Chinese zodiac includes 12 animals from which one animal cyclically belongs every year. The Tiger Chinese zodiac is placed in the third rank among other animals. By reading the above blog, we hope you have learned about the Tiger Chinese zodiac characteristics, and lucky, and unlucky things. We have discussed everything that you should know about the people who belong to this year.

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